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*2023*18 looks to wear (& avoid) to a baseball game with coworkers!

*2023*18 looks to wear (& avoid) to a baseball game with coworkers!

Wondering what to wear to a baseball game with coworkers? You’ve come to the right place!

Believe it or not, I’ve received 3 emails from my readers asking this exact same question.

I get it, watching sports with coworkers is just not as carefree as you are with your friends and family.

We have to take many factors into account. And in the worst case, your boss also comes and watches the baseball game with you.

What a bummer.

But hey, I’m sure to help.

what to wear baseball game coworkers
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Ahead, I’ve gathered 18 baseball outfit ideas with your coworkers that will look as casual as it looks appropriate and practical.

I also suggest what NOT to wear to play safe.

Ready? Keep on reading!

1. What to wear to a baseball game with coworkers

First thing first, relax and have fun!

More often than not, you will be safe wearing your casual cap, tee, and jeans at a basketball game.

What to wear to a baseball game with coworkers
Source: 1,2

For bottoms, many ladies also wear flared yoga pants – that is a nice choice as well.

For men, a button-down shirt or polo with chino pants and loafers are the classy picks here. Of course, sneakers are failproof!

what to wear baseball game coworkers
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2. A baseball jersey is your best bet

To fully embrace the baseball vibes, go for the baseball jersey for sure.

baseball jersey to baseball game
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When the days are chilly out there, layer it up with a long-sleeved top and leggings just look super cute.

baseball jersey outfit ideas
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Need I say more? This Mickey baseball jersey below is to die for.

Mickey mouse baseball jersey

Just shut up and take my money.

sporty and rich baseball cap Etsy

Need I say more? This “Sporty & Rich” baseball cap from Etsy just screams the fun vibes.

3. Baseball jersey for guys

And of course, here’s my pick for the dudes.

Baseball jersey for guys

Don’t overthink – throw on a jersey and jeans and you’ll be so appropriate.

introvert baseball cap
“You’re too close” cap for introvert queens out there. Love.

Definitely, a cap you wanna wear when you want to keep a distance.

Thanks me later.

4. Cute tee to a baseball game with coworkers

To win your colleague’s (or everyone’s) heart, being funny is definitely a big plus in any circumstance.

To make sure you have a fun time in the baseball game, a cute “There’s no crying in baseball” just works wonders.

Cute tee to a baseball game with coworkers

Despite the serious boss lady image at work, it’s always nice to showcase to your co-workers you have a fun side. They just bond with you differently.

5. Baseball jacket outfit ideas

Need I say more? Wearing a baseball jacket to the baseball game with coworkers just can’t be any more natural.

Baseball jacket outfit ideas
Source: 1,2

It just goes well with literally everything from a summer crop top to a turtleneck sweater on chilly days.

The best part?

baseball jacket outfit ideas black girl
Source: Pinterest

A bomber jacket is casual but smart with a structured shape, which is the idea when you want to look appropriate with your co-workers.

My AMAZON picks for both men and ladies.

6. Wear nice outerwear to a baseball game

If you are the senior or leader in your team, I get it, you want to look casual but not TOO casual.

To strike a nice balance here, I’d say throw on nice outerwear to balance out the sporty look.

Wear nice outerwear to a baseball game
Source: 1,2

Think of a double-breasted blazer or trench coat that will do the job right.

Seriously, wearing a cap with a blazer just looks so in style.

nice outerwear baseball game outfit
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7. All-white look to a baseball game with coworkers

If you want to showcase your fashion taste, embracing white is your best bet.

Seriously, nothing looks more high fashion and classy than an all-white look.

From a cute beanie to a scarf to a structured long coat, everything is just so on point.

what to wear baseball game with coworkers
Source: 1,2

If you don’t want to look too matchy-matchy, blending in all different kinds of whites will add more dimension to the look.

Think ivory, cream, and sleek white in one outfit.

what to wear to baseball game coworkers
Source: Whowhatwear

Or else, wear white as an extra pop of fun.

Elevate your black jeans and Converse look with a cream trench coat just look as sporty as it’s classy for a baseball game.

Definitely a 10/10.

8. What NOT to wear to a baseball game with coworkers

Depending on the company culture and the personalities of your co-workers, wearing an oversized jersey as a dress may not be the best idea.

What NOT to wear to baseball game with coworkers
Source: 1,2

Seriously girl, stay away from that.

Yes, this looks so chic and comfy. But in the meantime, it almost looks somehow too casual and sexy.

So I’d suggest you save your baddie look with your besties but not the co-workers.

Not saying ALL, but we all know some of our colleagues can be really judgemental and talk badly behind you. (I’ve been there drama before and it sucks…)

9. Dress accordingly

Last but not least, just a practical tip. Wear the right outerwear according to the weather.

I know that’s common sense but hey, some of you may really need this reminder.

Instead of wearing a cashmere sweater that can be really warm, I’d say layer up with a high-neck sweater and a puffer jacket so you can take it on and off accordingly.

Seriously, if you want to survive the whole baseball game in winter, picking the right clothes is key.


So there you go people – the 13 outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear to a baseball game with coworkers!

What are your thoughts on that? I hope these looks get you inspired! Remember, there’s nothing to worry about.

Just go with the flow, enjoy your good times, and be yourself in front of your colleagues!

If you are looking for more baseball outfit combos, check out my popular reads below. See you there loves!

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