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*2023*What to wear to a casual birthday party? 20 looks!

*2023*What to wear to a casual birthday party? 20 looks!

Wondering what to wear to a casual birthday party? You’ve come to the right place!

Whether you are the guest or the birthday star, dressing up for a birthday party is always part of the fun.

If this year you are looking for something less dramatic yet want to keep that dose of party sparkle going on, I’ve got you 20 casual birthday outfits!


1. A statement puffy sleeve top

Can you dress casually in jeans for a birthday party? For sure!

That said, if you want to add a dose of fun to the get-up, a statement top always works wonders.

What to wear to casual birthday party

It just makes people think you’ve given serious thought to your look while in reality you just throw on a top and that’s it!

Think of a cute puffy-sleeve top or a delightful pastel blouse that screams the right vibes.

casual birthday party outfit black girls
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This cyan-blue shade is everything and the quality of this top is really good. Check out the reviews!

2. Satin top x jeans

If you want effortlessly classy vibes, a satin top always works wonders.

satin top birthday party
Source: Pinterest

Whether you team it with jeans or a midi skirt, this shimmery top is sure to elevate your look tenfolds.

amazon satin top
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Loving the draped front cowl neck, and adjustable spaghetti straps.

3. Monotone for a casual birthday party

Gravitate towards pants but want to make a statement? Consider a monochromatic look!

monotone outfits birthday party
Source: Pinterest

To avoid looking too matchy in monotone, mix up the shades for more dimension in the get-up.

Layer up a pale pink top with Barbie pink trousers just look so aesthetically pleasing.

It’s casual but full of attitude.

casual winter birthday party outfits
Source: Pinterest

If you are attending a birthday party on cold days, this look is a 10/10.

As a petite girl, I LOVE pairing a cropped jacket with a midi bodycon. This combo just elongates my legs visually even in sneakers.

4. Chill birthday party look in a white shirt

For a chill birthday party looks, tie up an oversized shirt with a front split denim skirt just look effortlessly good.

casual birthday party white shirt

Again, if you want to appear taller visually, pair up the top and shoes in the same hue so you can get the elongating effect from head to toe.

Plus, it just looks more put together!

casual summer birthday outfit ideas
Source: Pinterest

For a birthday-ready look, I’d say throw on those statement earrings to look extra fancy.

Together with the buttermilk yellow shirt, this summery look is the ultimate mood booster.

5. Dress down your tulle skirt

While a tulle skirt is definitely not the most casual thing to wear, it’s not as dressy as you think!

dress down tulle skirt outfit ideas
Source: Stylevore

You can always dress it down with dark shades like black and navy blue to balance things out.

And let me tell you when you are bloated, the tulle dress is always the lifesaver.

Tulle skirt casual birthday outfits
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Not every tulle skirt is flattering but this one really stands out from the reviews.

Check out the try-on photos and you’ll be surprised! (5 different colors)

6. Pleated skirt for a schoolgirl look

Whether you are 16 or 36, it’s never too late to be a schoolgirl.

For a casual birthday party, an oh-so-refreshing pleated skirt is always a good idea.

school girl birthday outfits
Source: Pinterest

It’s always aesthetically pleasing when the white stripes of the sweater match the pleated skirt.

It’s always the little details that make the outfits look united!

pink and white pleated skirt birthday outfits
Source: Pinterest

This Barbie-approved look is the total eye candy.

Teaming the pleated skirt with knee-high boots can always showcase the best silhouette.

Whenever I want to try something new, I always do it on my birthday!

7. When in doubt, throw on a blazer

When in doubt, throw on a blazer and you’re good to go!

A fun hue, oversized blazer always brings the girl boss vibes going.

blazer birthday outfit ideas
Source: Pinterest

White co-ord set and pink blazer just hit the glitz and glamour in a sophisticated way.

grey blazer birthday girl outfits
Source: Pinterest

Think of a plain black bodycon, and grey blazer, and crisp sneakers to complete the look.

8. Go carefree with the romper

When it comes to the party vibes, rompers, and onesies are actually the hidden gem – artsy, fun, and carefree for a special day!

romper birthday party outfits
Source: Pinterest

To achieve a tapered silhouette, a belted romper is here to make you feel as chic as it’s carefree.

Amazon off shoulder romper
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Feeling extra cute and sassy? Try this off-shoulder romper!

Featuring an adjustable neckline, you can either wear it as a sweetheart neck or a sassy off-the-shoulder.

9. Elevate your birthday look with the right hairstyle

Last but not least, the hairstyle.

birthday girl box braids
Source: Pinterest

To look cool in a plain tank top, statement long box braids are here to scream “I have the main character and I ROCK it”.

I’m thinking the baggy pants and combat boots to complete this baddie look.

Ladies, life is too short to have boring hair – especially on birthdays!

birthday casual hairstyle pigtails
Source: Luxyhair

As a girl who prefers feminine style, this pigtail hairstyle is just cuteness overload!

I will for sure take A TON of selfies.

10. Accessorize the look with a scarf

Another easy way to dress up a plain outfit – add a fun scarf to whatever you’re wearing!

casual birthday girl party
Source: Pinterest

It’s time to swipe your regular hair ties with a scarf.

Subtle but definitely in style for a birthday party.


So there you go – the 20 casual birthday party outfit ideas for your big day!

I hope these ideas prove to you that dressing casual and fun are totally possible.

All you have to do is mix some statement pieces and accessories to the look and you’ll be effortlessly charm.

Looking for more birthday outfit ideas? Check out my following articles down below! See you there loves!

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