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*2023* 15 outfits to a baseball game plus size ( What NOT + video!)

*2023* 15 outfits to a baseball game plus size ( What NOT + video!)

Wondering what to wear to a baseball game as a plus-size lady? You’ve come to the right place!

The cheering, the homerun, the All-Star Game, everything about a baseball game is just so fun to watch.

And if you want to get the most out of the game during the weekend, guess what, picking up a cute outfit definitely contributes A LOT.

baseball game plus size outfit
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In this article, I’ve gathered 9 plus size baseball game outfit ideas that are as cute as it’s comfy and practical to wear on the ball field.

Stay tuned for the video inspo!


1. Cute baseball game plus size outfits

When it comes to sports game outfits, think simple.

When in doubt, your go-to tee, comfy bottom, and sneakers will be the best combo.

If you want to spice things up, get inspired by this lady and wear a cropped hoodie and denim jacket with universally matching grey sweatpants.

Together with the chunky sneakers and cross-body bag, this is how you look effortlessly chic in leisurewear.


The truth is, we are all perfect imperfections.

You want to learn these outfit hacks ONLY if you feel like it but are not pressured by others. Remember, we never have the need to “fix” our bodies!

You don’t have to be pretty like HER, you can be pretty like YOU.

And believe it or not, there’s still NOT ENOUGH plus-size content around Pinterest and other places on the internet …at all.

So ladies, before reading the tips, please help pin the pin below & support plus-size ladies ♥!

2. Summer baseball plus size outfits

For a summer baseball game, wearing something lightweight is KEY.

Trust me, you will feel extra hot sitting for hours under the baking sun.

Summer baseball plus size outfits
Source: Theadoredlife

I am loving this girl’s side slit dress here.

Featuring the inverted V-line hem on both sides, it just draws eyes upward and makes your legs appear to be longer.

Super flattering.

And for the girls who want to dress up a bit, chunky low heels can work wonders.

That said, I’d say wearing closed-toe shoes rather than sandals.

Trust me, high chance someone will stamp your feet – we all how crowded the stadium is.

Last but not least, FORGET about the stilettos. High heels aren’t for the baseball game sis.

sporty and rich baseball cap Etsy

Need I say more? This “Sporty & Rich” baseball cap from Etsy just screams the fun vibes.

3. Baseball jersey outfit ideas

To embrace the baseball vibes to the fullest, go for the baseball tee or jersey for a fan-girl look.

If you want to look sporty but don’t want to go all in, break things up a bit with the elegant white jeans for a refreshing look.

buy me a birken cap Etsy

I’d buy my bestie this “Buy me a Birken” cap. It’s just so good.

4. Cute baseball tee for plus-size

Call me cliche but hey, wearing a baseball quote tee is always a good idea to have fun and take some insta-worthy selfies.

plus size baseball tee

My big sister is a super baseball fan and I’m definitely getting her this tee. Such a mood booster.

5. High street baseball game outfits

If you are planning to go downtown with your gangs after the baseball game, a chic streetwear look should be what you aim for.

High street baseball game outfits plus size
Source: 1,2

You just can’t go wrong by wearing a bodycon midi with a cropped denim jacket and sunnies. Don’t be shy and embrace the feminine curves!

Or else, go for the gym biker short set, an oversized shacket, and a cross waist bag for an IT girl style.

introvert baseball cap
“You’re too close” cap for introvert queens out there. Love.

Definitely, a cap you wanna wear when you want to keep a distance.

Thanks me later.

6. Feel carefree in an oversized tee dress

If you want to relax and sit back for the baseball game, an oversized T-shirt dress will make you feel the most carefree.

Together with a cute hair updo, this is how you look simple but cute for the sports game.

And let’s not forget you can always showcase your personality with all types of socks.

To add a dash of high street style to the look, black mesh socks with chunky sneakers just scream “I am stylish & I know it” in a lowkey way.


If your oversized tee shirt is not long enough, ALWAYS wear black biker shorts underneath.

7. Baseball jacket sporty look

Want to look cool for the baseball game? What about pulling off an all-black look to feel like a boss babe?

To nail a monochromatic look without looking too matchy, layer up different shades of black is the easiest way to navigate.

Think of a pair of light-wash black jeans and black boots as a nice combo.

Of course, to break things up a little bit, a white top can never go wrong.

If you are looking for a high-quality baseball jacket on a budget, check out my best pick below.

baseball jacket plus size amazon

For the girls who gravitate towards baddie vibes, there’s a black and red version for this jacket – so dope.

8. Winter baseball game plus size outfits

When the days are chilly, layer up your look. Think of a warm beanie, a comfy sweater, and a coat that you can layer up with.

Winter baseball game plus size outfits
Source: 1,2

I actually don’t prefer wearing a high-neck top, especially cashmere ones. As a high chance, you will get too warm in the middle of the game but you can’t take it off.

When in doubt, layering things up.

This is so random… BUT

hey ladies, why not quickly do an affirmation and feel instantly better?

This new year, I’m trying not only to share fashion tips but come up with ways to instill body positivity in all women who are reading my articles – aka YOU!

Instead of just reading it, say it loud or murmur the quotes (if you are in public) to maximize the effect.

Ready? Here we go.

I love my body. She is my forever home and sanctuary.

Sassy isn’t a shape, it’s an attitude.

Work out because I love my body – not because I hate it.

I can love myself and change my body at the same time. No guilt about that.

It is completely normal to have tummy rolls. I come to realize that social media isn’t showing the reality… at all.

My happiest moments in life had nothing to do with the way my body looked.

I don’t have to be pretty like her, I can be pretty like …ME.

I AM perfect imperfection.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope that makes you feel better (as you deserved).

Please help me pass the body positivity message in your community. #womenhelpwomen

Alright, now keep on reading!

9. When in doubt, a baseball cap

When you are watching a baseball game, high chance that’s a sunny day so make sure you wear sunscreen and a baseball cap.

If you want to wear a high ponytail or cute bun, this baseball cap will work great.

WHAT NOT TO WEAR to a baseball game:

Respect the players and don’t wear merch from teams that aren’t playing. If you aren’t the fans from the two teams up to bat, at least you can wear a classic striped baseball tee.

10. Cool ways to rock a baseball cap

This lady definitely knows how to rock a baseball cap in the most possible way!


So there you go – the 15 outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear to a baseball game for plus-size ladies.

What are your thoughts ladies? I hope these outfits get you inspired!

When it comes to a sports game day, all you need to do is wear what makes you feel the best – whether that’s a comfy graphic tee or a cool faux leather biker jacket – you do you!

Looking for more baseball game outfit ideas?

Check out my other popular reads below.

See you there loves!

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