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*2023*18 foolproof outfits: What to wear with peg trousers?

*2023*18 foolproof outfits: What to wear with peg trousers?

Some ladies may wonder “What is the point in wearing peg trousers?”

Well, if you are a pear-shaped girl like me, you will know how flattering peg trousers are!

They are the most pear-friendly pants in the market so far.

By accentuating the high waist and giving some room for the hips area, the pants just embrace your lower body curves perfectly! Plus, it’s truly versatile.

From the boho girl style to formal office wear, peg trousers never fail to spice up the outfit.

So ladies, here are the 6 ideas if you wonder what to wear with peg trousers!



What to wear with peg trousers
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Unlike skinny jeans, peg trousers will slightly add some volume to your lower body.

While the effect is truly minimal, if you want to tame down the pants, style in monochrome is a no-brainer.

With similar tints of the same color, your body won’t be divided into many different color palettes and that can make you appear to be taller and slimmer visually.

To look stylish and chic, remember to pair it with different tints of color and also fabric to add some layers to the look.

For example, it’s always refreshing to pair a light blue denim jacket with dark blue peg trousers for a youthful look!


What to wear with peg trousers
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When it comes to the versatility of peg trousers, fabrics truly matter… A LOT.

Besides cotton and nylon, there is a wide range of fabrics waiting for you to explore.

If you want a more cool and urban chic look, a black turtleneck and a pair of faux leather peg pants can always work in your favor.

For a more wintery look, corduroy pleated peg trousers look great with ankle boots.

But of all, my favorite one is the classic silk peg pants.

Even if you are just wearing a simple white shirt or a black vest, the silk pants can immediately level up your style with a sense of elegance and glamour!


What to wear with peg trousers
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When it comes to pleats, I have such a love-hate relationship with them.

Pleats can make some room for my belly area but at the same time, it just makes my lower body look bigger visually and literally look like I am pregnant for 3 months.

But to be fair, not every peg pants with pleats are that evil – it really depends on the design.

If the pants are already loose-fitting, the pleats design is a big no-no here.

However, if that’s a relative fit cutting, pleats can help us achieve a fuller silhouette without making us look fat.

Plus, I will also prefer the pleats on the outer thigh area instead of the front tummy area.

So yes, you can still wear pleats with pet trousers but I just want you to pay extra attention to the design!


What to wear with peg trousers
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If you don’t think peg trousers are your thing, well, what about shorts? To me, they are just so on point!

As a 5’2 ft girl myself, I truly think they are wonderful shorts that make me look taller without squeezing my thighs like denim shorts.

As peg shorts look more casual, the outfit combination can be endless.

With a high-neck top and a pair of pointed flats or heels, this can be your summer office look.

But if you want to embrace the chill boho girl vibes, a pair of white or beige peg shorts can do!

With an oversized see-through shirt and a round basket bag, you just add a twist to the bohemian and hippie style!

For a long time, I always wear the smock dress and other patchwork printed clothes for the boho look, but peg shorts is actually a great idea!

To adopt the urban-chic style, you can always add a nice belt to further cinch your waist area.


What to wear with peg trousers
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As peg trousers can be voluminous, it will look best if we wear something fitted for the upper body to balance out our body figure.

Plus, a fitted top can always show the high waist area and thus create a flattering silhouette.

Another thing is always to pay attention to the neckline as that is the little tool to dress up or down your outfit.

I will always wear the high neck and boatneck top for the office look while wearing the off-shoulder and big V-neck for the weekend.

My favorite is the off-shoulder top.

Showing the neckline just adds a sense of femininity to the outfit and makes my face appear to be smaller as well!


What to wear with peg trousers
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White shirts and peg trousers are such a perfect combo together for two reasons.

First, as peg trousers work well causally in the workplace, they just look so harmonious with the white shirt.

You can pair the shirt with black peg shorts and a pair of loafers for a semi-formal look.

For me, I will prefer the beige shorts more as it just adds a dash of softness to the outfit.

Second, as the fabric of the shirt is so thin, it won’t add any bulk to the belly area so you can always look put together!

So, ladies, it’s time to integrate peg trousers into your working outfits!


So ladies, here are the 6 ideas if you wonder what to wear with peg trousers! Let’s have a quick recap first.

  • Embrace monochrome style with peg trousers
  • Try out different fabrics with peg trousers
  • Avoid wearing peg trousers with pleats
  • Embrace shorts for a refreshing look
  • Be attentive to the neckline when you wear peg trousers
  • Pair white shirts with peg trousers

So yes, peg trousers are the classy pants that never fail to put my figure into proportion!

Whenever I feel bloated or just want to wear comfy that day, peg trousers just help me stay effortlessly chic.

So ladies, don’t limit yourself to only skinny jeans and it’s time to welcome these new staple pants into your wardrobe!

Looking for more styling tips? Check out the other popular articles! See you there loves!

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