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How to dress up yoga pants for work? 20 outfits & tips!

How to dress up yoga pants for work? 20 outfits & tips!

Time has changed. When it comes to yoga pants, it’s definitely not only for yoga time.

If you are wondering can you wear these comfy pairs for work, my answer is a big fat YES!

But before getting into all the styling ideas, let’s figure out the difference between yoga pants and leggings first.

The most noticeable difference between them is the design – While leggings are always skin-tight, yoga pants come in a wide range of forms like flared pants, wide-leg pants, and body-hugging ones.

With their versatility, yoga pants are doubtlessly the winning option for casual workwear.

So ladies, here are the 6 foolproof ideas if you wonder how to dress up yoga pants for work, enjoy!


how to dress up yoga pants for work
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Among all types of yoga pants, the flared design is always flattering for an elegant workplace style.

While the ordinary skin-tight pants may look like regular leggings, the flared pants can create a billowy silhouette and help subdue the casualness.

As a petite girl, I just never get sick of wearing these pants as the flare bottoms can always help elongate my legs visually.

With a pair of pointy flats or heels, you can look at least 3 inches taller!

To finish off the outfit, a high neck top like a turtleneck is always a winning option to allude to a professional atmosphere. As for a feminine yet refreshing look, a satin cowl neck top is such a no-brainer.

Pair with the flared yoga pants, this look can balance out the laid-back assemble of the pants and make you look more put together!

If you just get your feet wet in yoga pants, I will urge you to try the flared one first as people can’t even tell that’s a yoga pant in most cases!


How to dress up yoga pants for work
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If you think flared pants are too dressy for you, wide-leg yoga pants can be a handy choice.

Compare to the fit cutting and flare design, wide-leg pants are a relatively new design in the yoga pants department and I am truly grateful for that!

With these pants, even if my belly was bloated or full of food baby during lunch, I can still sit at my desk without any discomfort!

And again, with its modern design and texture, most people can’t tell it’s a yoga pant at all.

The best thing of all is, after work, you can change your shirt into a crop top and you are good to go for the pilates class! Smooth and easy!

So yes, the days when you have to bring a bulky gym bag to the office have passed!

It’s time to get the most out of these versatile yoga pants!


How to dress up yoga pants for work

Now, let’s talk about the top. That can be tricky but at the same time, the combination can be endless!

While you can’t wear everything short like a cropped T-shirt, classic tops like peplum tops belted tops, and long shirts work wonders with the yoga pants.

With their long length, these tops can hide the waistband of the yoga pants and make them a classy piece.

Plus, these tops are figure-flattering.

Not only does it accentuate your high waist, but the fabric can also hide your belly seamlessly.

With a pair of knee-high boots or a pair of nude heels, this is how you create a comfy look with a contemporary spin!

As a side note, if you want to look more dressed up, please don’t forget to wear a waist belt!


How to dress up yoga pants for work
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Despite a decent top, you can always level up your outfit by adding items here or there.

When it comes to statement pieces, we always think about pricy jewelry.

However, other items like belt, neck scarf, and bag count as well.

If you switch the sloppy crossbody bag to a structured handle bag, that can instantly change the vibes you carry!

So ladies, it’s always worth being intentional about every item you throw on your body as people can actually tell from all the details.

They may not tell you but they certainly know.

Despite bags, you can add an elegant neck scarf or cape for a graceful working look during autumn.

And for the ultimate girl boss flair, just throw on a nice blazer to slay the look!


How to dress up yoga pants for work
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If you follow the above four rules but still do not feel right to style the yoga pants, the problem can be the pant themselves.

After all, not all pants can be a good fit for workwear.

For the fabric that can be too thin and stretchy like the textured butt-enhancing pants these days, people can tell you are wearing sportswear for sure.

For a fail-proof working outfit, I will always opt for the yoga pants in plain color one with less design.

These days, I realised there are velvet yoga pants in the market and all I know is I need it next winter!

With the luxurious soft touch, you can team it with a chunky high-neck sweater and look effortlessly classy on a budget!


How to dress up yoga pants for work
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To integrate yoga pants into office wear seamlessly, style them in monochrome will never disappoint you.

With a similar shade of colors, your body will elongate visually and make you appear to be taller and slimmer.

Whether you are wearing all white or black, it just works wonders with every color.

If you are in a rush during the morning, pairing your outfit with tone-on-tone can always save you 10 minutes of struggling between clothes!

Me, I personally love the beige monochrome look. It’s soft, it’s high fashion and it’s sophisticated.

Pair a cream sweater with beige yoga pants, that’s such darling workwear for a daily look!


So ladies, here are the 6 ideas if you wonder how to dress up yoga pants for work! Let’s have a quick recap first.

  • Wear flared yoga pants for an elegant graceful look
  • Wear wide-leg pants for formal occasions
  • Wear a top that can hide the waistband of the yoga pants
  • Spice up your yoga pants look with accessories
  • Be intentional about the yoga pants’ texture
  • Wear yoga pants in a monochrome style

I hope these 6 tips are actionable for you to try out those yoga pants as they are surprisingly versatile!

If you style strategically, the combination can be truly endless.

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