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*18 looks* What should my mom & adults wear to my sweet 16 ?

*18 looks* What should my mom & adults wear to my sweet 16 ?

Wondering what should your mom wear to your sweet 16 parties? You’ve come to the right place! 

First thing first, congrats on stepping into your adulthood my young ladies!

You know, getting your first part-time job, applying for a driver’s license… these are all little moments that mean a lot to you.

It’s a magical time for you to taste freedom and explore the world.

As a no-brainer, sweet 16 is kind of a big deal.

Not only for you as the spotlight of the party but also for your dear mom, who plans and schedules the whole thing for months just to surprise her own daughter.

So this begs you the question: What should my mom wear to a sweet 16 party?

Ahead, I’ve gathered 18 sweet sixteen dress outfit ideas from elegant dresses to minimalist style jumpsuits together with some extra tips.

I’m sure you and your mom will find these useful!

Enjoy gorgeous!

1. Get the style coordinated for the sweet 16 party

Besides you, the darling princess, your mom has a high presence at your sweet 16 parties so it’s extra important to ensure your and your mum’s outfits are actually in a similar style.

From the daughter-mother dance to the sweet 16 family portrait, you guys will take a ton of photos together so it’s so worth it to make sure both of you look well put together.

For example, if you are wearing a fancy all-over glitter dress, it will be nice if your mom wears a dress with a lowkey glitter trim around the neckline and sleeve.

But here’s the reminder: No matter how you style, make sure your mom’s dress will never outshine you.

2. What to wear to a casual sweet 16 party?

Sweet 16 outfits come in all kinds of styles and there are a ton of choices other than the traditional prom dress.

For the girls who prefer a cool, minimalist kind of style, I’d say gravitate towards it.

You can wear your favorite black dress with a pair of red wedge sandals as an extra pop of fun.

Accordingly, it will be nice if your mom wears a similar shade of hue so you guys look matchy together.

And speaking of the simple yet flattering style, this one-shoulder midi dress is the perfect mom dress to join the sweet 16 parties.

Featuring the feminine one-shoulder cut, it’s feminine but not too sexy.

Together with the stretchy fabric and high waist cut, this dress is here to sculpt your body shape for you.

simple sweet 16 party dress for mother

Shop this dress on Amazon

Together with a dainty clutch and nude chunky heels, your mom will look effortlessly elegant with minimal effort.

3. When in doubt, match the hue

Of course, matching the hue as a family for the sweet 16 parties is always a popular choice of all time.

If you are wearing a lavender prom dress, your mother can wear a darker shade of purple to seal the deal.

The trick here is wearing a different hue of the same shade so it won’t look too matchy-matchy.

And guess what, your dad can wear a purple bow tie too.

Just can’t be any cuter.

For a semi-formal sweet 16 party, this off-shoulder midi dress will never disappoint you (and your mom).

Featuring the unique high-low hemline, it draws eyes vertically and makes the legs appear to be slimmer.

If your mom is petite and wants to look taller, this dress is a 10/10. Check this out!

what to wear to sweet 16 party mother

Shop this lace dress on Amazon

It got 20+ colors and patterns. LOVEEE

4. Go extra forgiving in a peplum dress

For the moms who are insecure about the tummy area, I heard you too!

That said if you haven’t tried the peplum dress, your daughter’s sweet 16 party is the perfect opportunity to get one.

With the extra stripe of fabric around the waist area, it can completely hide your belly in the most perfect way and fake an hourglass figure for you.

So yes, forget the old times when you have to suck the belly and wear the shapewear and feel like suffocated at dinner.

To fully enjoy the sweet 16 parties, comfort is KEY.

So below are my two handpicks from Amazon.

I filtered out a ton of dresses and I’m sure these two are flattering with high-quality fabric. Check out more from the reviews!

what to wear to a semi formal sweet 16 party mother

Shop this vintage peplum dress on Amazon

A true-to-size classy dress with a dash of 1940s vintage flare. Shut up and take my money.

what to wear to a semi formal sweet 16 party mother

A super stretchy peplum dress for my plus-size ladies ♡

5. What do adults wear to a sweet 16 party? Jumpsuit

Your mom is not fond of dresses? Well, let’s not forget jumpsuits can be formal and flattering as well.

After all, what really matters is to pick the outfits that your mum feels the best in.

what do adults wear to a sweet 16 party
Source: 1,2

Instead of the loose-cutting jumpsuit, go for the one with self-tie and fit-cutting.

I personally prefer the flared pants – it just looks so classy and sophisticated with heels.

Side note, if your mom prefers the all-black style, definitely dress up the look with a long necklace.

It just boosts the aesthetics of tenfolds.

6. Look well put together in a silk blouse

Another failproof choice of mom – a dressy blouse. If our sweet 16 party is more formal (the grand one in the ballroom) or semi-formal.

A lush satin or silk blouse with dress pants is gonna be failproof.

what should my mom wear to my sweet 16
Source: 1,2

Whether you team it with dress pants or a midi pleated skirt, it’s equally womanly and polished.

7. Wear a shawl for the mother-daughter dance

what should my mom wear to my sweet 16

I see many mothers wear shawls when they are dancing with their daughters and I must say this is such a wise pick.

Not only does it adds an extra layer of warmth to the look, it just jazzes up the get-up.

Many mothers prefer wearing a timeless LBD and throwing on a sparkly shawl just brightens up the whole outfit and lets others think you’ve given a thought to your style.

8. What shoes to wear to sweet sixteen parties for mom?

Last but not least, the shoes. If your mom is 45 +, high chance she values a lot in comfort.

Instead of stilettos, I’d say go for the glittery low chunky heels that she can walk and dance with all day long.

I’ve bought the rose gold pairs from Amazon myself and I must say they are even more comfortable than my ballet flats.

I know, it’s insane.

What shoes to wear to sweet sixteen party for mom

Shop this on sparkly heels on Amazon


So there you go girls, the 18 outfit ideas if you wondering “what should my mom wear to my sweet 16?”

I hope these inspo get you inspired! If you think your mum will find this article useful, forward it to her – I’m sure she will be appreciated that!

And for the girls who still haven’t pinned down your sweet 16 party dress, go check out the article below!

I’ve included all possible choices from smoking hot to fancy.

See you there gorgeous!

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