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*2023* 15 outfits to wear on the first day of work! Peplum dress + more

*2023* 15 outfits to wear on the first day of work! Peplum dress + more

Are you wondering what to wear for the first day of work? Ladies, I’ve got you covered.

From entering an unknown environment to delivering an elevator pitch to getting to know your team, let’s be honest – the first day of work can be nerve-wracking.

To stop nerves on your first day, you definitely want to put your best foot forward and pick the right outfit.

After all – You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

Ahead, I’ve gathered 15 first-day-of-work outfit ideas – from business formal to business casual along with some styling forgiving tips.

I’m sure you’ll find them useful, enjoy!

Before getting started, let’s have a quick scan of the dress code so you can dress accordingly!

Formal Business:

  • A neutral colored two pieces suit (Think black, navy blue, brown)
  • A nice suit with a blouse underneath
  • For a skirt suit, make sure your skirt is knee-length

Casual Business:

  • No need to dress up in a full suit but a nice cardigan is always preferred (Depending on the situation)
  • For ladies, both fitted dress pants and skirts can be an option

When in doubt, ask HR or observe what the colleagues wear to get a grasp of the idea!

If you really have no idea, it’s best to overdress than underdress.

Pin this article for later! These outfit inspo aren’t only for the first day of work but literally every day!

1. The blouse + dress pants combo

If your company doesn’t require a formal dress code, well, a nice blouse and dress pants are always a no-brainer to survive your first day!

As we all know, color affects the way people feel.

If you want to appear as approachable and warm as your first impression, dusty pink pants will be perfect!

what to wear first day of work
Source: colorandchic

This pastel workwear just looks as professional as it looks aesthetic.

By wearing the pants and heels in the same shade, your legs will be visually elongated!


It’s better to wear pointy shoes than round-toe shoes – the pointy ones always look sharper for the workplace for a smart image.

A white ribbon blouse and fitted dress pants can never go wrong.

Of course, the straw bag here is not ideal – switch it to a structured handbag!

amazon dress pants

Get these comfy work pants on Amazon

Made of high-quality 4-way stretch ponte fabric, you can look professional on the first day while performing the hardest yoga postures at lunch in these pants.

Just kidding, don’t do that – no drama on the first day!

2. Pleated midi skirt for the first day of work

Another business casual look – an elegant pleated dress if you embrace a feminine workplace look!

black woman what to wear first day of work
Source: Pinterest

To play safe, it’s better to go for the fitted blazer rather than the oh-so-chic oversized one – not today sis!

3. A white blazer is a refreshing choice

Depending on your company’s dress code, a white blazer can be one of the best choices!

White blazer first day of work
Follow @loverlygrey on LTK!

If you don’t want to look too rigid, switch your black blazer to white – it just freshens things up!

4. The best length for a midi pleated skirt

Since a pleated skirt tends to exaggerate the figure a little bit, wearing it at the RIGHT length is key.

what to wear first day of work office

Get this darling pleated skirt on Amazon

To look the best in a pleated skirt, wear it below the knee (but not exactly knee length) so your legs look the most flattering!

5. Winter first day of work office look

Winter first day of work office look
Source: Pinterest

When the days are chilly, this black turtleneck + blazer + midi skirt look is so on point.

To add the right accent, the belt is here to make you look even more put together!


To extend your legs, match the blazer and shoes in the same color so your figure can be visually extended from head to toe.

6. When in doubt, peplum dress

I guess we all know how important it is to look the most confident on the first day of work.

Well, that said, a peplum dress is your lifesaver!

peplum dress first day of work

Shop this peplum dress (with 6 colors) on Amazon

Featuring the peplum, it just covers the belly area perfectly and accentuates the waist by comparison.

I am also loving the neckline – it’s unique yet decent.

Just perfect in every way.

plus size first day of work outfit

Get this plus-size peplum dress on Amazon

For my plus-size babes, this is another one.

Whether for the first day of work or a company cocktail event, this dress is such a perfect choice of all time.

7. Go for the solids on the first day of work

I get it, you are the fashionista at heart – so am I!

But when it comes to the first day of work, it’s best to avoid all the distracting patterns like striped or big prints.

what not to wear first day of work
Source: Pinterest

While that is not your attention, it can seem attention-seeking to some of the people.

To play safe, go for the solids!

You can definitely have fun with colors but it’s best to play safe with muted shades – instead of going for the Barbie pink, baby pink is a better choice.

8. Avoid the checkered pants

More examples of not what to wear on the first day of work.

first day of work winter
Source: Dani Thom

This is a chic workwear look but again, take a second thought about the pants ladies!

9. Collared shirt x dress

If you haven’t thought of this combo, well, now you know!

first day of work outfit black women
Source: Pinterest

A collared shirt and pencil dress just bring a dash of preppiness to your style.

first day of work outfit black women
Source: Pinterest

To spice things up, a pair of red heels is here to brighten up the black-and-white look!

10. Satin top and dress

Besides the classic blouse, let’s not forget a satin or silk top works wonders as well.

first day of work outfit plus size satin top
Source: Pinterest

It’s elegant yet incredibly comfy to wear.

Whether you team it with a pencil skirt or high-waist dress pants – it’s effortlessly appropriate.


When it comes to neckline, I always prefer a boat neckline over a plain round neck – the former one just looks more elegant and sophisticated.

11. First day of work outfit plus size look

Or else, you can layer your satin dress with a blazer – equally flattering and professional!

First day of work outfit plus size
Source: Pinterest

I love how this lady matches the belt and the dress in the same hue – it just tells others you’ve given thought to your workwear!

12. Vest suit for a stylish office look

These days, I’m seeing more and more ladies wearing the double-breasted vest suit to work and I’m loving this trend!

first day of work office
Source: Pinterest

I can imagine how well it goes with high heels and loafers. It somehow exudes a sense of confidence.

If you are working for startups or any companies that have a relaxed dress code, this look is definitely worth the try!

13. Turtleneck x vest suit

Who said workwear has to be boring?

first day of work office plus size
Source: Pinterest

This combo is so on point.

Of course, you want to swap the clear heels for the close-toe heels for the first day of work!

14. Stay classy in beige

The beauty of beige lies in its simplicity and neutrality.

beige workwear outfit first day
Source: Pinterest

You just can’t go wrong.

15. Two shades of brown

Not a fan of a monotone look? Well, consider matching two shades of brown for a twist of style!

To avoid looking top-heavy, always wear darker shades for the bottom.


So there you go – the 15 outfits if you are wondering what to wear on the first day of work.

What do you think about these outfit ideas? I hope that gets you inspired and realize that workwear doesn’t have to be boring as well!

Looking for more workwear outfit ideas? Check out my popular articles below.

See you there loves!

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