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*2023*11 Plus size outfits all-white party outfits (slimming styling hacks + more!)

*2023*11 Plus size  outfits all-white party outfits (slimming styling hacks + more!)

Wondering what to wear to an all-white party as a plus-size lady? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

As Coco Chanel once said “White has it all. Its beauty is absolute. It’s the perfect harmony.”

Whenever I need a boost, an oh-so-refreshing white dress never fails to freshen up my mood. The aesthetic is 10/10.

While white is not the forgiving color to wear, there are many ways to get away with it!

As a pear-shaped girl, I tried out all possible white outfit combos and gathered some specific tips to look for.

Ahead, I’ve gathered 11 plus-size white outfits for an all-white party – enjoy my loves!

1. Plus size big V-neck white dress

First thing first, looking flattering in white is ALL about ILLUSION, and the cutting of the dress matters.

When in doubt, showcasing the feminine shoulder line aka the slimmest part of the upper body will never go wrong.

Plus size big V-neck white dress
Source: Pinterest

The same goes for wearing long sleeve shirts. You just naturally look more put together when you roll up the sleeve and show the wrist out.

As for the inverted V hemline, this cutting just elongates your legs visually and makes you appear to be taller and slimmer.

Compare to the regular hemline that cut off the legs horizontally, the inverted V hemline is here to make the difference!

Together with the high heels, the look is a 10/10.

2. All white plus size pants suit: Cowgirl look

To stand out in the all-white party, what about a refreshing white cowgirl look from head to toe?

This lady clearly understood her assignment!

All white Plus size pants suit Cowgirl look
Source: Pinterest

If you think a crop top is hard to handle, I’d say swap that up with a front-tie shirt that subtly shows a stripe of skin!

To scream that all-white party vibes to the fullest, the white pom-pom earrings and rancher hat are the must-have.


If you want to add more layers to an all-white look, mix the white with other tones like cream and ivory.

3. When in doubt, white peplum dress

As a girl with food baby 24/7 but loves wearing white, a peplum dress is my wardrobe essential.

Here’s my affordable pick of all time.

white peplum dress all-white party

Shop this white peplum dress on Amazon

With the peplum, it just camouflages the belly area seamlessly and makes your waist appear to be smaller by comparison.

If you want to define the waist even more, a nice brown belt is always a perfect addition.

And not to mention the asymmetrical hemline just makes an otherwise formal dress so stylish and high fashion!


This dress is not true to size. Size up!

4. Casual plus size midi white dress

If you think going sleeveless is the off-limit, well, think again.

All you need is to pick the right design – like the one below.

Casual plus size midi white dress

Shop this cute plus-size white dress on Amazon

Not only do the ruffles make the dress extra feminine and darling, they just camouflage and draw attention away from the arms.

The same goes for the hemline, the ruffle just draws eyes from the legs and makes them look slimmer by comparison.

It’s all the detail that matters ladies!

5. White bodycon for an all-white party

Amazon white bodycon dress all-white party

Shop this sassy off-shoulder dress on Amazon

Need I say more? The front of the dress literally gives your tummy 100% security.

The best part? The shoulder line is adjustable – you can wear it either off-shoulder, one-shoulder, or just a simple round neck!

Check out the Amazon review here – you will be surprised how many people adore this dress!

The fabric is stretchy yet high quality – LOVE.

6. Plus size Boss lady outfit

For a fall and winter all-white party look, a statement blazer is your best friend.

Plus size Boss lady outfit
Source: Pinterest

To add more drama, definitely drape the blazer over the shoulder for the main character vibes.

Of course, statement hoop earrings and sunnies are the must-have to give this look an extra boost.

When the days are chill out, swap your strap heels for ankle boots!

Whether for attending the all-white party or a date night, this look is just incredibly amazing!

7. All-white party: Tulle skirt

Whether you are 15 or 45, you will never be too old to wear a tulle skirt!

Let’s admit that sometimes we just have the urge to express our childlike wonder and feel extra fancy.

Well, the all-white party is the perfect opportunity for you to get doll up!

plus size tulle skirt all-white outfits
Source: Pinterest

To look the best in a dramatic piece like a tulle skirt, keep the rest of the outfit simple and neat.

Or a nice pair of nude heels here is a wonderful option.

Some ladies may think the heavy-looking tulle skirt can make you look shorter, well, it really depends on how you style it!

One of the ways is adding a hat – an easy trick to draw eyes upward.

white turtleneck top and white tulle skirt plus size
Source: Pinterest

A simple black-and-white look just exudes the divine feminine goddess vibes to the fullest.

By matching the color of the belt and pumps in the same hue, it helps elongate the figure from head to toe. Love it.

By the way, is that just me but the mid-sleeve sweater just looks incredibly old money?

PRO TIP for plus size ladies:

A thin belt with contrasting colors to your dress will be more forgiving than a thick belt.

The reason is the thick belt can visually add a block to your body and that can make you appear to be shorter.

For more plus-size styling tips, check out my popular article below!

8. A cute plus-size white shirt dress

To embrace the carefree vibes, a shirt dress is your no-brainer.

cute plus-size white shirt dress
Source: Pinterest

If you want to add an extra pop of hue to the get-up, a retro headband and colorful sneakers are here to shine!

9. All-white plus-size denim summer outfit

Another summer all-white party combo: crochet top and denim!

All-white plus size denim summer outfits
Source: Pinterest

Another classic combo that I’m obsessed with lately: A side slit long tunic that oozes a distinctive sense of womanly style.

All-white plus-size denim summer outfit
Source: Pinterest

I love the fact that it looks so normal on the front yet gives the WOW factor on the side.

Looking classy is never about wearing the big brand, but always about picking the right piece!

10. LULUS Front slit tiered white dress

If you think it’s impossible to find a flouncy tiered dress that can actually be figure-skimming, see this dress.

LULUS Front slit tiered white dress
Follow @MSMAYAAA for more!

This dress from Lulus is really popular and all sizes are not available.

Hopefully, when you are reading this, all the sizes are already restocked!

Again, loving the elasticized square neckline – you can wear it square neck for a picnic day and do it off-shoulder for a night party.

11. Edgy plus size all-white party dress

Here’s the look for the ladies who want to stay one-of-a-kind.

Edgy plus size all-white party dress
Source: Pinterest

The edgy white frame sunnies and zebra print clutch just scream “I’ve got a style and I ROCK it”.

Shine bright girl.

Edgy plus size all-white party dress
Source: Pinterest

Another unapologetically chic look – a long tunic with snake print boots looks surprisingly good together!


So there you go ladies – the 11 types of plus-size white outfits for your coming all-white party!

What are your thoughts on that? I hope now I’ve convinced you that wearing white can be flattering as well!

Pick up the best look and have some fun!

If you are looking for more plus-size party outfit ideas, check out the following articles down below. See you there loves!

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