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*2024 11 Outfits + Decor* 70th birthday color for mom (FULL LIST)

*2024 11 Outfits + Decor* 70th birthday color for mom (FULL LIST)

When you are old enough, you will realize celebrating your loved one’s birthday can be even more satisfying than celebrating your own.

Especially for mom.

Of course, planning a birthday is such a hassle. From choosing the theme, and preparing the food to make the decor, the whole process can be unbelievably overwhelming.

70th birthday colour mom
Source: Pinterest

But no worries people! I’m here to make your life easier. In this article, I am going to share 11 70th birthday colors for mom along with some outfit tips.

Of course, if you are the birthday star yourself and wondering what to wear on your 70th birthday, this inspo below is tailored for you!

1. When in doubt, go for neutrals

First thing first, all shades can be the perfect color for your mom’s party!

I mean, at the end of the day, it all depends on your mom’s style.

If your mom gravitates towards the low-key classy style, neutral shades like beige and brown are the failproof choice.

To look more put together for a birthday, I’d say go for the coordinated set.

A wide beam brown hat and round neck top just look effortlessly classy and expensive.

Together with a pair of statement earrings, this look is a 10/10.

2. Classy white 70th birthday party

Of course, another popular color for an elegant 70th birthday party is, you guessed it – white.

Whether that’s a picnic in the garden or a fancy luncheon by the lake, white just brings in the grace and romance for the big day.

And if you are considering wearing a white dress with an extra pop of fun, a statement necklace like this turquoise pendant rib necklace is a great combo.

Compared to the classic silver or gold accessories, team your white outfits with a Tiffany blue shade just scream “I’m 70 & still rocking fashion”!

3. Feminine pink 70th birthday party ideas

As the saying goes “pink is not just a color – it’s a feeling”.

Regardless of your age, a feminine pink birthday party is bound to feel the best.

If wearing pink from head to toe is not your thing, target the decor! This dusty rose balloon arch kit comes with 4-5 different sizes of balloon, such a great deal with this price.


If your mom has a sophisticated taste, mixing purple with pink is the safe bet. Feminine and classy.

4. Shirtdress is a comfy choice

If you want something casual and comfy for the birthday, consider a form-fitting shirt dress. Why? Because it has the perfect balance between comfort and formality.

To accentuate the figure, a thin belt is always the perfect addition.

To spice things up, go for the one with prints rather than solids. I bought this flannel belted shirt dress for my mum recently, she loves the relaxed fit! Check them out.

5. Rose gold x Forest green for the birthday theme

This cool grandma just rocks the forest green in the most refreshing way.

For the best shoot, get these 70 rose gold balloons on Amazon – they just boost the aesthetic of the photos tenfold.

6. 70th birthday color for mom? Colorful!

Don’t be surprised but vintage and colorful styles have always been the popular 70th birthday theme!

70th birthday color for mom
Source: METRO

This gorgeous lady in a patriotic outfit just proves your age is just a number!

70th birthday sash and tiara

Get this 70th Birthday Sash and Tiara on Amazon

Of course, to make the birthday star step into the 70th birthday with glitter and fabulousness, these props are a must-have.

7. Rose gold 70 & Banner set

rose gold 70 birthday banner set

Get this Rose Gold Seventy & Fabulous Banner on Amazon

Another rose gold 70th decor for stress-free birthday planning! The banners are so easy to put together.

8. An elegant gown for a fabulous 70th birthday

For a classy 70th birthday party, an elegant scallop gown can never go wrong.

elegant gown fabulous 70th birthday

Get this 3/4 Scallop beaded gown on Amazon

The 3/4 sleeve and cowl neckline are so flattering. The best part? It comes in 11 different shades!

9. Sequin blazer for the 70th birthday

When it comes to the big 70 birthday, SPARKLE ON.

If a sparkly dress is too much for you, well, what about a sequin blazer that elevates any outfit even in a plain tee and jeans?

sequin blazer for 70th birthday

Get this Relaxed Sequin Blazer on Marks & Spencer

I love the ruched sleeve – it just looks so effortlessly chic. I mean, it’s all about the details!

10. 70 & Fabulous birthday shirt

70 & fabulous birthday shirt

Get this 70 & Fabulous tee on Amazon

This shirt and the sequin blazer together are the best combo ever. OBSESSED.

11. Last but not least … pearls

As Jackie Kennedy said, “Pearls are always appropriate”. If you run out of gift ideas for mom, take her to the birthday portrait together with the pearl necklace as the gift – that can be the best surprise ever!


So there you go – the 70th birthday colors for mom together with some outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear on your 70th birthday! What are your thoughts on that? I hope these ideas above can get you inspired!

At the end of the day, a birthday is way more than fancy parties and birthday cake.

Whether you are the birthday star or the family member, that’s a precious time for us to all come back together and enjoy this very moment.

I mean, our age is merely the number of years the world has been enjoying us!

Looking for more birthday outfit ideas?

Check out the articles below. See you there loves!

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