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2023! What to wear to a car show? (28 FULL LIST outfits!)

2023! What to wear to a car show? (28 FULL LIST outfits!)

So you are now all excited about your coming car show date on the weekend and surrounded by all fancy stock cars.

But let’s be real, dressing up for the car show can be really confusing. Depending on the types and venues of the car show, your outfit ideas vary.

For example, dressing up for a car exhibition and an outdoor rockabilly car show can be a totally different thing.

what to wear car show
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If you are now wondering what to wear to the coming car show? You’ve come to the right place.

Along with some really helpful tips, below I’ve gathered 12 different types of car show outfit ideas from classy to casual for you to survive through the day.

Sounds good? Keep on reading!

1. What to wear to a car show casually

Can you wear jeans to an auto show casually? Of course!

What to wear to a car show casually
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If you are allowed to try and sit inside the vehicles, jeans are the handy choice here.

That said, you want to dress in a decent manner.

If you don’t want to look like a baby in the sea of men in black suits, I’d say go for classy white jeans and a blazer. That just makes you feel and look good.

WHAT TO WEAR car show outfit
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Heavily distressed jeans and something way too casual (jogger pants, sports leggings, flip-flops) are the no-gos.

2. What to wear to a car show? Show-girl-inspired spicy look.

If that’s an outdoor car show, people are loosening up a bit and you can see the crowd of a mix of everything.

What to wear to a car show
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Some ladies will spice up their look with a tank top, hot pants, and fun pink boots.

Wanna be the eye candy in the sea of men, get this show-girl-inspired look!

what to wear to a car show in summer

A deep V bodycon dress and sexy spaghetti strap sandals? Girl, you’re sure to turn heads.

show girl car show outfit
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3. What to wear to a classic car show in the summer

For the summer car show date, going with delightful prints is the no-brainer.

What to wear to a classic car show in summer
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But that said, you may want to opt for the A-line midi skirt instead of the tight bodycon faux leather skirt as you have to walk for A LONG TIME.

From my past experience, the rule of thumb for a summer car show is to avoid any fabric that can too stiff and unbreathable.

I know that’s common sense but trust me, common sense is not common sometimes.

4. What to wear to a classic car show date?

If you are heading to a classic car show you expect a fancy evening champagne session, definitely dress it up because everyone will do the same.

While it’s not necessary to pull off a floor-length gown, an LBD or a cocktail dress is always darling.

Plus, some ladies may have other plans after the car show (say clubbing).

Then you should be aware that your outfit is up to clubbing attire standards.

This luxe velvet dress is the best seller on this site so far.

what to wear car show
Source: Inthefrow

If you want to look like a million bucks but do it on a budget, this piece will never fail to disappoint you.

5. What to wear to a Ferrari car show?

For the edgy girls out there, you are not missing out! A Ferrari car show is the time when you dress like you mean business.

What to wear to Ferrari car show?
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Throw on your moto jacket a sleek blazer and loafers for a boss lady look and you’re good to go!

6. What to wear to a vintage car show?

For vintage lovers, it’s time to bring out your fancy tea dress and retro sunglasses that scream “I care about cars but also FASHION”.

What to wear to a vintage car show?
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A retro girl with a nice hair-updo can always bring the best with a 1958 rambler.

VINTAGE car show outfit ideas
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Just unbeatable.

7. What to wear to a rockabilly car show?

What to wear to a rockabilly car show?

Get hype up as it’s the perfect timing to dress like a pin-up girl for some instagrammable shots.

Do this with your girl pals and I guarantee you guys will have the best time.

Make this vintage car show an extra memorable one!

Below are some affordable yet high-quality pieces from Amazon. Definitely check them out!

What to wear to a rockabilly car show

Click HERE to Amazon for more patterns and designs!

8. What to wear to a lowrider car show?

If you are heading to a fancy car show field or charity car show, they may have the dress code.

In general, ladies wear all-flattering dresses with refreshing shades along with delicate hats and men wear a full suit or retro-inspired look with a suspender.

In this case, you better overdress than underdress. If you have doubts, don’t hesitate to mail them for the dress code!

9. Bring outerwear for indoor car meet

No matter the season, if that’s the indoor car show held in those well-air-conditioned convention centers.

You better bring at least a light cardigan with you if you don’t want to freeze like an ice statue after an hour.

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10. Comfortable shoes for the car show

As we all know, a car show involves A LOT OF walking, and if you want to survive through the long day, skip that stilettos as 100% you will burn out with your sore feet.

car show outfit ideas ladies
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And let’s not forget if you are going to the outdoor car show, your spiky heels will get stuck on the grass.

If you really want to go dressy, at least swap the heels for the chunky soles. That can greatly help.

car show outfit ideas ladies
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For me, I’d go for wedge sandals for extra support.

Or else, the pointy flats with embellishments are another great choice as well.

There is a wide spectrum of shoes that are as comfy as they are aesthetic. Discover them!

11. Sun protection is KEY for the outdoor car show

No matter how much you love tanned skin, sun protection is KEY for outdoor car shows in summer because again, you have to walk there for hours.

So make sure you wear a wide beam hat, put on sunscreen, and wear a lightweight kimono for covering to minimize skin damage.


If you are wearing sandals, don’t forget to put sunscreen on your feet. I MEAN IT!

12. Pick the RIGHT accessories

Last but not least, the accessories. Believe it or not, some people do accidentally scratch the cars with their ring and full-of-attitude spiky belt.

what to wear to car show ladies
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To ensure you have a hassle-free day, I’d say pay a thought to your jewelry pieces.


So ladies, there you go the 18 outfit ideas and tips if you are wondering what to wear to the coming car show.

And now it’s time to create your one-of-a-kind style! Stay glam and have fun!

By the way, if you will attend a car race, this article below is a must-read.

See you there gorgeous!

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