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What to REALLY wear to school on your birthday?Teenage girls 18 outfits!

What to REALLY wear to school on your birthday?Teenage girls 18 outfits!

Wondering what to wear to school on your birthday? I’ve got you covered.

I don’t know about you but for me, there’s no better occasion to dress up than a birthday.

I mean – that’s THE special day and we girls should get the perfect outfit, dress up like a princess and feel the best.

Believe it or not, a cute outfit and a school day can actually go well together.

Ahead, I’ve gathered 18 outfit ideas from cute feminine looks to IT girl attire that look absolutely perfect for teenage girls.

I’m sure you will figure out your favorite style.


1. Be extra fun with a rainbow top as a birthday girl

what to wear to school on your birthday?
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As your birthday marks a new chapter of your life, it’s always the perfect time to try something new.

If you want to make your outfit extra special today, it’s time to jazz up your jeans with a cute rainbow spaghetti strap.

Trust me, rainbow shade is an ultimate mood booster and you’re bound to feel good!

As a bonus, people will for sure notice it and compliment your fun look.

Together with a messy high bun or french braid, this look is perfect for school.

2. When in doubt, go for the co-ord set

If you have no time to do the mix and match but still want to dress like a bombshell, go for the co-ord set for a failproof birthday look.

These matching set just boost the aesthetic of your style in the minimalist effort.

Together with a nice pair of sandals or sneakers, you’ll never miss anything from your outfit.

Looking for something sweet yet spicy? The co-ord set below from Amazon is my best pick.

Featuring the high waist cut and stretchy fabric, it just contours our curves and fakes an hourglass body like magic. The best part?

These checkered patterns just scream the IT girl vibes like no other.


3. What to wear to school on your birthday? Baddie look

what to wear to school on your birthday?
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Tempting to dress like a baddie girl at school? I’d say lean into it.

While you can’t go super sexy on a school day, a cute crop top and jogger pant set are always doable.

Or else, get experimental with the faux leather leggings for a seriously chic IT girl look.

If you want some cover-up, throw on a flannel shirt just do the trick.

Speaking of footwear, reach for the chunky sneakers as a fail-proof – it just goes well with everything.

4. Freshen up your birthday school look in pastel shades

what to wear to school on your birthday?
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If you want to look extra darling on your birthday, feel free to spoil yourself with some pastel shades.

Think refreshing baby blue, and dusty pink lavender for an iconic soft girl look.

Some girls may think pastel hues are tricky to wear, but that’s just not true.

You can always blend the hues with white to balance the dreaminess.

A white shirt dress with a cropped dusty pink sweater? The aesthetic is real.

5. Best birthday Dress for Teenage Girl – layer it up!

Best birthday Dress for teenage Girl
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While a low-cut lace dress may not be appropriate for the school day, no worries as you can always layer it up with a white top.

It just instantly adds an extra pop of cuteness to the look.

Together with the knee-high boots, you will be the most perfect birthday girl.

For chilly days, let’s not forget turtle neck top is equally flattering as well.

6. Birthday Dress Ideas for Teenage Girls

Birthday Dress Ideas for Teenage Girl
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Surprise surprise! Dungaree is actually a popular school day choice for the birthday girl. It’s fun, it’s nostalgic and it’s super joyful!

And no, dungaree is not only for 6 years old.

To spice up the look, team them with knee-high socks or sheer black tights with combat boots and you’re bound to feel like a hottie.

Cute and sexy without trying hard.

7. Get creative with your socks

What to wear to birthday school teenage girls
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Another easy way to jazz up your look is to throw on some statement socks.

From ankle fishnet socks, and printed mesh socks to feminine ruffle socks, they just scream ” I’m too cool for school”.

The high-platform Mary Jane heels with fluffy white socks? I aggressively need this combo for my birthday (and perhaps every day)

If you want to know all kinds of style combos, check out this article below! It’s one of the most popular reads on the site!

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Click the shop link ONLY if you’re the goal-setter! Enjoy!!

8. Be extra glam as a teenage birthday girl

So you’ve pinned down your outfit, and now it’s time for accessories.

If you want to go extra polished, pearl headbands and hair clips are such a lovely choice.

It just gives out a sprinkle of princessy vibes.

Below I’ve handpicked two high-quality best-sellers from Amazon. Check them out!

9. Stay strong in your hair game on your birthday at school

birthday teenage girls hairstyles
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No matter how lazy you are, stay strong in your hair game on your birthday.

After all, it’s our job to make our birthday amazing, isn’t it?

It’s always worth investing a good 10 minutes to do french braided pigtails or just a simple high ponytail.

The point is, a new hairstyle can always brighten up your day!


So there you go – 18 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to school on your birthday!

I hope these outfit combos get you inspired! Now it’s time for your to pin down the final look.

Last but not least, happy birthday girl! Stay beautiful and fabulous as always!

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See you there gorgeous!

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