*2022* [18 UPDATED looks!]What to wear to a Nascar race and speedway?

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Speaking of the most ecstatic event of all time, the NASCAR race has to be top of the list.

The roaring engines, the screaming crowds, the lightning-speed car race that gets your heart pumping.

Everything combined in the car race just makes the excitement unbeatable.

I don’t know about you, but this seems a PERFECT opportunity to get dressed up!

So now, the only question in your mind probably is: What to wear to a NASCAR race and speedway?

No worries, I’ve got your back.

From casual get-up to hottie style, I ensure these 18 looks are as practical as it looks effortlessly cool. Sounds good? Keep on reading!

1. What to wear to a nascar race & speedway?

What to wear to a nascar race and speedway
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If you attend the Nascar race for the first time, here’s one thing you have to know: Keep yourself comfortable is KEY.

After all, the car race is a half-day event, and a high chance you have to stand and sit on the terrace for a good 5—6 hours.

That said, a suffocating tight top should be out of the equation.

To look chic with minimal effort, pair up a crisp crop tee and nice jeans just seal the deal.

If you feel like playing up a bit, think of a retro graphic tee, distressed tank top, or off-shoulder blouse that gives the boost.

2. What to wear to a car race track? Bring an outerwear 24/7.

Whether that’s summer or winter, I’ll suggest you bring outerwear with you.

After all, the car race track is an outdoor thing and the weather can be unpredictable from morning to afternoon.

Plus, let’s not forget your jacket can be a nice way to spice up the look and add a dash of attitude. If you aren’t wearing a faux leather biker jacket or acid wash denim jacket, gal you’re missing out.

3. What to wear to car races? Nascar Racing jacket

what to wear to car races
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If you want to make a statement, throw on a Nascar jacket that just proves you are the car race girl in heart.

To rock this baddie right, always reach for the oversized one to bring out the chicness.

Team the jacket with a sports bra, mom jeans, and chunky sneakers are more than enough to put you on the right track.

I’ve seen some girls pair this up with the gym set. I must say love this contrasting pairing – just so chic.

4. No windbreaker pants for Nascar race

What to wear to a nascar race
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During the summer days, some may think windbreaker pants are a good option.

But HOLD ON SIS, let’s not forget the pants are made from lightweight fabric like nylon, meaning that’s too thin to let you sit on the hot bleachers for HOURS.

That will be nothing but real torture.

If you insist, at least bring a thick towel with you.

But that said, the windbreaker jacket is totally doable. Given that they are incredibly breathable, a cropped windbreaker jacket always adds a dash of sporty vibes to your summer get-ups.

♡ZAFUL Snap Button Colorblock Windbreaker Jacket (Click to check out more)♡♡
♡ZAFUL Snap Button Colorblock Windbreaker Jacket (Click to check out more)♡♡

5. Car racing outfits for ladies: Jumpsuit

Never thought of wearing a jumpsuit for the Nascar race, well, now you know.

Featuring the breathable cotton fabric, high waistcoats, and flared long pants, jumpsuits are universally flattering for every shape and size.

If you’re watching the car race with your date and still want to look and feel fancy, jumpsuits are the stunner to create a billowy silhouette for you.

Car racing outfits for ladies

This Striped Spaghetti Strap Jumpsuit from Amazon is such a stunner that elongates your figure with a straight stripe illusion. Check out the try-on photos HERE – they look even better than the models!

And of course, a catsuit is a must if you want to have all eyes on you!

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♡ZAFUL Zippered Front Ribbed Two Tone Catsuit(Click to check out more)♡♡

6. What to wear to Nascar race in the rainy days?

What to wear to the NASCAR show on rainy days
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So here’s the most asked question: What to wear to the NASCAR show on rainy days? If you are innocent to think you can open the umbrella, well, let’s think about the furious crowd behind you – you certainly don’t want to block their views.

So the only choice here is to wear a raincoat. I know some ladies think raincoats are – shall I say – ugly to wear. Let me tell you that’s not the case anymore!

Instead of going for the signature “raincoat” hues, it’s time to give dreamy pastel hues a go!

Some of them don’t even look like a raincoat at first glance.

I don’t know about you but I really adore the one below from Amazon. It takes me a LONG time to find a flattering one with cinched waist design.

Check them out HERE and save them to your wish list – believe me somedays you will need an aesthetic raincoat like this one.

what to wear to football game in rain
Lightweight Raincoat w/Cinched Waist (Click HERE to Amazon)

Affordable and cute! That’s the charm of a hot seller.

7. What to wear to speedway? Don’t wear fabric can’t be cleaned

Ladies, watching car races are definitely not the best timing to wear your designer brand dress and Chanel ballet flats.

The reason is obvious – The scene can be chaotic and spills are common.

what to wear to speedway
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So put your expensive silk dress, wool sweater, and anything that can’t be machine washed back in the closet.

If you want to be hassle-free, cotton, polyester, and synthetic fabric are the lovely options here.

8. What to wear to a NASCAR themed party? Singature hues

If you’re attending a car race party, practicality is not the first priority here. You know, girls just wanna have fun and it’s time to spice the look up with signature car race hues.

Think white, red, and black for race day style. It’s always fun to have a dress code with your girl pals.

Together, you guys can take the most instagrammable shots.

What to wear to a NASCAR themed party
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And of course, other failproof elements are checked prints. A checkered rube top and red leather dress? This look just screams “I’ve got a style and I KNOW IT”. You go, girl!

9. Car Racing Costume for Ladies

If you want to draw eyes, a hot racer girl costume will never disappoint you.

Whether you wear these for themed parties or Halloween, you’re sure to draw adoring glances!

There are tons of customers out there but the above ( right side on the photo) is my fav- the fabric and cutting are structured enough to contour your figure and make you look skinny. Check THIS out to Amazon!

10. Opt for sneakers and closed-toe shoes for the car races

what to wear to a Nascar race vip
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I think we all know high heels should be out of the question, but what about the flat sandals?

I know they are cute but I’ll suggest you avoid all open-toe flats.

You will be standing, walking, jumping up and down the bleachers so comfort is key here.

Plus, the place can be really crowded and you know how it’s hurt when someone accidentally stamped on your toe. Wear sneakers ladies.

11. Bring sunglasses & hats for a NASCAR race

As always, plan your look with the sun in mind. A baseball cap, sunglasses, and UV lotions are the must-have to protect you from the baking sun. Having a sunburn is no joke.


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The fact is, you don’t know what you don’t know.


So ladies, there you go the 18 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to a NASCAR race and speedway.

I hope that gets you inspired and creates your one-of-a-kind look! I feel like most of the outfits ideas are for men, that’s why I’ve come up with this article.

If you’re kind enough please help me pin this so more girls can find it useful! Thanks and hugss

By the way, if you are interested in more parties and special events outfit ideas, I’m sure you will find the article below useful! See you there gorgeous!

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