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*2023*17 plus size club & bar outfits with jeans + styling secret!

*2023*17 plus size club & bar outfits with jeans + styling secret!

For the plus-size queen who is looking for some cute sassy club outfits with jeans, well, you’ve come to the right place!

If you think a clubbing-ready look only means a tube top, bodycon dress, and high heels, well, it’s time to think BIGGER ladies.

To dance like nobody is watching for the night out, it’s time to explore the denim department for some new looks!

The best part? You don’t have to sacrifice your comfort for the sake of fashion.

Ahead, I’ve come up with 17 club and bar outfits with jeans for plus size along with one styling rule at last, enjoy!

1. Clubbing look for curvy: Mesh top

See-through tops have become the cool-girl staple for a reason – it just embraces the “hottie in the club” energy to the fullest.

While some plus-size babes may think mesh tee is off-limit, it’s not.

curvy woman mesh top
Instagram: arlenett_

Yes, they are not the best in camouflaging the arms, but when you style them strategically, it actually has a nice distracting effect.

This girl just rocks the fishnet top with the high-waist jeans and high-platform shoes as a failproof formula.

mesh shirt plus size woman jean shorts
Source: Stylecaster

Need I say more?

The party doesn’t start until you walk in with this sheer poncho.

Just copy this look and make them WOW. 

By the way, I’ve found a similar plus-size fishnet top from Amazon – enjoy! 

fishnet top amazon plus size
Get this top on Amazon!

2. Clubbing outfits for curvy: Lace Corset

To even out the boyishness of the jeans, adding on a womanly lace corset is such a nice twist for a fun clubbing night.

Clubbing outfits for curvy lace Corset
Source: Yougirlknows

And not to mention the structured corset top can always smoother out the belly area and give an extra boost to your sisters.

Shapewear but BETTER.

3. Plus size bar outfit: dope biker jacket

For girls who are looking for cool vibes, a biker jacket is a no-brainer.

Plus size bar outfit jeans biker jacket
Source: Pinterest

To add to the drama, I’d say drape the jacket over the shoulder!

4. Boss babe look with a blazer

Whether you are in the office or on the dance floor, an extra dash of girl boss vibes just won’t hurt.

Instead of going for the oh-so-predictable black blazer, I recommend going for fun shades like yellow, pink, and pastels! 

There’s one thing for sure – A lady wearing this shade just screams playfulness and confidence! 

Shocking pink and black is one of the best combo of all time.

To maximize the elongating effect, a dainty long necklace with a black top just does the trick every time. 

The Y-shape necklace just draws your eyes vertically and makes you appear to be taller.

5. Plus size bar outfit idea: Poncho

When the days are chilling out, layering the clothes is the key to surviving a clubbing night indoors. 

Trust me, it can be painful when you are feeling extremely hot.

In this situation, This poncho is your perfect layering piece.

Plus size bar outfit idea
Source: Pinterest

I will definitely add a thick belt with the poncho to create a nice peplum.

6. Club outfits for big stomach: Peplum top

I personally think it’s so underrated but a form-fitting peplum top with tight jeans is the most effortlessly flattering clubbing outfit.

No more holding your breath sis.

Featuring the extra stripe of fabric gathered around the waist, it just camouflages the belly and fakes an hourglass illusion out of nowhere.

To highlight your feminine peplum top, I’d say it looks best with skinny jeans rather than straight-leg ones. Together with the high heels, this look is LIT.

I am not a plus size but my mom is.

She has tried a ton of peplum tops and so far this one down below is her favorite!

big stomach amazon peplum top
Get this peplum top on Amazon!

This draped peplum layer is soft and flowy in design.

The best part? It’s long enough to cover the belly! (That’s the whole point of the top!)

7. One-shoulder top with jeans & heels

If you want to freshen up the look, a quick tip is to opt for the top with a unique shoulder line.

Yup, it’s THAT simple!

Compare to a round neck or V-neck, go for the off-shoulder or one-shoulder for an extra dash of spiciness.

one shoulder top with jeans and heels
Source: JuliaMarieb

This summery clubbing look is just so cute, especially with the high bun.

While off-shoulder is more feminine and forgiving, challenge yourself with the one-shoulder top as well!

black woman plus size one shoulder clear heels
Source: Nita Danielle

Is that just me but a one-shoulder neckline just lowkey high fashion and chic?

Oh, and those clear heels are to die for.

8. Add an extra pop of fun

Is it possible to make your off-duty look still clubbing-ready? Well, I’d say slip on those sassy right heels.

plus size casual outfits jeans
Source: Pinterest

When in doubt, adding an extra pop of color (Think fun, bright shades like bright yellow and red) to your otherwise casual get-up is always the golden formula to look more dressed up.

And together with the half tuck and leopard clutch, you are totally ready for the girls’ night!

9. Layer up the shirt with a tube top

Wearing a white shirt and jeans seems too basic for the girl’s night. Well, it’s time to layer it up!

black woman outfit jeans
Source: Trendy curvy

As a girl who is bloated 24/7, this layering style can’t be more forgiving.

Again, it just naturally creates a peplum to camouflage the belly!

Instead of buttoning all the way up, do it in a big V-neck with the tube top just looks impeccably chic.

plus size corset belt outfit
Source: Pinterest

Besides the tube top, the thick corset belt also works wonders – try it out!

10. Clubbing look: Jeans x chain belt

A satin top and nice pair of distressed jeans are already nice.

jeans chain belt black plus size woman
Source: INZYSE

But if you want to add more spice to it, add a chain belt and just scream “I’ve got a style and I KNOW it”.

Stay one of a kind even in jeans.

11. Let the colors work for you

If you don’t want to look too over the place, here’s the rule: Don’t wear more than 3 colors in one outfit.

bar outfit plus size white top
Source: Pinterest

To carry the bright colors effortlessly, matching them up is always a good idea.

By teaming the bag and shoes in the same shade, it just keeps your figure united and sleek.

By the way: For the girls who wonder, I’ve found a similar corset top here.


So there you go my loves – the 17 plus size club and bar outfits with jeans. What are your thoughts about that? I hope that gets you inspired!

At the end of the day, there’s only one thing to remember: It’s never about the size your wear – but HOW you rock your size!

For more plus size styling tips and jeans outfit inspo, check out my most shared articles down below. See you there loves!

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