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21 real-life looks to high school party! (what NOT & styling tips!)

21 real-life looks to high school party! (what NOT & styling tips!)

Wondering what to wear to a high school party? You’ve come to the right place!

As the saying goes “You can always re-take a class. But you can never re-live a party.”

When you are sweet 16, every day can be a party day. 

From sleepovers, Halloween, and sports banquets to pool parties, these wild fun memories are gonna last you for a lifetime.

Ahead, I’ve gathered 21 outfit ideas from casual to dressy along with some high school party tips.


1. What to wear to a high school party?

That’s impossible to run through all high school parties given that the themes out there are literally endless.

However, for the sporty theme parties, you just can’t go wrong with the jerseys.

Whether you gravitate toward the oversized jersey shirt and jeans for a chic look or stay hot in a sports jersey body con, either way, it’s perfect for parties!

2. What to wear to a high school home party?

For a high school home party, dress in whatever makes you feel comfy and good!

From a front knot graphic tee and crop top to the checkered shirt, you’ll never run out of choices.


If you know your classmates are wearing casual attire, don’t overdress in a super deep V sequin dress that outshines everyone.

We all know how gossip and name-calling are a thing in high school.

You can certainly dress sexy but make sure you are not the only one in the crowd!

3. Layer up your dress for a cute party look

For a cute sexy schoolgirl look, I am loving this bodycon dress on Amazon.

what to wear to high school party
Get this suspender skirt on Amazon

By layering the dress with a turtleneck, you can show off your curves without appearing to be trying too hard.

Together with a pair of combat boots, this party look is a 10/10. Check this dress out!

4. Tube top x denim jacket

Looking for a party look that is full of attitude?

What about throwing on a tube top and oversized denim vest that screams “I’ve got a style & I ROCK it”?

Be a one-of-a-kind girl.

5. Cropped top as a failproof

When in doubt, a crop top and denim shorts is your safe bet.

I know many girls will DIY their own graphic tee for the parties, that’s such a fun thing to do with your bestie!


Even if you are indoors with A/C, high chance you will sweat a lot after all the dancing and jumping.

I would actually suggest you wear a scrunchie on your wrist so you can tie up your hair whenever you want.

Trust me, this is such a lifesaver.

6. Baddie high school party outfits

Gravitate towards baddie girl style? I got ya.

When in doubt, throw on an LBD with a cropped denim jacket and chunky sneakers.

To finish the look with a dose of effortlessness, definitely go with a cross-body bag.

7. Leopard set for the high school party

This Rock& Roll tongue two pieces set is such a gem for all kinds of high school parties.

Leopard set for the high school party
Get this leopard tee-shirt set on Amazon

Featuring the stretchy fabric and cool graphics, this look is as stylish as it’s comfy for a home party!

8. What to wear to a high school backyard party?

If you are going to a backyard or garden party, make sure you wear the right shoes so you can enjoy the most of them.

The stiletto heels are the big No-no as they will sink into the grass easily.

Instead, opt for chunky heels and high-platform shoes that are comfy and supportive enough.

My all-time favorite is lace-up espadrilles. I mean, aren’t they aesthetic? They just look perfect with all kinds of sundresses.

9. What to wear to a high school pool party?

Wondering what to wear to a high school pool party? Well, the swimsuit is a no-brainer!

If you run out of ideas, go matchy with your girl pals!

10. When in doubt, bring a cover-up

As a girl with a bloated belly 24/7, this cover-up is my pool party must-have.

what to wear to high school pool party
Get this beach cover-up on Amazon

You can wrap it around the waist or tie it as a scarf or a top, such a versatile piece.

Check out all the 30+ patterns and colors on Amazon here. You won’t be disappointed ♥

11. Vintage aerobic high school party

A retro high school party?

Well, what about vintage aerobic looks that bring us back to the good old 80s?

These colorful tights and bodysuits are just cuteness overload. Don’t forget to take a TON of photos because it’s so instagrammable.


You can find a wide range of aerobic costumes on Etsy!

12. Retro color block windbreaker

Another cute vintage look – a color-block one-piece windbreaker!

Retro color block windbreaker
Get this windbreaker set on Amazon

I mean, how unique is that? You’re bound to feel the best in this playsuit.

Check this out on Amazon for more try-on photos!

13. Get statement gogo boots for the high school party

Wanna dress retro and feminine at the same time?

This patterned dress and gogo boots combo is the perfect dress code for your gang.

Can’t go wrong.


I love gogo boots as they just pump up any ordinary look in an instant.

If you’re looking for more gogo boots styling tips, check out the _ ways!

14. Classic schoolgirl party look

When it comes to high school parties, how can we miss the plaid pleated skirt?

To finish off the look, throw on knee-high socks and Mary Janes that scream classic schoolgirl vibes.

15. What to wear to a high school Halloween party

Want something special for this year’s Halloween party? Why not go with the fairy and princess themes?

I mean, you can dress whatever you want as 18 years old so feel free to explore more!

16. High school cheerleader party outfits

Fashion comes and goes but the cheerleader theme is here to stay.

These crop cheerleader set just look so delightful and fun!

As a petite girl, I love the asymmetrical hemline detail – it can draw our eyes vertically and make our legs elongated visually!


17. Cheerleader dress on Amazon

I am loving this cheerleader dress. The super forgiving pleated A-line dress just sculpts our waist in the most perfect way and fakes an hourglass body!

Cheerleader dress on Amazon
Get this cheerleader dress on Amazon

The best part? The dress comes with the pom-pom as a set.

Wear this set and you’ll never feel anything missing from your outfit.

18. What to wear to the high school banquet?

For an outdoor high school party, a cute romper or midi dress is just bound to make you feel the most carefree.

I would actually wear pastels than dark hues for the parties. Such a mood booster!

19. What to wear to a high school sports banquet

For a formal high school banquet, a decent midi dress and closed-toe shoes are one of the best combos.

As for boys, go with a collared shirt and khaki pants as a safe bet.

20. High school party? Go sparkle!

Regardless of the themes of your high school party, a little sparkle never hurt anyone!

A champagne gold dress? HELL YESSS.

This is so random… BUT

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Alright, now keep on reading!

21. What to wear to high school party plus size

This dress is for my plus-size bae.

If you want to hide your belly, the peplum dress is godsent.

What to wear to high school party plus size
Get this peplum dress on Amazon

Featuring the extra stripe of fabric gathered around the waist, it just camouflages the tummy area completely.

While some peplum dresses can look too formal for a teenage girl, this one has a cute cold-shoulder design, which is super rare!

Check them out for more patterns and sizes!


So there you go girls – the 21 outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear to high school parties.

What do you think about this look? I hope that get you inspired!

Last but not least, here’s my quote for you all “Party hard, make mistakes, laugh endlessly. Do things you’re afraid to do.”

After all, you’re only young once!

If you love this article, please kindly pin it so more girls like you can come across this article ♥

Looking for more styling tips? Check out the other popular articles! See you there loves!

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