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*2024* How to wear a baseball cap! 23 cute looks + 1 video!

*2024* How to wear a baseball cap!  23 cute looks + 1 video!

When it comes to the most-worn hat during casual days, a baseball cap definitely stays top on the list. 

For a relaxing weekend style, throw yourself a baseball cap that can instantly dress down your look with a sense of effortlessness.

And ladies, let’s not forget ball caps are the life-saver to keep us looking put together during the bad hair days!

But here’s the thing, there’s a difference between wearing a cap just to hide the bad hair instead of styling a cap to spice up the look!

That said, there are certainly some magic tips and tricks to level up your baseball cap game! (Tip 9 is a huge one!)

Ahead, I’ve gathered the 9 tips (+ what to avoid) if you wonder how to wear a baseball cap.

Stay tuned for the video inspo!

Enjoy my loves!


If you want to look stylish in the simplest ensemble, guess what, throw yourself a plain baseball cap is such a fail-proof way to spice up your look.

how to wear a baseball cap women
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If you just get your feet wet by wearing caps, a simple V-neck tee and skinny jeans are more than enough.

Complete your look with a pair of loafers or sneakers, this is how you deliver functionality and style for the go-to-errands day.

Well, looking casual doesn’t mean looking laid-back!

what to wear baseball cap plus size
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And if you are feeling extra fancy in a ball cap, go for the hoop earrings as a statement piece!

sporty and rich baseball cap Etsy

Need I say more? This “Sporty & Rich” baseball cap from Etsy just screams the fun vibes.


If you think a baseball cap and a pleated skirt won’t work together, well, think again!

how to wear a baseball cap girl
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For a schoolgirl style, pairing a ribbon shirt with a pleated checkered skirt is always darling.

While you can pair the Mary Jane shoes with socks, you can always team the outfit with combat boots or Converse for a modern twist.

baseball cap outfit with pleated skirt
Source: Pinterest

While some girls may think the schoolgirl style can look slightly too preppy or youthful to wear, adding a casual cap can instantly balance out the style connotation and add some modern twist to the look instead.

If you want to dress down, swipe your shirt over a baggy sweater for a street-style look!

buy me a birken cap Etsy

I’d buy my bestie this “Buy me a Birken” cap. It’s just so good.


Can you look soft in a baseball cap? Absolutely!

how to wear a baseball cap girl
Source: 1,2,3

While a body-hugging beige bodycon dress can look too feminine or dressy for daily wear, you can always dress down the look with a baseball cap and a pair of chunky sneakers.

how to dress baseball cap dress
Source: Refinery29

With their versatility, the baseball caps just work great in all kinds of dresses.

Whether that’s a smock dress or denim pinafore, it just makes you look more outdoorsy and chill.

grey bodycon dress with baseball cap
Source: Mystyledlife

To maximize the effect, you can pair the cap in contrasting colors with your outfit.

For example, if you are wearing all-white that day, your navy blue cap can easily become the highlight of your look.

introvert baseball cap
“You’re too close” cap for introvert queens out there. Love.

Definitely, a cap you wanna wear when you want to keep a distance.

Thanks me later.


As one of the most-worn styles of all time, of course, we have to incorporate baseball caps in high street style for a one-of-a-kind look.

how to wear a baseball cap girl
Source: 1,2,3

For a beginner way, pair the oversized sweater dress with ankle shoes and sneakers can never go wrong. It just looks chill, sexy, and cute.

And for the girls who don’t love the slouchy silhouette, you can wear a baggy top with a high waist A-line dress to accentuate your waist area.

Complete your outfit with a pair of black thigh-high boots, this outfit is sure to turn heads.

high street outfit with baseball cap
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Need I say more? This green and black high street look just screams “I’ve got a style and I ROCK it”.


I’m not going to lie, as a petite girl, a long coat is never my thing.

how to wear a baseball cap girl
Source: 1,2,3

But I must say pairing a cap with structured outerwear is such a brilliant combo to look high fashion and cool.

