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17 looks to wear to mini golf in summer & winter? *#16 is preppy!*

17 looks to wear to mini golf in summer & winter? *#16 is preppy!*

Wondering what to wear to mini-golf? You’ve come to the right place!

Simply put, mini golf is the casual and fun version of traditional golfing.

Rather than focusing on the skill and technique, it’s more about keeping it chill, enjoying the process, and having a good laugh.

And guess what, mini-golf has always been one of the best dating ideas!

Unlike having a dinner like a job interview, mini-golf is such a spontaneous little detour and it’s so easy to get silly and flirty at the end.

So now you’re so ready for a mini-golf date, but here’s the question: What to wear to mini-golf? Is there any dress code?


Ahead, I’ve gathered 16 real-life mini golf outfits from summer to winter along with some pro tips.


1. What to wear to mini-golf date summer

There’s no specific dress code for mini-golf. When in doubt, dress breezy and casual so you can do the swing without any restrictions.

For a failproof look, think of a cute halter neck top and jean shorts that look sporty and stylish at the same time.


If you are doing mini golf outdoors, definitely wear sunglasses and apply sunscreen.

I once played mini-golf on a cloudy day so I thought sunscreen is not necessary.

And guess what, my arms were all burnt and itchy when I get back home.

Don’t be like me.

2. What shoes to wear to mini-golf?

For a serious UV-protection look, a wide-beam hat and jumpsuit just work wonders for you.

That said, picking the right fabric is key. Go for the linen or breathable chiffon so you can stay breezy in long pants.

For shoes, I’d say sneakers and flat sandals work best. If you want extra height, wedge sandals like espadrilles are doable too.

3. What to wear to the mini-golf date? Shirtdress

Want to wear a dress for a mini-golf date? I’d say the belted shirt dress is the best choice.

Featuring the billowy silhouette and belted design, it just flatters your curves without feeling restrictive. Together with a pair of sleek white sneakers, this look is just irresistibly refreshing.

That said, make sure your dress is not too short so you can easily bend over without having to worry about showing your butt.

You definitely don’t want to give the wrong signal to your date that you are desperate.

4. Wear a crossbody bag for mini golf

For a sleek look, a small cross-body bag or waist bag is highly recommended!

5. Cute mini-golf outfit for ladies

People play mini-golf with a wide range of fun looks so I’d say whatever makes you feel like it!

A denim dungaree that make you feel the most carefree? Hell YASS.

6. Sid-slit dress is a comfy choice

Mini golf is literally for everyone including mama-to-be!

If you want to wear a midi or maxi skirt, go for the side silt design so you can do all the moves freely.

This a trivial yet important tip.

7. Wear a denim dress for a stylish mini-golf look

For stylish mini-golf attire, a fedora hat and denim dress just make you look picture-perfect with minimal effort.


If you have long hair, bring a scrunchie with you. High chance you will get warm up after a few swings and tying up your hair really helps.

8. What to wear to mini-golf guys

For guys, you can wear anything from a collared shirt to a tank top and shorts.

And yes, in some cases, you can even play mini-golf barefoot – you do you!

9. What to wear to mini-golf in the fall?

When the days are chilly out there, a long sleeve top and culottes pants are the best combos.

Instead of wearing a thick knitted top, it’s best to layer up a cotton tee with shacket so you can easily take it off when you are getting warm.

10. When in doubt, sporty outfits

Back to the basics, a sporty look is always doable.

I once saw a girl wear a sports jersey dress with a bucket hat and that’s super chic!

11. What to wear to a mini-golf date

Feeling extra feminine today? Go for the elegant white jeans with nude chunku heels just elevate the mini-golf look tenfolds.

12. What to wear to mini-golf in fall

Is that just me but the sleeveless polo dress looks so preppy and aesthetic? I will literally wear this like a uniform on summer days.


13. High-quality golf skorts on amazon

Confession time.

You love wearing golf skorts not because you are serious about golf. You are wearing skort because it looks so effortlessly cute and flirty.

Same here girl.

I’m loving this fabulous skort on Amazon. It comes with more than 20+ patterns and I’m sure you can find your favorite!

golf skort amazon

The best part? You can store your phone underneath the skort! 10/10.

14. Preppy golf skorts for mini-golf

For the girls who gravitate towards a preppy look, this cute skort is made of waterproof-like material and it’s UPF 50+.

golf skort amazon

If you go golfing often, this skirt is such a must-have.

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15. What to wear to mini-golf in winter

For a practical winter mini-golf look, leggings and a sleeveless slim-fit puffer jacket are KEY.

For guys, you can always layer up a long sleeve top on top of your polo shirt!

It’s such a fresh combo for me but I found that many guys layer the look like this in winter.

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16. Preppy mini golf look

preppy mini golf outfit
Source: PureWow

Everything in this looks just so. on. point.

Ladies, now you know how to style your sweater!

17. What to wear to the mini-golf nightclub?

So here’s one of the most asked questions of all time: Can I wear heels to mini-golf?

Well, you can.

That said, go for the low chunky soles so you can do the swing stably on the grassland.

Actually, I’d say the mini-golf nightclub is the appropriate venue for you to go dressy.

The dimly-lit clubbing atmosphere is just perfect for putting off an LBD and heels.


So there you go people – the 16 real-life outfits if you are wondering what to wear to mini-golf.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope that helps you pin down your look!

Whether you want to bond with your family and friends or have a good time with your date, mini-golf will guarantee have a good time. Enjoy!

Looking for more styling tips? Check out my other specific articles! See you there loves!

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