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*2023* 12 real-life looks to Fogo de Chao steakhouse! (+ what not)

*2023* 12 real-life looks to Fogo de Chao steakhouse! (+ what not)

Wondering what to wear to Fogo de Chao steakhouse? You’ve come to the right place!

Known as one of the famous Brazilian steakhouses, the dining experience here is just another level.

Despite its flavourful traditional cuisine, the waiters will serve the barbecue meat from skewers directly to your plates.

Love the vibes.

Dining in a steakhouse seems fancy but Fogo de Chao doesn’t really have a strict dress code. While it’s advised to go for business casual, you can see a mix of crowds from casual tee-shirts to Sunday best.

Ahead, I’ve gathered 12 real-life guest outfit ideas from Instagram along with some tips.


1. What to wear to Fogo de Chao for date night?

Known as a sought-after venue in the city, Fogo de Chao steakhouse is perfect for both friend gatherings and romantic dates.

So ladies, feel free to dress up in a nice dress and nice pumps for the night, you’re bound to feel the best!


While the white dress is so aesthetic, that can be a risky choice for a steakhouse date. After all, the barbecue meat and dishes are full of sauces.

If you really want to go for white, avoid the expensive designer dress that can be dry-cleaned as a safe bet.

2. What to wear to Fogo de Chao guys

For gentlemen, you can literally wear anything from a full suit to a polo shirt. The combo is endless.

For a casual Sunday brunch, a collared shirt and khaki shorts are failproof.

Together with tennis sneakers or loafers, this get-up just looks as comfy as it looks decent.

3. Fogo de Chao dress code

With its bright and contemporary feel, a lovely sundress and straw hat can never go wrong.

Or else, throw on some pastel shades as a mood booster!

4. Dress up the look with a blazer dress

Looking for a stylish boss lady kind of look for a steakhouse date? A sleek blazer dress just works wonders for you. 

To finish off the look on a dressier end, throw on the hoop earrings and a nice clutch to feel extra polished.

5. What to NOT wear to Fogo de Chao?

What to NOT wear to Fogo de Chao
Source: 1,2

Fogo de Chao is known for its attentive staff.

Don’t be surprised because they do keep the meats and drinks flowing!

Even if you eat NOTHING the whole day before the feast, I can guarantee you will feel incredibly full with a bloated tummy after a good 2 hours. 

That said, I don’t really recommend you wear a tight bodycon dress or anything restrictive.

Go for something tummy-forgiving to feel the most carefree.


Don’t wear a corset top to the steakhouse. Definitely a disastrous combo.

6. Belly-forgiving dress for steakhouse date

If you want to fake an hourglass shape, a peplum dress is godsend. 

Featuring the extra stripe of fabric to hide your tummy, it just makes you feel secure throughout the dinner and elevates your dining experience in an instant.

what to wear to steakhouse date

I love this ribbon peplum dress on Amazon, it’s irresistibly feminine and sexy at the same time. Whether you wear this for a fine dining date or a party, you will look like a bombshell.

Check out the try-on photos on Amazon below ♥♥♥

If you are feeling extra flirty, this cold shoulder peplum dress is such a HIT! Check them out!

7. What to wear to Fogo de Chao bar

A loose-fit shirt dress and sheer black tights just make you look stylish with minimal effort.

When in doubt, go black and white.

8. What to wear to Fogo de Chao happy hour

If you are going to Fogo de Chao for happy hours and some snacks, you can get away with a cute crop top and jeans.

Together with a wide beam hat, it just screams the chill vacay vibes to the fullest.


9. What to wear to steakhouse petite

For petite girls, this high-low dress is for you.

What to wear to steakhouse petite

Featuring the unique high-low hemline, it naturally draws eyes vertically and makes your legs appear to be longer.

Check out the Amazon review and you’ll be surprised how this dress flatter all body shapes and sizes!

10. Baddie style

If one piece is not your cup of tea, here’s the sweet mash-up for you: Beret cap, High neck top, mini skirt, and pointy ankle boots that show others you’ve given a thought to your style!

11. What to wear to Fogo de Chao casually

If you are going to a steakhouse with your family, you don’t really have to stress about what to wear. 

Go casual with a checkered shirt or a comfy dress and you’ll never feel anything missing from your look.

12. Dress whatever you want!

Last but not least, have fun and dress like party boys and girls! 

Fogo de Chao has always been a popular party venue and you can certainly throw on some bold hues and fun patterns for the night.


So there you go people! The 12 outfits and tips if you wonder what to wear to Fogo de Chao Brazilian steakhouse.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope that gets you inspired and now it’s time to pin down the look.

I will suggest you go there with an empty tummy as there’s nothing called “Too much meat”!

Looking for more styling tips? Check out the other popular articles! See you there loves!

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