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18 outfits to REALLY wear to a hockey game in 2023! [Visual guide]

18 outfits to REALLY wear to a hockey game in 2023! [Visual guide]

While watching NHL games is all fun and exciting, figuring out what to wear to a hockey game is no easy feat.

If you were the live audience before, you will know the stadium is freezing cold.

So ladies, don’t be that innocent person who wears the summer cropped tee and hot pants to the stadium as you will soon become an ice statue – and I mean it.

But does that mean wearing it to a hockey game date will have to sacrifice your own style?

Definitely NO.

Below, I’ve gathered 18 cute hockey game ladies’ outfit ideas and footwear to ensure you dress as practically as you look in style.

Check them out below!

1. How to wear a hockey jersey for a sporty girl look

How to wear a hockey jersey girl
Source: 1,2

To embrace the loud, stimulating atmosphere of the hockey game, let’s get the hype up by throwing on your favorite player’s jersey as a statement piece.

If you wonder how to wear a hockey jersey fashionably, I’d say keeping the rest of your look simple with skinny jeans and pointy boots – that will set you on the right track.

If you want to match it as a set, don’t hesitate to throw on the team’s hat – they are the legit mood booster!

2. What to wear to a hockey game date?

What to wear to a hockey game date
Source: 1,2

So here’s the goal: You want an outfit that’s cute and warm enough for an ice hockey game date.

To make this possible, layering is key.

While a hoodie and jeans may not be warm enough to survive, throw on a chic oversized denim jacket for a double denim ensemble that just works wonders for a high-street look.

As a petite girl, I prefer to layer the look with cropped outerwear – that just shed down the bulkiness in an instant.

By the way, if you are a real hockey fan, this cool tee below is a must-have for the mood!

what to wear to hockey game

And here’s the long sleeve version people!

3. What to wear to an NHL hockey game?

The stadium on average is around 60-65°F and If you’ve got a seat near the rink, I’m not exaggerating when I say you can feel the finger numbness. It’s no joke.

If that’s just a casual family date, I’d advise you to get super practical with a down jacket for a safe bet.

Of course, scarves, beanies, gloves (and a cup of hot chocolate) are the must-have!

4. What to wear to watch a hockey game without looking bulky?

What to wear to watch a hockey game
Source: 1,2

For many young ladies, a down jacket is not their first choice and I get it – they just look super bulky.

Well, let’s not forget you can wear the sleeveless slim-cut puffer jacket as a perfect alternative.

They just look so much better and now your hands don’t have to move like a robot!

What to wear to watch a hockey game

Seriously, never thought the vest can be figure-flattering.

5. Hockey game dress code in winter – Maxi coat

Hockey game dress code in winter
Source: 1,2

If you want to finish the look on a dressier end for Friday’s date night, a structured maxi coat just adds a dash of aesthetic to any casual look.

To make sure you won’t be too hot or cold, layering yourself with a t-shirt, followed by a pullover, and then the long coat over.

Easy piecey.

Actually, the dress is also doable if you pair it with warm leggings and thigh-high boots.

Some of the most stylish looks are actually quite warming!

6. What to wear to a hockey game in the summer?

What to wear to hockey game in summer
Source: 1,2

What to wear to a hockey game in the summer? Well, if you are watching it indoors then you should follow the rules above!

As for another case – if your seat is in the middle of the crowd, the temperature increases as you sit further away.

In this situation, shacket comes really handy.

As a perfect blend of shirt and jacket, it’s such a perfect layering piece on top of the hoodie.

Another big plus is it just looks super in style these days.

Whether you team it with a baseball cap or bucket hat, people just think you’ve given thought to your look.

7. Stylish hockey game outfits – moto jacket

Stylish hockey game outfits
Source: 1,2

To pull off a cool girl in-stadium look, reach for a cropped faux leather biker jacket just make no mistakes.

To boost the edgy vibes, definitely rock those studded combat boots that scream “I care about hockey but also FASHION”.

Nail it girl.

Stylish hockey game outfits

For my plus-size babes, I’ve handpicked this Levi’s moto jacket. Elegant and chic.

plus size moto jacket Levis

8. Cute NHL hockey game outfits

 Cute NHL hockey game outfits
Source: 1,2

If you are not in the mood of wearing a jacket, you can still get away with this if you have a big poncho.

For a cool, effortless sense of style, get yourself an all-black look to put your colorful plaid poncho in the spotlight.

If you want to level up the aesthetic of your look, belt the poncho for a sleek figure is always desirable. Congrats you are now the fashionista in the stadium.

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9. What shoes NOT to wear for watching hockey

What shoes NOT to wear for watching hockey
Source: 1,2

I know that’s the no-brainer but trust me, some people will make this mistake.

So here’s the reminder: No flip-flops, heels, or other open-toe shoes for two reasons:

  • High chance someone may accidentally stamp on the toe when they find and walk by the seats in the crowded stadium, so flip-flop is out of the question if you want more protection.
  • Your toe will freeze to death. Period.

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10. Opt for long boots to protect your legs

shoes for watching ice hockey game
Source: 1,2

To finish off your ice hockey girl look right, a pair of thick high boots just seal the deal.

Whether that’s UGG, bean boots, or failproof over-the-knee boots, they are all nice options.

If you want an extra layer of warmth, wearing knee-high knit socks or wool socks underneath just works like a charm.

For a sweet mash-up, think beige tall shearling boots with a peek of white cable knit socks – just cuteness overload.

If you need a pair of aesthetic yet functional boots, Sperry’s latest design is totally for feminine-style girls! Honestly, I need both beige and pink colors!

boots for watching ice hockey game
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boots for watching ice hockey game
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So ladies, there you go the 18 cute outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to a hockey game.

I hope that gets you inspired! So now I wish you stay warm and stay fabulous as always!

If you are into stylish sporty fashion, high chance you will love the articles below! See you there gorgeous!

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