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2023: What to REALLY wear to the 60th birthday party? 18 outfits & tips!

2023: What to REALLY wear to the 60th birthday party? 18 outfits & tips!

Ladies, congrats to YOU as your coming 60th birthday is a significant milestone!

It’s finally the time to savor your life, develop your own hobbies and live without giving a damn to others.

For this very special moment, the only questions you now have in mind probably are: What to wear to a 60th birthday party? How to really dress in my 60s?

No worries, I’ve got your back.

Below, I’ve gathered 18 60th birthday outfit ideas from casual to dressy along with some helpful tips. Keep on reading!

1. What to wear to a casual 60th birthday party

If you are a pretty chill person and you just want to dress casually in a slouchy tee and jeans, lean into it.

But that said, what about switching the shirt into a birthday tee to give an extra meaning?

When you look back at the photos, you will be glad you’ve chosen this personalized tee for your big day!

Below I’ve gathered the two most popular birthday tee below♡♡♡

This “Cheers to 60 years” below is a real stunner. The best thing is it looks really sparkly in the real try-on photos- check out more Amazon reviews!

What to wear to a casual 60th birthday party

And if you want to reuse the shirt, this “It’s My Birthday” is perfect!

It has all the different hues and birthday quotes!

2. What color to wear for the 60th birthday party? Red

When we reach the 50s and 60s, we tend to wear dark hues like black, navy blue, and brown.

While there is nothing wrong with that, you certainly want to explore some new hues to make your milestone birthday extra special.

What color to wear for 60th birthday party?
Source: 1,2

There’s nothing better than wearing some vivid hues as a mood booster for your 60’s birthday!

As a classic and high saturation hue, it instantly brightens up your look and helps you stay ravishing.

If your one-piece red dress is too bold for you, getting experimental with a nice pair of red pants is always darling!

This lady certainly knows her assignment!

If you want to do it subtly, get a red clutch with your black outfit as a pop of fun – you’re bound to feel good!

The Houndstooth jacket is to die for.

3. What color to wear for the 60th birthday party? Beige

What color to wear for 60th birthday party?
Source: 1,2

Another classy but not boring hue is beige. As a neutral, it’s so easy to mix and match.

If you are petite, pair up a light beige top with a darker shade of brown pants to help unite your figure and help you look elongated and taller visually.

Of course, you can also team beige with brown, white, and other off-white hues.

60th birthday party outfit ideas
Source: Pinterest

If you want to beige top with white dress pants look irresistibly posh and refined.

4. What to wear to a 60th birthday lunch?

Wondering what to wear to a 60th birthday lunch?

What to wear to a 60th birthday lunch
Source: 1,2

I’d say keep it casual yet decent with nice tops.

To enjoy your lunch without sucking the tummy the whole time, I will opt for a loose-cutting one.

That said, the peplum top is the best option of all time.

Featuring a stripe of extra fabric gathered along the high waist, it just fully covers the food baby but somehow still accentuates your waist area.

Below I’ve handpicked two high-quality pieces for you. Check them out!

The embroidered mesh and pleated design are a 10/10.

And of course, I’ve picked the plus-size-friendly peplum top also.

This one comes with all different patterns and also solid hues. But I thought this leopard one was pretty fun!

5. What to wear to a 60th birthday dinner party? Bold prints!

As for a birthday dinner with all family and friends, dress to impress.

What to wear to a 60th birthday dinner party?
Source: 1,2

While a black dress is a safe bet, what about getting experimental with an elegant floral print midi dress that shows others you are that lady who is stylish and fun?

what to wear 60th birthday dinner party
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6. Dinner and party gown for 60th birthday

60th birthday is a significant one and you have every reason to dress up and spoil yourself.

Seriously, whether you have a fancy party or not, you deserve a stunning gown that makes you feel and look the best.

Below, I’ve picked some age-appropriate gowns for your 60th birthday. They are all sparkly but in a subtle way.

Hope you like them!

Face-flattering V-neck cut and billowy and feminine silhouette, this dress is worth investing in.

You can wear them on so many occasions!

7. Dinner and party gown for 60th birthday Plus size

The reason I love this brand is they have plus-size fits also!

The 3/4 sleeve is lovely as it can again, elongate our figure!

Team it with a pair of nude low heels and a clutch and you’re sure to turn heads ♡♡♡

l hope this brand so much but I can’t include all my favorite dresses in this post.

So feel free to check out HERE for more!

Warning: That’s like a rabbit hole.

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8. What to wear to a 60th birthday party in winter?

What to wear to a 60th birthday party in winter?
Source: 1,2

For chilly days, you will need elegant outerwear as a statement piece.

Bye-bye frumpy jacket and welcome to a Chanel-inspired tweed jacket to level up your look.

In the 60s, dressing well was all about picking sophisticated and tasteful fabrics like tweed, silk, satin, woven, and more.

This lady just elevate the outfit tenfolds with the elegant neckscarf.


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Alright, now keep on reading!

9. What shoes to wear to the 60th birthday party

Jimmy ChooCrystal-embellished velvet heels (Left)Manolo Blahnik satin flats (Right)

When it comes to shoes, comfort is key for the 60th birthday.

I know it’s tempting to wear high heels, but let’s be real, walking them for hours during the party is nothing but torture.

If you insist, at least pick the one with a low chunky sole.

And let’s not forget there are tons of comfy yet aesthetic shoe options out there.

Think espadrilles sneakers and embellished pointy flats that add a dose of elegance to your style.

10. Statement accessories for a 60th birthday party

Elegant accessories for 60th birthday party
Source: 1,2

If you want to end your look to a dressier end, how can we miss out on the accessories?

At the age of 60, we want to look classy and refined. Instead of throwing away all chunky jewelry, keep one or two statement pieces.

My favorite is the long necklace.

Not only does it look so feminine and elegant, but the long necklace also helps elongate the figure as a whole and makes you look put together.

For the ladies who are feeling extra playful, go for the chunky necklace!

I love how this lady match the necklace and pants in same hue – just so sleek and put together.


So ladies, there you go the 18 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to the 60th birthday party from a casual lunch to a fancy dinner.

I hope that get you inspired!

Wishing you a delightful 60th birthday and most importantly, staying stylish and fabulous because YOU ARE!

By the way, if you are interested in more outfit ideas and tips, I’m sure you will find the articles below useful. See you there gorgeous!

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