28 outfit looks in 2022! how to dress up a graphic tee?

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In a world where the minimalist plain white tee is all the rage, wearing a tasteful graphic tee can always add an extra pop to your outfit for a tasteful look.

From the high street look to vintage style, it just never fails to get the look right.

But here’s the question, is graphic tee only for the off-duty ensemble? Well, of course not!

With different mixes and matches, it’s effortlessly easy to look put together in a graphic tee these days.

So ladies, here are 7 refreshing tips if you wonder how to dress up a graphic tee for a chic style.



how to dress up a graphic tee
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As the saying goes “When in doubt, throw yourself a blazer”.

This is always a no-brainer idea when you want to dress up your graphic tee and give it an extra layer of coverage during the fall season.

Pair the tee with structured outerwear like a smart blazer, this is such an interesting balance between polish and laid-back.

For a sense of elegance, colors like white, cream, or beige blazer can instantly level up your outfit and finish off the look with an expensive touch.

As a petite girl, I love wearing the graphic tee and pants with a similar color tone.

That way, my body will be elongated visually and appear to be taller.

Finish off the look with a long black blazer and a pair of nude heels, this is so power-walking whenever you go!


how to dress up a graphic tee
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While no one mentions that but can we talk about the neckline of the graphic tee?

Without a doubt, a round-neck graphic tee is the most-worn style of all time.

However, it just looks slightly too casual and youthful if you want to dress the tee up. Instead, opt for the V-neck tee.

With the deep V neck, it just looks more sophisticated and makes it perfect for a wide range of looks.

Plus, the V shape can always elongate the neck and make your face appear to be smaller.

And when it comes to the cool season, a high neck top is just a winning option here and I will urge you to try it!

After all, life is too boring to wear a plain black turtleneck every winter, isn’t it?

A high neck letter graphic cutout tee with hoop earrings? I’ll take it!

3. OPT FOR A GRAPHIC TEE WITH minimal design

how to dress up a graphic tee
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Less is more and this definitely applies to the fashion world too.

While the bold and colorful graphic tee looks absolutely daring, it can be tricky for layering as the tee itself has a strong character.

If you just get your feet wet in the graphic tee department, opt for the tee with simple shapes or letters.

With the neat design, it just naturally looks high fashion and make it decent for important occasions.

Lately, I adore the back letter graphic tees so much. It’s just way more subtle and one-of-a-kind.

For a flexible pairing, throw a blazer on top of the tee and here you are – a plain white V-neck top!


how to dress up a graphic tee
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For a crisp look, let’s not forget to pair the graphic tee with a white shirt as they are just meant to be together.

For an edgy look, wear a long white shirt under the tee that can always look effortlessly chic and original.

And if you are looking for a relaxing date night look with some attitude, consider pairing the tee with a sheer pussy-bow chiffon blouse for a feminine look.

Finish off the outfit with a faux leather A-line dress and a pair of in-style black pointy sock heels, this look is a 10/10.

Last but not least, to get a retro look with this pairing. Switch the white shirt to a pale yellow shirt for a dose of vintage flair. Complement your look with a pair of kitten pumps or Mary Jane, you just go back to the good old ’60s!

So ladies, when in doubt, just wear your shirt and graphic tee together.


how to dress up a graphic tee
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For a poised look, pair your graphic tee with a neck scarf that seals the deal.

After all, little details play a major role in creating the one and only outfit.

Besides the classy way, the neck scarf is way more versatile than you thought.

For an outdoorsy vibe, tie a delightful blue scarf in the girl scout way.

And for the girls who want a contemporary spin with a classic neck scarf, tie it in the choker style is so on-trend right now.

Pair the outfit with a pair of soft beige straight-leg pants and a loafer, this is such a timeless appeal.


how to dress up a graphic tee
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Besides the neck scarf, a belt is another powerful tool to make the graphic tee looks more dressed up.

To keep your figure in shape to look smart and sharp, cinching your high waist area with a belt is always figure-flattering.

This little add-on can already make the outfit look more formal.

To level up the game, consider wearing a corset belt for an hourglass silhouette.

Adding a structured bag and sunglasses to the look, just brings out the unique charm of the graphic tee.


how to dress up a graphic tee
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Last but not least, of course, we have to talk about the styling of graphic tee in monochrome style.

With the similar shades of the same color, it just naturally makes the outfit looks more united and put together.

For a high fashion sense, opt for the slouchy, relaxed cutting design.

Instead of wearing a pair of washed skinny jeans, pair the grey graphic top with long black silk pants for a billowing silhouette that is always flattering.

Pair with a cool beret cap and a clutch, this look is full of personality.

If you are an animal print lover, monochrome styling can always subdue the complicated prints and avoid looking tacky.

Keep the rest of your outfit simple and you are good to go.


So ladies, here are the 7 ideas if you wonder how to dress up a graphic tee! Let’s have a quick recap first.

  • Spice up your graphic tee with outerwear
  • Pay attention to the neckline of the graphic tee
  • Opt for a graphic tee with minimal design
  • Wear a shirt underneath the graphic tee for a layered look
  • Dress up the graphic tee with a neck scarf
  • Pair corset belt with a graphic tee for a diva look
  • Style graphic tee in monochrome style

With these 7 tips, I hope that give you some practical ideas next time when you get dressed!

Styling with the graphic shirt is always exciting because the combinations can be endless.

Whether you embrace high street style or a preppy look, graphic tees can always get the look right!

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