*14 real-life looks!* Cheshire cat inspired outfit (Casual + costumes!)

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For the Alice in wonderland fans out there, what’s your favourite quote from the movie? Mine is actually the one from Cheshire Cat.
“We’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”
So on point about life.
Unlike other sweet and darling Disney character, Cheshire Cat is mysterious, full of wit and dark humour but at the same time, surprisingly kind at the bottom of the heart.

Symbolise the guiding spirit of Alice, Cheshire Cat has the iconic pink-and-purple stripes with an unusual grin.

In this article, I've gathered 14 real-life Cheshire cat inspired outfits from casual, modern to costumey. Whether you are the Disneybound fans or theme parties lover, you're bound to enjoy!

1. Pink Cheshire cat inspired outfit

To bring out the mischievousness of the Cheshire Cat, I’d say embrace the bright colours and patterns for the best vibes.When in doubt, think of a cropped purple hoodie, flamboyant pink pleated skirt and statement striped thigh-high socks that scream nothing but full of attitude.To finish off the look on the casual end, a pair of vans or converse just work wonders.

I get it sis, striped socks can be unforgiving to wear but there’s always a way to fix it.To minimise the exaggerating effect, definitely go for the thin striped socks. The wider the stripe, the more colour blocks are created on the body and make you look bigger.

2. Disneybound Cheshire cat outfit

Regardless of your age, every day can be the Cheshire Cat day. For a cute Disney bound look, spice up your pink-and-purple top with an iconic Mickey ears headband, a cute bag from a souvenir shop and Viola - you are back to carefree 12 years old again!

3. Alice in the wonderland inspired dress

cheshire cat inspired outfit
Need I say more? If happiness can only be pinned to one dress, this printed dress has to be the one.
Another big plus? This dress is not too cartoony and you can wear it for all different occasions from theme park date to casual weekend.
Check the dress out!

4. Pink Cheshire cat outfit

To make your Disneyland trip extra memorable, be the most flamboyant mystery cat in the park! If you want, there's never too much pink in one outfit.
That said, to make sure you wear comfy shoes for the theme park day. For the petite girls, platform sneakers are actually the perfect choice here.

5. Plus size cheshire cat tee
cheshire cat tee shirt
I desperately need this "We are all mad here" tee on blue Monday. Anyone?

6. Cheshire cat costume girl

To look playful from head to toe, hairstyle plays a huge role. From donut bun, super high pony to french braid, it just boost the aesthetic for the whole look effortlessly.

7. Purple one-shoulder top

Pink sounds too girly for you? Well, then purple is the next best bet!
winter cheshire cat sweater
Team this unique one-shoulder sweater top with black skirt and striped tights and you're good to go!

8. A statement striped top

To update the Cheshire cat look with a dose of preppy school girl vibes, this cute collared stripe top is a 10/10.
alice in the wonderland modern outfit
The big plus of wearing a flamboyant top is people just thought you’ve given serious thought to your style even though you actually did nothing.To balance out the boldness, pair the top with plain jeans for an effortlessly chic look.
9. Cheshire Cat onesie costume
Want to go all-in for the PJ-themed party? This Cheshire Cat onesie just gets you already in an instant.

cheshire cat costume
The best part? The costume has a zipper design and 2 side pockets - you can easily store your phone and wallet.

If your boyfriend or husband is too lazy to do the cosplay, this one-piece PJ is a must-get. I swear you can do all the weird dance moves in it!

10. Blue cheshire cat costume

When it comes to the latest illustration of Cheshire Cat, the iconic color palette changed to cobalt blue and it just screams totally different vibes.
If you want to stay one-of-a-kind, get inspired by this whimsical witchy look! Honestly, I never thought a blue striped top and distressed black tights can work that well together. Will definitely try this combo out for next Halloween!

11. blue cheshire cat makeup

This dapper look just blends Mad Hatter and Cheshire cat in the most perfect way.

12. Blue cheshire cat classy adult look
Can you dress classy but ensemble Cheshire cat at the same time? The challenge is real but YES, you can.

To look feminine yet mysterious, consider layer up the muted blue bodycon with a billowy black lace poncho.

Together with the high heels, this look actually is date-approved! To look extra polished in winter, go for fabric like satin or velvet are the fine options.
13. Cat ears faux fur headband
As a girl with chubby cheeks, I LOVE wearing these faux fur cat ears as they just make my face appear to be way smaller.
cheshire cat inspired outfit
This headband is the best seller for so many reasons. Despite the high-quality soft faux fur and adjustable design, it also got anti-slip slicing feet so the headband is super stable!

In case you wonder, another color like black is also available!

14. Iconic Pink and striped tights

cheshire cat striped leggings
Of course, how can we forget the colourful striped tights? I’ve been searching A TON of similar tights and so far this one is the best - thick thigh approved!
To look flattering in patterned tights, creating the illusion is key. Instead of wearing a curve-hugging dress, go for the A-line mini skirt will make your legs look slimmer by comparison.

15. Focus on the Halloween makeup

If you want to highlight your makeup skill, keep the outfit simple to avoid distract the focus!

So there you go - the 14 Cheshire Cat-inspired outfits with all kinds of styles! So what are your thoughts on that?
I hope that get you inspired and now it’s time to get extra experimental with the combos!

After all, as Cheshire Cat said, “Every adventure requires a first step!” Looking for more Alice in the wonderland inspired outfits? Check out the articles below!


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