During the cold days, we just can’t avoid looking baggy in some sort of way.

When it comes to the long coat, no matter how tall are you, it just alludes to a sense of heaviness that drags you down.

BLAZER with baseball cap outfit
Source: Pinterest

This is why a baseball cap comes in handy because not only does it visually elongate your figure, but it also brightens up the look and adds a touch of fun.


The monochrome style is my perennial favorite all the time.

how to wear a baseball cap girl
Source: 1,2,3

If you don’t have time to craft your outfit, just throw yourself monochrome tops and bottoms and now you can fake people you’ve to give a thought to your look!

With the color unity, it just naturally makes you look taller and slimmer.

To achieve a cool-girl style, black monochrome is always the winning option.

But if you want to look refreshing, white or cream outfits are always lovely to go for.

white monochrome outfit

If you want wearing all white is not your thing, play creatively by layering different kinds of hues like plain white, cream, ivory, and more for a tasteful look.

Plus, white outfits are such a perfect canvas if you want to put your leopard print flats in the spotlight!

If you wonder how to pull animal prints in the most elegant way, copy this look!

black monotone with baseball cap
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I know the truth is brutal but girls, hear me out.

how to wear a baseball cap girl
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It takes me a long time to realize wearing a cap doesn’t mean people can’t tell I have a bad hair day.

With greasy hair, even if you can get away with the top of your hair, the side of your hair is still flat and that makes your face look bigger.

That said, you can always curl your hair or tie a high ponytail to make yourself look more refreshed.

Baseball cap cute hairstyle look
Source: Pinterest

For me, I will always do the low bun with a cap, and turns out it looks really nice!

Try it out, ladies. After all, little details always play a major role, and people can tell.

Looking for a cute hat? I hope you’re obsessed with this little ghost cap like me!

ghost baseball cap amazon


No matter how small your face is, this is just not a good idea to pair the cap with a high-neck top.

how to wear a baseball cap girl
Source: 1,2

As wearing the cap already covers our forehand and makes our face look rounder, you want to show your neck and shoulder line to balance things out.

Otherwise, that can make you look chubby even if you are toned as hell.

Instead of a round neck, go for the deep V-neck or even an off-shoulder top if you want to maximize the effect!

Click the shop link ONLY if you’re the goal-setter! Enjoy!!


This tip is not for the cool girl style as lowering the cap can look ultra-chic if you want to look edgy.

how to wear a baseball cap girl
Source: 1

However, if you want your face to appear smaller, try to upper the cap slightly.

With this tiny change, not only do you look sharper but it also contours your face greatly.

You may not notice the difference when you look in the mirror but I can guarantee you that’s a big difference in photos!

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Work out because I love my body – not because I hate it.

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Alright, now keep on reading!

10. Chic way to rock a baseball cap

I’ve come across a gorgeous lady who rocks the cap in the best possible way.

Check this out!

Need I say more? a tube top and blazer are such an IT girl combo.

By the way, I’ve finally started my Instagram this year! If you want to follow more styling tips and feminine fashion ideas, follow my ig down below! 💖💖💖 See you there pretty!

Looking for some cute baseball nail inspo? Check out these 20 ideas down below!


So girls, here are the 9 tips & 23 outfits if you wonder how to wear a baseball cap in a stylish way!

Let’s have a quick recap just in case you want one:

  • Wear a baseball cap with a shirt and denim for a summer look
  • Pair a baseball cap with a pleated skirt for a schoolgirl look
  • Team the baseball cap with a one-piece dress for a feminine style
  • Embrace the high street look with a baseball cap
  • Wear a ball cap for a slouchy high-fashion look
  • Wear a baseball cap in a monochrome style
  • Style your hair even wear a cap
  • Avoid high-neck top when wearing a base cap
  • Don’t overly lower your ball cap

By the way, if you want more outfit ideas, check out the list below!

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