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*2023* 18 dos & donts to WEAR to a dog show (handler & spectator!)

*2023* 18 dos & donts to WEAR to a dog show (handler & spectator!)

Whether you are a dog handler or spectator, you probably have the same question in mind: What to wear to the dog show?

Well, that’s a tricky one indeed.

Depending on your roles, the formality, and the venue of the dog show, your choices of outfits will vary.

So yes, your get-up for a National dog show and for the small-scale neighborhood one should be different.

Below, I’ve gathered 18 outfit ideas for both dog show handlers and spectators along with some Dos and don’ts, enjoy!

1. What to wear to a dog show as a dog handler?

What to wear to dog show as dog handler?
Source: 1,2

For the dog handlers, your show clothes should be decent yet comfy enough to run and guide your dog throughout the whole show.

Think of a form-sitting suit set and ballet flats or Mary Janes for a classic look.

Added to this, put as much effort into your personal grooming for a put-together look as well.

The rule of thumb for your outfit is: Never outshine your dog.

Admit it, we’ve all seen some dog handlers wearing a really distracting all-over patterned or sequin suit. In this situation, less is more.


Pick the color that makes your dog stand out – If your dog is black, wearing a white suit will make them look pop up.

Jewel tones and pastel hues work great as well!

2. Stay stylish and decent for the dog show

What to wear to dog show as dog handler?
Source: 1,2

While most dog handlers dress sophisticated for the show, you can always play up your own style.

Whether that’s a sleeveless tunic dress or the cute sweater and navy blue midi skirt, it’s all doable as long as it’s functional and decent.

3. What to wear to a dog show as a spectator

For the speculators, basically, you can wear whatever you want to the dog show.

The crowd will be a mix of everything from T-shirts to dressy jumpsuits.

However, if you are going to an upscale dog show like the best-in-show competitions at Westminster, you may want to dress comfy yet decent.

Think of a chiffon blouse and dark hue denim jeans or dress pants.

And if you are lucky enough to get the first few row seats, consider dressing up a bit in a lovely cocktail dress (and full suit for gentlemen) as high chance you will appear on the TV!

4. What to wear to an outdoor dog show as a spectator

If that’s an outdoor event, people always dress comfy and casually for the show.

Depending on the weather, light outerwear, hoodie, tee, and jeans are all doable.

To prepare for the weather change (as the dog show can last for 2 hours), always layer up your clothes so you can take them on and off anytime.


If you are watching the summer dog show under the baking sun, a wide-beam hat and sunglasses are a must to fully enjoy the show.

5. What to wear to a dog show? DOG TEE!

Of course, a dog tee is the most popular dog show attire of all time.

It’s almost like a competition to see who has the cutest shirt or coolest dog quotes! If you want to embrace the vibes, below are some popular choices from Amazon!

I’ve looked through all the reviews and filtered out all the bad-quality pieces, enjoy! 

If you want to keep things subtle, this cute dog paw print shirt below is such a lovely one. It comes in all sizes and colors!

What to wear to a dog show as a spectator
What to wear to a dog show

I know I am not the only one who loves this “Life goal: Pet all the dogs” tee shirt. The sentiment is real!

6. Funny dog tees for men

If you are heading to a dog show with your partner, why not consider buying him a funny dog tee as well? I’m sure he will appreciate that!

What to wear to a dog show as a spectator

This DogFather tee has been the best seller for years on Amazon and I can tell why. All a guy need is a funny yet not cheesy dog tee!

What to wear to a dog show as a spectator

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7. What shoes to wear to the dog show?

What shoes to wear to a dog show
Source: 1,2

I know it’s tempting to wear heels but if that’s an outdoor dog show, let’s not do that.

Or at least, opt for the chunky heels or wedge shoes that you can steadily walk on the grass.

And even if that’s the indoor one, you will still need comfy shoes to get around the different halls to see the shows and activities.

So yes, sneakers are the failproof choice of all time.

As for the aesthetic yet comfy footwear, espadrilles sneakers or pointy flats work wonders to match your dress.

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8. Bring a lawn chair to a dog show

If you are going to the outdoor dog show, many people bring their own folding lawn chairs.

It’s best you check the dog show website or call them directly if you are unsure about the venue setting.

Below I’ve found a super lightweight folding lawn chair from Amazon. The best part? It’s fat-man-approved. Enjoy!

What to bring to a dog show


So ladies, there you go the 18 outfit ideas, and tips if you wonder what to wear to a dog show as a dog handler and spectator.

Now it’s time to have fun dressing up your look and enjoy the show!

By the way, if you are interested in different show attire, I’m sure you will find the articles below useful! See you there!

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