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17 Barbie outfits for adults (Vintage to modern!)

17 Barbie outfits for adults (Vintage to modern!)

Looking for Barbie adult outfits? Well, this post is for you!

I don’t usually make big statements but I can confidently say – Barbie is always in style.

Despite the all-pink iconic aesthetic, Barbie also represents how women can do anything if they set their minds to it!

So yes, Barbie is both gorgeously feminine and unapologetically bold.

And guess what, we ALL have a Barbie at heart and are stronger than we’ve ever imagined!

That said, I’ve gathered 17 Barbie adult outfits and costumes to make sure you nail the party!

From retro costume to a modern pink outfit, I’m sure you can pin down your outfit soon!

1. Oversized Barbie-inspired outfit

If you want to freshen up the girly Barbie look, well, go oversized.

oversized barbie-inspired outfit
Source: Pinterest

Featuring the looser fit, an oversized blazer just gives out a boxy silhouette and balances out the sweet pink lady vibes.

Together with the casual white sneakers and a sleek shoulder bag, this is how you stay cool and tone down the Barbie pink.

Barbie costume ideas for adults pink
Source: Pinterest

A long-sleeved pink shirt and sleeveless blazer are definitely a refreshing combo!

To nail a pink monotone look, get creative with all shades of pink.

2. Cowgirl Barbie outfit

Of course, how can we miss the iconic Cowgirl Barbie look from Margot Robbie?

cowgirl barbie costumes
Source: Pinterest

From the darling bandana necktie to a halterneck waistcoat to 70s-inspired flared trousers, this western look is everything.

cowgirl costume outfit
Get this cowgirl set on Amazon

If you want a detailed costume with stretchy fabric, you’ll love this cowgirl set!

3. 50s barbie costume

When it comes to a less-costumey pick, this look below works wonders!

50s barbie costume
Source: Pinterest

You just can’t go wrong with a plain white top and pink tulle skirt for a “Barbie at home” look.

Of course, to complement the look, this big bow vintage belt is a must-have.

Seriously, when you have a statement pink tulle skirt like this, rocking Barbie-core is just effortlessly easy.

black barbie outfit
Source: Glaminati

This Barbie sash from Etsy and heart-shaped sunnies are the best accessories ever.

4. Pink tulle skirt for Barbie look

Depending on the look you want to achieve, choosing the right type of tulle skirt is important.

pink tulle skirt barbie outfit
Get this tulle skirt on Amazon

For a princessy look, definitely go for the voluminous Barbie pink tulle skirt.

That said, this kind of skirt can potentially make you appear to be shorter and bigger.

To balance things out, high heels definitely help!

light pink tulle skirt barbie
Get this tulle skirt on Amazon

For me, I ADORE this tulle skirt as the high-low design just lowers the exaggerating effect and keeps the tulle skirt sleek.

Look at the try-on photos from Amazon review and I’m sure you will be impressed!

5. When in doubt, Barbie tee

Last minute Barbie-inspired look? Well, buy the iconic Barbie tee and you’ll be all set.

Barbie white cropped tee
Source: Pinterest

A cropped Barbie top and pink tulle skirt are such a failproof.

This one is such a classic.

6. Hot Barbie girl outfit

Feeling extra sassy?

Source: Kbeauty

A body-hugging Barbie top and mini knit skirt are what you need.

Barbie pink tee
Get this Barbie tee on Amazon!

Made from 100% cotton, this Barbie tee is such a steal.

I am Kenough tee
Get this I am Kenough tee on Amazon!

I am definitely in my affirmation era and this tee is all I need.

7. Modest Barbie outfit

When the days are cold out, layer up!

Modest barbie outfit
Source: Pinterest

The cute bucket hat just hints at the otherwise girly Barbie look with a dash of coolness.


Modest barbie pink outfit
Source: Pinterest

A hot pink dress and high-platform Converse = high-street chic Barbie look ✨

8. Sassy Barbie in the club

barbie sassy outfit sheer pink top
Get this ruched mesh top on SHEIN

Need I say more?

This hot Barbie look is bound to turn heads.

