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2023 *11 real-life outfits!* Capital grille steakhouse dress code

2023 *11 real-life outfits!* Capital grille steakhouse dress code

Wondering what to wear to Capital grille? You’ve come to the right place!

Known for its traditional steakhouse cuisine and elegant dining environment, the Capital grille has always been one of the failproof choices for all kinds of occasions.

From date night to birthday celebration to bestie catch-up, this upscale steakhouse never fails to surprise you with a nice dose of romance.

And of course, let’s not forget the very fine food and wine selection that makes you the most fulfilling (both mentally and in your tummy!)

That said, figuring out the dress code is key when it comes to a great experience.

To get you inspired, I’ve gathered 11 real-life Capital Grille guest’s outfits from Instagram along with some steakhouse pro tips.


1. Capital Grille in summer

Will the romper look too casual for Capital grille? Not at all!

For a carefree Sunday brunch, a patterned romper with block heel sandals is what you really need to look stylish and comfortable at the same time.

That said, picking the right type of rompers and jumpsuit is KEY.

Instead of going for the cotton drawstring romper that looks like something you would wear at home, pick the one with sophisticated prints and high-quality fabric to match the fancy steakhouse vibes!

2. Baddie Capital Grille outfit

This gorgeous lady is rocking her corset top like a 10/10.

That said, let’s not forget all the meat and grills can be ridiculously full. Together with two glasses of champagne down the road, your belly is bound to bloat.

I personally will avoid the bodycon dress, corset top, belt, or anything too restrictive. Trust me,  trap in a tiny dress after a big meal is one of the worst feelings.

3. One shoulder top 

Many people go to Capital Grille for birthdays and special occasions.

To make sure you look picture-perfect, picking a dress with a unique neckline always works wonders.

When it comes to one of my favorites, the one-shoulder dress screams the goddess vibes.

Featuring asymmetrical cutting, it helps draw eyes vertically and elongate your neck. The best part? It makes your face appear to be smaller too!

4. Couple steakhouse date outfits

For gentlemen, a collared shirt or polo is such a failproof.

If you want to add an extra pop of fun to the smart casual look, definitely pick the light hues (say pink or sky blue) rather than the standard white shirt!

Together with a pair of loafers, this looks just screams good taste even if you are not dressing to the T.

And for ladies, an LBD is not only the most timeless but also the most forgiving. And yes, you can wear sandals in Capital Grille as long as it looks decent!

5. Classy steakhouse look

As for having a fancy dinner in the Capital grille, people tend to pay extra effort. For gentlemen, a white blazer just looks irresistibly posh with a dash of distinctive taste.

As for another pick – the shawl neck cardigan looks so fine as well. I don’t find many men wearing them enough so you can easily stand out in this highly underrated piece!

6. Forgiving Peplum dress

Forgiving Peplum dress
Get this plus-size peplum dress on Amazon

If you are a loyal reader of ladyrefines, you will know I SWEAR by this dress. I bought it and now wear it like a uniform whenever I have a big feast (especially a steakhouse dinner date!)

It’s just too forgiving.

Featuring the extra stripe of flared fabric gathered around the waist, it just camouflages the belly perfectly.

At the same time, the fabric is stretchy yet structured enough to sculpt my figure and fake an hourglass shape.

If you want to look glam in a cute way, this fun cold-shoulder dress is your best bet.

7. One-shoulder dress

steakhouse outfit ideas ladies
Get this peplum dress on Amazon

Planning to go all-glam for your date night? This one-shoulder peplum dress just screams nothing but classy chic.

I strongly suggest you finish up the look with a dainty clutch and nice pair of heels – this is bound to make your date weak at his knees. 

Check this gorgeous dress out ♥

8. Casual jeans to Capital grille

So here’s one of the most asked questions: Can you wear jeans to Capital Grille?


However, I’d say go for the solid one and avoid the heavily distressed jeans that can appear too casual. 

For me, I love wearing a lace blouse with cream bootcut jeans – it just makes me feel so put together.

Actually, on its official website, Capital Grille has clearly stated that no gym attire, sweatpants, tank tops, and more. 

So even though someone you know may get by wearing a crop tank top, I don’t suggest you do the same.


Feel free to wear your bucket hat or cap. But when you get inside the restaurant, you better take it off to show your respect.  

Also, make sure you don’t wear clothes with any sensitive or violent messages. 

9. When in doubt, leopard prints

When it comes to an upscale dinner date in Capital Grille, gravitating towards a sassy style can never go wrong. 

To feel extra womanly, it’s time to embrace some animal prints to feel the most confident and stylish.

The only rule to bear in mind is to keep the colors of your outfit to a minimum.

If you are wearing a black and brown leopard satin dress, throwing on a black mini bag and spaghetti heels will keep your figure united and sleek.

Easy piecey!

10. Patterned pants to Capital grille

For wintertime, a high-neck top and dress pants are handy choices to go.

While we tend to wear dark hues when the days are chilly out there, that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun with the look.

Instead of going for solid hue pants, get experimental with all kinds of patterns. 

One of my favorites is houndstooth, this classy print just vibes with the upscale steakhouse atmosphere.

11. Nice hairstyle for a steakhouse date

For many of us, having dinner in Capital Grille is one of the “splurges once in a while” time.

To make the most out of it, I’d say invest a good 10 minutes for a nice hair up-do to make this night extra special. 

From a simple hair blow to a fancy hair-updo, they are all so worth it when you look back at the photos. 


So there you go – the 11 outfit ideas and dress code if you are wondering what to wear to Capital Grille or other well-known steakhouses. 

What are your thoughts on that? I hope these tips help you settle on the right outfit! 

At the end of the day, don’t be over-stressed about the dress code – it’s the quality dining time with your lovers, friends, and family that truly matters! 

Of course, how can we forget good meat? As the saying goes “True love is rare, like a good steak!”

Looking for more steakhouse dress codes and outfit ideas? Check out my other popular articles below! See you there loves!

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