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*2023* 18 outfit ideas: What to wear to topgolf date? (summer & winter)

*2023* 18 outfit ideas: What to wear to topgolf date? (summer & winter)

Whether you are a golfer or non-golfers, young or old, you will find top golf irresistibly addictive.

I mean, who doesn’t want to golf in a more casual setting filled with music, lights, and drinks like a mini sporty party on a Friday night?

So you’re now ready to dip a toe into this new hobby, but here’s the question that pops up in your mind: What to wear to top golf? Is that the same as golf attire?

No worries ladies, I’ve come up with 18 top golf outfit ideas for a casual family gathering to a romantic date night.

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1. What to wear to top golf in summer? T-shirt and jeans

what to wear to topgolf in summer
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Top golf is a casual activity so you have no problem wearing a tee shirt and shorts in summer.

But that said if you want to stay put together when you’re swinging in the golf club, doing an easy hair bun always works wonders.

You can also wear short skirts, but again, make sure they are too revealing when you do the swings.

2. Preppy top golf outfit ideas

Of course, how can we not talk about the preppy style? If you want to give out a hunt of posh to your look, timeless polo will instantly put you on the right track.

Think classic preppy hues like pink, navy blue, and yellow as an extra pop of fun.

These days, the sleeveless polo is having a moment these days. I can see why as they just add a dash of youthful aesthetic to the most classic top – Oh-so-fancy.

If you want a timeless piece that can last you for ten years and more, get this Lacoste Stretch Polo Dress below. It’s slim fit and figure-flattering. LOVE!

top golf outfit ideas

Want to look spicy and sporty at the same time? Below is the one. Team it with a baseball cap and chunky sneakers and you’re sure to turn heads – Who’s the hottie out there?

top golf outfit ideas

Plus, it’s super soft and lightweight as you swing and move. Check out more Amazon reviews!

3. What to wear to topgolf date? Hottie style

Wanna look the best to top golf date casually? Pick the body-fitting clothes that can really accentuate your asset and curves!

what to wear to topgolf date
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So yes, V-cut shirts, leggings, biker shorts, and bodysuits are all popular choices.

I know many ladies already have a pair of butt-lifting leggings. But in case you haven’t, this bestseller from Amazon below is a must-have.

Another big plus is its anti-cellulite design. I’ve never felt any sexier when doing workouts – this is the real gem.

What to wear to topgolf date?

Need I say more? This anti-cellulite legging is a dream come true.

4. What to wear to top golf date night? A cocktail dress

what to wear to topgolf date night
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When it comes to a romantic top golf date night, you should consider wearing a cocktail dress.

Some girls will wear heels, but for me, I’ll stick with ballet flats as a comfy and aesthetic choice.

5. What to wear to topgolf in the fall? Hoodie

what to wear to topgolf in fall
Source: 1,2

For fall, it’s time to dig out your fluffy sherpa jacket and hoodie for a stylish high-street girl look.

Layering your look is key as high chance you will feel warmer after playing for a while. It’s better to have outerwear with a zipper.

6. What to wear to topgolf in winter? Sleeveless puffer jacket

And when it comes to the chilly winter season, you may need to wear a puffer jacket for extra warmth.

what to wear to topgolf in winter
Source: 1,2

That said, I STRONGLY suggest you go for the sleeveless slim-cut puffer jacket instead of the bulky long-sleeve one. Why? As you can’t really do a good swing when you are dressing too heavy and bulky!

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7. What shoes to wear to topgolf?

For footwear, you can wear EVERYTHING. From flip-flops (Yes you hear right), and sneakers to heels, they are all doable. But that said, I’d prefer closed-toe shoes for protection.

What sheos to wear to topgolf?

If you really want to gain that extra height, at least swap out your 10 cm stilettos for chunky heels and wedges for a certain level of comfort.

8. Sunscreen and hats for playing topgolf

Sunscreen and hats for playing topgolf in summer
Source: 1,2

When you are playing top golf in the afternoon time, please wear sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses no matter the season. I know it’s a no-brainer, but admit it, you almost forget!

If you are dry skin, this one below is a must-have.

what to wear to top golf


So ladies, there you go the 18 top golf outfits if you wonder what to wear to a top golf date from summer to winter.

Hope that gets you inspired and enjoy your time!

By the way, if you are interested in more sports outfit ideas, make sure you check the articles below! See you there gorgeous!

As for the girls who want more dating outfit tips, definitely read through the articles listed below. Even if this is not your first, second, or third date, I’m sure you will find the science behind useful in the future! See you there!

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