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*2023* 18 casual high school dance outfit ideas + styling tips!

*2023* 18 casual high school dance outfit ideas + styling tips!

When it comes to teen life, the high school dance is part of that significant moment of all.

Struggling the whole two weeks thinking about what to wear with the goal that you want to look like the IT girl but not too over the top plus a dash of a womanly vibe?

We’ve all been there sis.

The truth is, you can have all kinds of styles when it comes to high school dances. These days, more and more girls decide to dress cute and casual for this big day.

So if you are interested in casual high school dance outfit ideas, check out my top 10 popular looks below.

Enjoy loves!

1. Cute and Preppy outfit for the high school dance

Let’s be real, one of your greatest assets is youth.

And that means?

Flaunt it with full confidence!

A classic schoolgirl look can never fail to impress.

The preppy polo shirt, cable knitted vest, and high-waist tennis skirt are here to pull up an aesthetic schoolgirl look in the most stylish way.

To finish the look on a dressier end, the high heels loafer is a perfect choice here.


If you want to look extra sassy without going too OTT, a fitted cropped vest is probably the best way to go!

And for the y2k fans out there, the thick headband is the must-have.

2. 2000s outfit for the high school dance

Fashion comes and goes but retro style is here to stay.

If you want to exude the attitude, this graphic tee and the layering combo is just another level.

To get the 2000s retro flare right, try to layer a high-neck top with a loose graphic tee!

3. The classic high school dance dress

high school dance dress summer
Source: Pinterest

I’d say embrace the fun color and chunky heels so you can dance as carefree as you want!

high school dance long dress
Source: Pinterest

Of course, the long dress is another great option.

To add an extra dash of spiciness, I’d say go all in with the front silt dress.

4. Cute and Playful outfit for High school dance

You and I both know that dungarees are a blessing from the gods of comfort.

But I know what you are thinking: Looks great but the onesie look seems …childish?

Well, think again.

high school dance black girl
Source: Pinterest

Seriously, sometimes all you have to add to turn an otherwise kid-core look into an ultra-chic get-up is a bucket hat and a cool hairstyle.

high street high school dance outfits
Source: Pinterest

Another great combo? Black sheer tights and combat boots!

5. High school dance with over-knee socks

high school dance over-knee socks
Source: Pinterest

Seriously, who can rock the over-knee tights and Mary Janes better than a teen girl? The aesthetic is real.

Rock them for the high school dance sis!

6. Pink girl Outfit for the high school dance

Who said a pink girl’s look has to be all sweet and feminine?

To freshen things up, consider wearing the oversized cropped shirt, baggy pink jeans, and sleek white shoes for a new look.

I am loving these heart-shaped pink jeans from Amazon – feel like a barbie and gangster wife at the same time!


If you are wondering how the girl (in the picture above) makes her top cropped, that’s because she is wearing a sports bra and she can tuck the shirt underneath!

7. Plus size High School Dance inspo

What to wear as a plus size bae? Well, obviously whatever you want!

plus size high school outfits

Source: Pinterest

Need I say more? This three-pieces look is to die for. I’m obsessed with the color tone of the polo!

plus size high school dance outfits
Source: Pinterest

When in doubt, go for the pastel shades that scream soft girl aesthetic.

If you want to maximize the elongating effect, wearing a similar shade from head to toe can make your figure looks more united and appear to be taller!

high school dance peplum dress
Get this peplum dress on Amazon

If you have a food baby 24/7 like me, this peplum dress is such a godsend to camouflage the lower belly area.

Stylish and super forgiving!

8. How to wear a dress to a casual high school dance

And let’s not forget the venue can be quite chilly with the AC – it’s best to bring an outerwear with you.

casual high school dance jacket
Source: 1 2 3

If you are more on the casual side, a biker jacket and denim jacket work amazing! Or else, dress up the look with a cardigan or a lace bolero jacket (My all time fav)!


Ladies, there you have it! Here are 8 casual outfit styles for a high school dance. So yes, you can basically embrace any style as long as you feel the great when you dance in it!

What are your thoughts on that? Hope you enjoy!

If you are looking for more teen girl fashion, check out our popular articles below. See you there loves!

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