9. Plastic Barbie adult look

To stand out from all the Barbies, I’ll say play with the textures.

One of the best kinds is the PU dress – chic, fun, and one-of-a-kind.

plastic barbie adult look
Source: Pinterest

“I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world. Life is plastic, it’s fantastic.”

I love everything from this look.

black girl Barbie outfit
Source: Pinterest

From the sleek low pony to this darling light shade of pink to the rare apron dress cut, this Barbie look is such a fresh breath of air.

Barbie tube dress outfit
Get this dress on SHEIN

This tube PU dress just screams “I’ve got a style and I rock it.”

10. Barbie Gingham dress

Speaking of the dreamy dresses from the movie Barbie, the gingham dress is top of the list for sure!

Barbie gingham dress outfit
Source: Pinterest

From the classic pattern to the beaded seashell necklace to a matching floppy hat, this look will remain one of the classics for sure.

barbie gingham blazer
Source: Pinterest

Get inspired by Margot Robbie and rock the gingham in all different ways!

By the way, this pink Prada mini bag is definitely on my wishlist.

gingham dress pink Barbie
Get this pink gingham dress on Amazon

I mean, this look is literally irresistible.

11. Flamboyant Barbie costume: Faux Fur

As the saying goes “Fashion is art and you are the canvas”.

If you are feeling extra creative, consider this look below!

Barbie costume Faux Fur
Source: Pinterest

Barbie girl with a nice twist!

black girl Barbie girl inspired outfit
Source: Pinterest

I love how this lady coordinated the faux fur coat and heels in the exact same shade.

By doing so, you can elongate the figure visually from head to toe!

12. Vintage Barbie swimsuit costume

If you think you can only dress in pink, well, think again.

Rock this 1940s in a black and white striped one-piece bathing suit like a bombshell!

vintage barbie swimsuit costume
Source: Pinterest

Depending on how dedicated you are, I’d say get this classic Barbie box for the party.

black and white vintage swimsuit barbie
Get this swimsuit on Amazon

This is the closest thing I can find – enjoy!

I LOVE the subtle ruching design in the midsection – just so tummy forgiving.

13. Barbie-inspired modern pink outfits

This pink faux fur tube top and satin pants set just give out a distinctive fashion sense – love it.

barbie-inspired outfits
Source: Pinterest

If you want to look cute and sweet, round-toe shoes are the best bet.

Otherwise, go for the pointy toe for a sleek look!

pink barbie inspired outfit
Source: VSCO

This pink-tiered dress is just as fun as it’s belly-forgiving.

Best party dress EVERRR.

14. Vintage Barbie outfits for adults (Not pink)

For a hidden gem Barbie look, copy this outfit below!

To be honest this is giving Donald Duck vibes more than Barbie’s.

But the Barbie nametag idea is honestly so brilliant and aesthetic – you can just put this on with literally everything and claim yourself barbie!

15. Aerobic Barbie Workout Costume

Are you running out of ideas?

Well, it’s time to freshen things up with the 80s aerobic style!

Aerobic Barbie Workout Costume
Source: Pinterest

Those knee-high shocking pink socks are definitely a must-have.

Check out similar costumes from Amazon!

16. Hot Barbie girl in swimsuit

Hot summer Barbie-inspired beach girl look?

Hot Barbie girl in swimsuit
Get this swimsuit on Etsy

This scoop-neck swimsuit is sure to turn heads.

17. Colorful roller skate Barbie look

Last but not least, the colorful skater girl look!

Colorful roller skate Barbie look
Source: Pinterest

So here’s the ultimate mood-booster combo – colorful leotard, hot pink visor, matching biker shorts, and neon skates.

Get this swimsuit on Etsy!


So there you go ladies – the 17 Barbie outfits for adults.

What are your thoughts on that? Which one is your favorite? Comment down below!

In the end, let me wrap up this article with one of my favorite quotes from Barbie.

You never know what you can do unless you try.


Trust your gut feeling, try everything because this is all life is about!

Looking for more party outfit ideas? Check out the articles below. See you there loves!

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