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*2023*What to wear to a steakhouse date?18 outfits + 1 tool!

*2023*What to wear to a steakhouse date?18 outfits + 1 tool!

Wondering what to wear to a steakhouse? You’ve come to the right place!

Unlike a random dinner date, you want to dress up for a fancy steakhouse.

You know, the jazz music, the dimly lit romantic lighting, all the grills, and steaks, you just want to look and feel the best for the fullest experience.

That said, I’ve gathered 18 steakhouse dating outfit ideas from dressy to casual.

The best part? They are as comfy as they are stylish!

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1. What to wear on a first date to a steakhouse? Peplum dress

When it comes to dinner at steakhouses, you are expecting a big meal. If you are looking for an extra tummy-forgiving dress, a peplum dress will do the trick!

What to wear on a first date to a steakhouse
Get this peplum dress on Amazon

Featuring an extra stripe of cloth gathered around the high waist area, it just fully covered your food baby, and fake an hourglass shape for you.

After all, sucking the bloated tummy for the whole dinner is a real pain.

What to wear on a first date to a steakhouse

Get this plus-size peplum dress on Amazon

2. Pay attention to the necklines

Besides the peplum dress, the skater dress will do the trick as well.

While some think they look more on the casual side, you can always pick a unique neckline to spice up the look.

This V-neck cold-shoulder dress from Ted Baker below just looks as feminine as it looks youthful.

People can really tell you’ve given thought to your look!

what to wear to a steakhouse date

If you want to make his knee weak, this off-shoulder dress from Amazon is a must-have.

Featuring the unique high-low hemline, it naturally draws eyes vertically and makes your legs appear to be longer.

Check out the Amazon review and you’ll be surprised how this dress flatters all body shapes and sizes!

what to wear to a steakhouse date

Shop this cute off-shoulder dress on Amazon

3. Nice blouse

what to wear to a steakhouse dinner
Source: 1,2

If you prefer going to a steakhouse date with dressy separates, it’s time to throw on a nice blouse that showcases your taste!

As a steakhouse is more on the high-end, classy side, a lush silk or satin blouse just goes well with everything.

Together with a sleek low bun and a structured bag, you just look expensively looking without trying too hard.

Nail it.

4. Go for paper bag pants as a comfy choice

As for pants, again, comfort is key.

Instead of choosing belly-hugging dress pants, paper bag pants are kind enough to give wiggle room for that tummy area and make you feel secure!

I bought these paper bag pants for my mum and she now wears this like a uniform. I love the cute bow-knot designs.

Check this out below!

what to wear to a steakhouse dinner

Shop paper bag pants on Amazon

5. What to wear to steakhouse dinner? Jumpsuit

Believe it or not, the jumpsuit is one of the most attractive dating outfits in men’s eyes.

Why? Because it looks cute, approachable, and sexy at the same time.

What to wear to steakhouse dinner

Shop jumpsuit on Amazon

Featuring a high waist and universally flattering off-shoulder cuts, this jumpsuit below is sure to sculpt your figure in the best possible way!

It just makes you look curvier out of nowhere!

6. Pastel hue for a feminine dating look

In the sea of LBD, wearing a pastel set is how you stand out from the crowd.

What to wear to steakhouse dinner
Source: 1,2

Think lavender, dusty pink, and taupe for a refreshing look.

According to dating science, pastel hues evoke openness and relaxation and make you appear to be soft, feminine, and likable in front of your date.

One lady has emailed me before about how to look approachable when she has a resting bitch face. Well, a darling pastel set will work wonders!

7. Finish off your look with a nice hair-do

what to wear to an steakhouse
Source: 1,2

So you’ve pinned down your outfits, well, what about your hairstyles? You are not only doing it to impress your date but to make yourself feel good and look good!

So yes ladies, it’s worth investing 5 minutes to do a simple updo or a cute ponytail. It’s all these details to show you are a refined lady!

8. Go for comfy yet aesthetic shoes for steakhouse date

There aren’t any restrictions when it comes to footwear for steakhouse dates.

After all, you’ll be sitting the whole time. So yes, feel free to dig out your most glamorous shoes!

Is there possible to find high-fashion-looking shoes on a budget?

In , I’ve discovered a new brand Charles & Keith. Their bags and shoes just hold high quality at super affordable prices! No wonder it’s all the rage in the US now. 

The best part is, that this brand was founded with a vision to empower women to express themselves freely through fashion. 

Fashion isn’t only for rich girls. That’s even better :)! Check out some of my favorites below!

what to wear to steakhouse

The off-white boots and the Perline Beaded Platform Loafers – Black

Both are now sold out, but I think they will restock it soon! 

what to wear to steakhouse

In all seriousness, who needs Jimmy Choo if I can find this Leather Gem-Embellished Stiletto Mules from Charles & Keith? 

what to wear to steakhouse

This one is to die for. Perfect pumps for a romantic date night! Check out these pink pumps here! (It got different colors and the black and white one just looks so EDGY!)

Charles & Keith has a ton of shoes from workwear to party looks, make sure you check out HERE to view all. But let me tell you, that’s a rabbit hole…

10. Wear Pheromone perfume for the steakhouse date

If you really like this guy and you want a little boost of attractiveness, definitely go for the pheromone-infused cologne.

Back to science, pheromones are the undetectable scent that our bodies nurture to invoke sexual desire from others.

Even if you are planning to have sex with him, you can spray this on to make him appear to be irresistibly attractive!

I’ve tried a ton of pheromone perfume but this PURE Instinct perfume works the BEST!

Check out those crazy stories from the reviews lol Frankly, although it’s claimed “unisex”, I do think the formula works better for ladies than guys.

what to wear to steakhouse date

Shop Pure Instinct Pheromone perfume on Amazon


So ladies, there you go the 18 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to a steakhouse date.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope that get you inspired and now let’s create your one-of-a-kind look to feel the best!

If you want more dating outfit tips, definitely read through the articles listed below.

Even though this is not your first, second, or third date, I’m sure you will find the science behind useful in the future! See you there!

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