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*2023* What to wear for a rock climbing date? 8 Dos & Donts!

*2023* What to wear for a rock climbing date? 8 Dos & Donts!

If you are wondering what to wear to a rock climbing date, this article is for you.

But first thing first, high five to whoever picks this as the first date idea, I mean, it’s just dope.

After all, who wants another 2-hour dinner date that you soon find out the guy isn’t a great match and you have to politely laugh at all his not-funny jokes?

Come on.

So now you’ve pinned down a perfect date idea, what’s next? Figure out your rock climbing outfit.

Not gonna lie, that can be tricky to look appropriate and cute for rock climbing.

But no worries girl, I’ve got you all covered.

Below are the 8 tips (with Dos & Don’ts) if you are wondering what to wear for a rock climbing & bouldering date.

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what to wear for rock climbing date
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Whether you are doing bouldering or indoor or outdoor rock climbing, nothing works better than a pair of leggings.

Why? Because your legs can smack against the wall during the climbing and the leggings can always protect the legs.

So yes ladies, bring your gym set to rock climbing. Team it either with a sports bra or a knotted tank top, that just looks smart and put together. Easy pieces.


leggings for rock climbing date

Don’t judge, I’m just a simple girl. If I need to wear leggings for dates, it’s always lovely to go for butt-lifting leggings for an instant mood booster.

1. Wideband Waist Crop Sports Leggings

An average rating of 5 is rare on Shein but these leggings really did a great job. Check out the reviews and you will know why. By the way, be mentally prepared for the dramatic effect!

$13 on SHEIN (Click here to check them out!)

2. Plus Scrunch Butt Sports Leggings (For plus size bae)

Of course, I won’t miss out on my plus-size bae! Below is one of the interesting reviews from l***6:

My new favorite leggings my bf can’t get enough of these either lol”

Huh, interesting.

$14 on SHEIN (Click here to check them out!)


what to wear for rock climbing date
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If that’s just a casual friend date, you can definitely loosen up with a crisp cropped tee and jogger pants. (Yes you heard it right!)

All you need to do is to make sure the waistband of the joggers is not too loose and you will be fine.

Speaking of the top, I will always prefer short sleeves over long sleeves.

After all, even for the indoor air-conditioned rock climbing center, that can be HOT.

Plus, short sleeves just allow your arms to move even better.


what to wear for indoor rock climbing date
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Trust me, any shorts that are too tight and short aren’t really a good look. After all, you will have all kinds of possible leg movements when you are playing rock climbing and that can be too revealing.

If you don’t want to send the wrong signals, save those shorts in the closets.

Plus, if you are playing rock climbing instead of bouldering, you have to wear the harness along with the tagline(the rope).

If your shorts are too short, they can easily slip into the equipment and you will feel super uncomfortable.


what to wear for bouldering date
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So now you know hot pants aren’t necessarily a great choice. What’s the alternative? I’d say biker shorts or any other mid-length shorts.

With this optimal length and flexible fabric like stretchy elastane, they are just perfect for rock climbing.

Want to showcase your style in trendy biker shorts? Go for a retro color block co-ord set to stand out from the crowd.

Who said you can’t look stylish in rock climbing?

I hear you out ladies, here are the butt-lifting biker shorts from SHEIN.

These honeycomb biker shorts are to die for. If you can choose this, why settle for ordinary black shorts? Check them out here.


what to wear for rock climbing date
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If you don’t want to change your clothes after rock climbing, a cropped windbreaker jacket always comes in handy for a sporty chill look.

Plus, some girls may want extra coverage on top of the sports bra and an incredibly lightweight windbreaker jacket just work wonders. (Don’t judge, I’m that shy girl.)


what to wear for rock climbing first date
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While people always thought rock climbing is a masculine activity, don’t let that stereotype limit your fashion style.

Wanna stay cute?

Switch out your average all-black gym set to a baby pink one just to seal the deal.

Together with a pigtail bun that screams youthfulness, that just boosts the aesthetic of your look tenfolds.

Congrats as you’ve just nailed the rock climbing first date!


hairstyles for rock climbing date
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There’s no need to do an elegant updo for rock climbing, but if you have long hair, make sure to tie them up so it won’t affect your sight.

I’d actually avoid high buns as I think they can fall off easily. Anyone?

Instead, go for the ponytail (that you can re-adjust easily). Among all the hairstyles, I must say the french braid is my favorite.

Not only they are cute and aesthetic, but they are also super low maintenance. They just stay the same the whole time!


what to bring for rock climbing date
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While a rock climbing date is more on the casual side, that doesn’t mean you can prepare anything before you storm out the door!

Make sure your date is filled with pleasant memories instead of embarrassing moments, below are some quick reminders.

  • Bring your own socks as most of the centers will only provide climbing shoes only
  • No jewelry – Necklaces can easily get tangled
  • Trim your nail – You’ll have to make sure your hands are “functional” to climb
  • Bring a big water bottle (don’t waste extra money buying water outside)
  • Bring deodorant and dry shampoo just in case
  • Always do some basic warm-up before rock climbing ( so you won’t hurt your back)

My affordable picks:

Always choose fragrance-free deodorant. For a natural choice, ACURE is always the brand I go for.

I love how handy and cute it is. Anything mini is SO LOVELY!


So ladies, here are the 8 outfit tips if you wonder what to wear for a rock climbing date.

You may get bruises here or there but who cares? Keep yourself explorative and chill and enjoy the process – You’ll be all set. Good luck!

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Let’s have a quick recap first:

  • Wear leggings for indoor rock climbing
  • Wear short sleeve T-shirt instead of the long one
  • Shorts with an appropriate length of indoor climbing
  • Wear biker shorts for a stylish bouldering look
  • Add a windbreaker with you for rock climbing
  • Stay cute for the rock climbing first date
  • Go for a low-maintenance hairstyle
  • Get yourself prepared

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