*2022* 15 nail designs for older ladies + 50th birthday!

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Are you looking for some fun and classy nails for your 50th birthday? If so, I have a ton of lovely looks to share with you! Keep on reading!

A birthday party is such a best excuse for you to get dressed up and feel and look the best.

So you’ve pinned down your dress and shoes, well, let’s finish up your look with the perfect nails that make you feel like a 10/10.

Below, I’ve picked 15 fun, elegant and sophisticated nail designs for older ladies that make sure you won’t feel overwhelmed.

So whether you’re planning to decorate your nails yourself or looking for the nail inspiration to take to your local nail salon, these nails art just can’t be more perfect.

Let’s get started!

1. Fun 50 & Fabulous nail for 50th birthday party

50th birthday nail idea
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If you want something extra fun to elevate the mood, this just can’t go wrong! Check out more photos on Etsy!

2. Simple nail designs for birthday

Without a doubt, the timeless nude just goes well with EVERYTHING.

And guess what, according to Adeline Sarino, national director for nails at Red Door Spa, a nude, light beige helps soften the look of your skin and even makes your hands appear to be younger.


3. Timeless red nails to feel like a fancy lady

Red nails just can’t be any more feminine and timeless and I thought that’s such a classy choice for your big day!

If you’re wearing a black dress, the red nails just add in an extra pop of fun to brighten things up!

4. Glitter x Red

Of course, you can always mix glitter with red nails to freshen up the look.

Festive but not too over the top!

5. Black nails for chic birthday girl

If a cool fashionista look is your thing, I’d say lean into it!

Put on some rings and black nails that scream “I’ve got a style and I KNOW it”!

6. Nude Pink Floral Press On Gel Nails

Floral Press On Gel Nails
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Best for the spring-summer birthday party! It got a dash of retro vibes too!

7. Reusable Pressed Dried Flowers Press-On Nails

floral nails for birthday
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This is just too DREAMY.

I can’t help but bought this myself too!

8. Red wine nails with gold glitter

nail designs for 50th birthday
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These shades are perfect for every skin tone!

9. Tortoise Shell Animal Print nail art

Tortoise Shell Animal Print nail art
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Is that just me but this nail is PERFECT for women in their 50s!

Your hands will look like a million bucks in this Mixed brown orange black.

10. Purple x pink for a womanly look

This color combo is just popular as always!

11. Star Dust Black Blue Glitter Nail Polish Strips

best nails for birthday
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Get some lowkey glitter in the royal blue!

12. Butterfly x french nails

french nails for 50th birthday party
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Butterfly x French nail?

Just can’t be any more aesthetic and springy. LOVE

13. Birthday candles nails for 50th birthday

Seriously, age is just a number. Whether you are 16 or 50, no one can stop you from having these birthday candles nails. Trust me, you’re bound to have a blast!

If you want to look less youthful, change the nail background color from barbie pink to wine red just seal the deal.

So feel free to come up with your own style!

14. Metallic nail art for birthday party

Want something different? The metallic nails just connote a sense of mastery and give out the right dose of boss lady vibes!

15. Nail designs for older ladies

I saw many 50+ ladies rock these leopard prints and I must say they rock it WELL. Just spicy and sophisticated.

If your birthday is in the fall season, it just gives out the season vibes as well!

Final thoughts:

So there you go – the 15 nail designs for older ladies and your 50th birthday!

What are your thoughts on that? I hope that get you inspired and now it’s time to pick the right outfit with your nails! Check out the article below!

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    Can I wear yellow nails? I love pastel yellow but I am not sure is that looks good on yellow skin tone


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