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*Real-life 16 looks!* What to wear to a debutante ball? (Debs + guest)

*Real-life 16 looks!* What to wear to a debutante ball? (Debs + guest)

Wondering what to wear to a debutante ball as debs and guests? Browse nowhere as you’ve come to the right place! 

Ahead, I’ve gathered 14 real-life debutante outfit ideas from Instagram along with tips to get you inspired!

Fun fact, the term Debutante actually came from the French word debut, meaning “The first performance”.

Symbolizing the debut in the society of a young lady (usually from the age of 16 to 22), being a debutante is way more than the prestigious ball itself.

More, it represents a new chapter of a new adult life with all unknown yet exciting possibilities. While the format of the debutante ball changes with time, the purpose remains unchanged.

Alright, enough talking. For better understanding, now it’s time to check out the 20 debs and guests’ outfits along with some tips.
Enjoy my loves!

1. What to wear to a debutante ball

what to wear to a debutante ball

For many of the traditional debutante balls, a black-tie is the standard.

The debutantes are required to wear white gowns (usually along with white gloves) while young gentlemen should dress in a tuxedo.

2. What to wear to a debut as a mom or guest

What to wear to a debut as a guest or mom

If you are a mom or guest, you definitely don’t want to dress in the same shade with the debs.

Instead of white, think other classy shades like royal blue, emerald green, dusty pink, and beige as the perfect alternatives.

3. Debutante ball dress code

Debutante ball dress code

If your debutante ball is more on the traditional side, both debs and guests should show up in floor-length formal dresses.

Following the dress code is extra important when it comes to the debutante ball.

For example, the Houston Chapter debutante ball has clearly stated that guests who wear tea-length dresses will not be allowed admittance into the ball. (Yup, this is THAT strict.)

Follow the dress code to the T ladies.

4. Jazz up a black dress for a debutante ball

what to wear to a debutante ball

While the black dress is a classic, guests are more encouraged to wear vibrant or jewel tones.

If you do prefer a black dress, let’s not forget to jazz up the look with a nice necklace or a pair of golden pumps! That just instantly freshen up the look.


To survive the night, many ladies actually bring flats or sneakers to the ball as alternatives to high heels after the dance. I own a pair of Amazon essential ballet flats. They are super comfy and easy to fold inside a small bag. LOVE!

5. Affordable white debut gown on Amazon

white debut gown
Get this dress on Amazon

Looking for the perfect debut white dress? This V-neck lace-up gown is bound to make you feel like a goddess ♥♥♥

We all know a white dress can easily look tacky if the material is bad.

But for this one, it actually looks so expensive even though the price is so affordable. Check out the reviews for real photos!

6. What happens at a debutante ball

What happens at a debutante ball

If you are the debutante, make sure to keep your smile! The cameramen love to capture natural movements.

7. What to wear to a debut

what to wear to a debut

Some of you may wonder: So does that mean a debutante can only wear a white gown?

Well, that truly depends. After all, every debutante ball has different attire. For some, you can definitely pick your favorite colors of the gowns.

A golden sequin dress is such a nice choice ♥♥♥

8. A bold red dress to stand out the crowd

what to wear to debutante ball

And of course, you can’t go wrong with a bold red dress.

As a perfect blend of femininity, classic, and confidence, the red shade is perfect for a debutante.

9. When in doubt, think a decent prom dress

what to wear to a ball

When in doubt, think classic prom dress look to get inspired.

Embrace something fancy like crystal embellishment and fringe. These days, many young ladies love to wear a crown for the shoots.

Well, it’s time to make a major statement!

10. What to wear to a debut as a guest

What to wear to a debut as a guest

Royal blue is another popular choice for a debutante ball. Why? Because it just looks good on everyone!

Such an eye-catching, versatile, and preppy color.

11. Embrace your big day!

what to wear to debut ball

In case you need a reminder, there’s nothing over the top to wearing a dress like this!

Embrace your moment and be the princess!

12. Go for jewel tones for a debutante ball

Go for jewel tones for debutante ball

If you prefer a minimalist design, it’s totally okay to wear a solid dress!

Again, embrace the bright hue colors to fit the debut theme.

To double the happiness, why not match your dress with your bestie? You guys are bound to have so much fun!

13. Simple yet classy dress for debut guest

If you want to look polished as a debut guest without appearing to be trying too hard, give a thought to the fabric of the dress.

Simple yet classy dress for debut guest
Get this dress on Amazon

A lush velvet dress just adds a distinctive dash of glamour to your style.

Featuring the feminine off-shoulder, this dress is here to sculpt the best figure for you.

14. What to wear to a casual debut party

What to wear to a casual debut party

If your debutante ball is more of the non-traditional one, it’s totally fine to wear two pieces set as long as it’s decent and classy.

When in doubt, always double-check with the party. Trust me that will save you time and headaches.

15. Gradient debutante ball dresses to feel the best

I’m really proud of this pick. Asymmetric Gradient Sequin mermaid dress? This dress is a 10/10.

debutante ball dresses
Get this dress on Amazon

The best part? It seems tricky to wear but actually, it’s universally flattering! It comes in 5 sizes from small to XXL. The girls in the review sections dress even better than the model, check the dress out!

16. Casual fun dress for debut party

casual dress for debut party

I know what you are thinking. What? A sheer skirt and sneakers?

Yes, it’s possible! If you are attending a casual debut party, the attire can be so different from a traditional debutante ball.

These years, debut party outfits have become way more diverse and I’m really happy about this trend!


So ladies, there you go – the 16 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to a debutante ball as debs and guests.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope you enjoy it!

If I can talk to my 18 years old self and other debs, here’s one of my quotes “You musn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.”

Enjoy my big day and the bright future ahead!

For more styling tips, check out the articles below. See you there my loves!

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