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What to wear to the graduation ceremony as parents? 18 real outfits!

What to wear to the graduation ceremony as parents? <em>18 real outfits!</em>

Wondering what to wear to a graduation ceremony as parents? You’ve come to the right place!

As a long-awaited milestone for both you and your kids, I’m sure you are probably as excited (if not more) than him or her.

Time flies, your once-baby child has now grown into an independent young adult and is ready to face the world.

And that’s the beautiful moment you know you’ve done your part and now it’s time to see them blossom.

On this special day, you definitely want to dress up to attend the graduation ceremony.

Ahead, I’ve gathered 18 outfit ideas from simple classic to vibrant prints.

No matter which age group you’re in, I’m sure you will find your favorite style. Oh, and I also have a trick to look expensive at the end of the article.


1. What to wear to the graduation ceremony as parents?

what to wear to graduation ceremony as parents
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Besides the LBD, a blazer is another piece to make you look instantly well-groomed.

For dads, a well-fitted full suit is always appropriate. Don’t worry this is totally NOT overdressed!

To add in some dimensions to the getup, make sure to layer the light shade top with a dark blazer (or vice versa).

My all-time favorite combo is teaming a black jumpsuit with a rosy pink blazer – sophisticated yet stylish.

2. Come up with a dress code for a graduation ceremony

Want to take the best graduation family pictures? Well, let’s come up with a simple dress code – say wearing the same hue together!

For the hot days, gentlemen can go for the collared shirt, chino shorts, and moccasin shoes for a comfy yet decent look.

Below, I will touch on more on the mother outfits as there are always more outfit choices for ladies!

3. What to wear to a graduation ceremony as a mom? LBD is a failproof

If you want to look well put together with minimal effort, you just can’t go wrong with a classic LBD.

For a timeless look, finish it up with a dainty clutch and nude pumps that just look effortlessly elegant.

But here’s the thing, while LBD is such a timeless piece, some of them can look quite plain.

If you want to jazz up the look, I highly recommend this one-shoulder dress from Amazon.

By showcasing the feminine shoulder line, just freshen up the look and add a dash of style. The best part? The fabric is stretchy and hugs the curves perfectly. LOVE.

4. What to wear to outdoor college graduation? Vibrant hues

What to wear to outdoor college graduation

Some parents are wondering what to wear to outdoor college graduation. Well, I’d say gravitate toward the vibrant hues!

On this big day, you just can’t go wrong with celebratory hues like royal blue, purple, and more – they are legit mood boosters and look great on this joyous day!

Another reason is your kid’s high chance will be wearing the black gown, wearing something colorful can instantly balance things up.

Trust me, your family graduation shoot just can’t be any more perfect.

5. Wear a midi dress to the graduation ceremony as mother

what to wear to graduation ceremony parents

Of course, a midi skirt has always been the popular graduation outfit for mothers.

While midi length is universally forgiving for us, it will look even better when you add in the belt and cinch in the waist.

This detail alone will make the dress look formal tenfolds.

Depending on the formality, you have a wide range of choices from ballet flats, chunky low heels to elegant espadrilles wedges.

6. Bring on the patterns on graduation day

what to wear to graduation mother

Yes mama! Bring on the patterns!

I mean, who set the rules that you should only wear plain and simple after 40?

Don’t know about you but to me, attending my kid’s graduation ceremony is one of the best excuses to get dressed up.

As the saying goes “There’s no such thing as being too floral”, well, I tend to disagree.

To achieve a perfect balance, pair up your floral dress with a solid top so you’ll never feel too over the top.

Need more inspo? Here’s the sweet mash-up below: Stripe black top, orange pencil skirt, and tasteful T-bar sandals.

Looking like a 10/10 sis.

( ´ ▽ ` )ノ MY JAN PICKS !! ʕ•̬͡•ʔ

(continue scrolling for the article!)

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7. Go casual with a blouse and dress pants for graduation

what to wear to graduation casually
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Not a fan of dress? No problem. You can always look classy in separates!

Think of a billowy blouse and flared dress pants that look as comfy as it looks polished.

For the girls who are insecure about the tummy area, I got ya. The peplum top is the best pick – they are the lifesaver for the big dinner.

8. Add extra glam with a long necklace

So you’ve pinned down the outfits, it’s time for accessories.

To add that extra glam to the graduation ceremony, dig out your earrings and necklaces to feel the best.

If you are wearing simple outfits, consider adding in the long-line necklace to finish the look on a dressier end. They are dainty yet polished.

The best part? The long-line necklace can draw eyes vertically and make your face look smaller and slimmer – which is great for taking family graduation photoshoots.

For an affordable choice, check out these best-sellers from Amazon. It takes me a ton of time to filter out the low quality, hope you find these helpful.

If you want a non-cliche long necklace, this black rose one just can’t go wrong.

9. Neck scarf for versatile style

what to wear to graduation ceremony mother
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Last but not least, here’s my little trick to look expensive-looking with my Zara clothes on.

Yes, you guessed it – neck scarf. Many ladies overlook this but guess what, it works like a charm.

These days, people always go for earrings, bracelets, and necklaces to finish up the look.

In other words, if you tie a neck scarf, you just gain a sense of exclusivity and are set apart from others.

As a result, you just look polished and expensive-looking effortlessly.

Try this little tip and I’m sure you will love it!


So there you go – 18 outfits ideas if you wonder what to wear to a graduation ceremony as parents.

What do you think about these tips? I hope you’ll find this useful!

All you need is to pin down the outfit that makes you feel the best and enjoy the graduation ceremony.

This is not only your kid’s big day but also yours! After all, parenthood is no easy feat and you should be proud!♡

If you are looking for more outfit ideas & tips, feel free to check out the lists below!

See you there gorgeous!

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