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15 real-life looks* What to wear to a sports banquet (casual + dressy)

15 real-life looks* What to wear to a sports banquet (casual + dressy)

Wondering what to wear to a sports banquet? You’ve come to the right place! 

Being an athlete is no easy feat. For years, you’ve been trying your best to balance studying, practicing, sleep and leisure.

I mean, resilience is real.

That’s why a sports banquet holds a place in an athlete’s heart. 

It is a special moment when you can gather all your family, friends, and coaches to celebrate the journey with you and recognize your success.

To fully enjoy this big day, well, picking the right outfit is key.

Depending on the formality, below I’ve gathered 15 real-life athletic banquet outfit ideas, enjoy!

1. What to wear to a sports banquet ladies?

Depending on the school and venue, the formality varies.

However, there’s one thing all sport banquet shares in common – always dress decent and COMFY.

After all, the banquet is a formal large feast, and a high chance you will eat a lot and feel somehow bloated.

That’s why it’s best to go with a loose-cutting romper or forgiving tunic dress.

Avoid anything that is too restrictive like a corset top or bodycon dress.

2. What to wear to a sports banquet guys?

For a semi-formal or formal banquet, wear a tie and shirt as a safe bet. When in doubt, it’s better to overdress than underdress.

3. What to wear to a formal sports banquet

If you want to play safe, double-check the dress code with the host.

After all, you will be taking a ton of photos the whole night.

The last thing you want is to stand out in a sports jersey when everyone else dresses smartly in a suit.

4. Semi-formal sports banquet attire

If the athletic banquet is more relaxed, feel free to jazz up the look with a dash of fun.

For ladies, heels are not your only option! A pink dress with cowboy boots can be equally flattering!

As for guys, get experimental with waistcoats. It just looks presentable and stylish at the same time.

5. What to wear to an athletic banquet cocktail party

If you are going to a formal sports banquet cocktail party, this is the perfect opportunity for you to go dress up.

It’s time to step out of your comfort zone with all the bold colors and a nice hair-do to feel the best. You know, a little sequin never hurt anybody!


You should always dress decent for a sports banquet, avoid the super low neck and a mini dress. When in doubt, go for midi length.

6. Peplum dress for high school sports banquet

As a girl with a bloated belly 24/7, I’ll highly recommend you wear a peplum dress to a sports banquet.

Featuring the extra stripe gathered around the wrist, it just sculpts the hourglass shape for you and hides your belly completely.

Peplum dress for high school sports banquet

Whenever I go to a banquet or buffet but want to look put together, a peplum dress is my life-saver.

7. Athletic sports banquet dress code

For the ladies who want to add an extra dash of spiciness, this one-shoulder peplum dress is bound to make you feel the best.

Athletic sports banquet dress code

Together with a dainty clutch and nice pumps, this is how you glam up for the sports banquet.

8. What to wear to a sports banquet plus size

Of course, I’ve also handpicked a nice peplum dress for my plus-size queens.

What to wear to a sports banquet plus size

If you want to look sexy in a subtle way, you’ll love this dress! Check this dress out for more colors and sizes!

8. When in doubt, LBD

For ladies, you just can’t go wrong with an LBD. To brighten up the black dress, pair it up with red heels to add a dash of feminine vibes in an instant.


10. Boss lady look for the high school sports banquet

If you gravitate towards pants, lean into it!

For a boss lady look, pair up a solid tee with a black blazer and just scream “I’ve got a style & I KNOW it”.

As a perfect alternative, team up the jumpsuit with a cropped blazer looks great as well.

11. Casual jumpsuit banquet outfits

If you want to add a fun, feminine twist to your style, this blazer romper just can’t be any chicer.

Check this out ♥

semi formal banquet attire

12. What shoes to wear to the sports banquet

If you think you HAVE to pair your dress with heels, well, think again!

On the sports banquets, you can see the girls wearing a cute dress with all kinds of shoes from Dr. Martin to converse to cowboy boots.

So if you are stressing over wearing heels, remember that’s not the only option…at all!

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13. Cute banquet outfit ideas

For teenage girls, a cute floral dress is just perfect for both sports banquets and after-party.

If you want to elevate the whole look, spending an extra 10 minutes for a classy low bun is so worth it.

For footwear, I’d say the lace-up espadrilles look best with the cottagecore dress. It’s as comfy as it looks aesthetic, BIG LOVE ♥

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14. What to wear to the high school football banquet

For a casual high school banquet, a polo shirt and long pants are totally acceptable.

For some of the events, you can get away with a round-neck tee. That said, go for the solid hue instead of the funny quotes and symbols.

15. What to wear to the athletic banquet

For a casual athletic banquet, feel free to throw on your baseball cap and comfy jeans!

For footwear, you can literally wear anything from flat sandals, and sneakers to ballet flats.


So there you go people – the 15 real-life outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear to a sports banquet from casual to formal.

So yes, the styling combos are basically endless!

What do you think about these tips? I hope that can you be inspired and now it’s time to settle on the perfect outfit!

If you are looking for more styling tips, check out the other popular articles! See you there loves!

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