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*18 real looks* Stereotypical sorority girl outfits for parties + Halloween!

*18 real looks* Stereotypical sorority girl outfits for parties + Halloween!

Looking for some stereotypical sorority girl outfits? Or wondering how to dress like a sorority girl for Halloween? You’ve come to the right place!

In short, sorority girls are college girls belonging to a social sorority.

People always joke about how these girls look almost the same and act the same.

sorority girl outfit
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That’s because they follow all sorority traditions to the T from outfits to drinking rules.

Well, you can say they are wild but I thought they are pretty cool!

Ahead, I have gathered 18 stereotypical sorority girl outfit ideas to get you inspired, enjoy!

1. Greek letter hat as the stereotypical sorority girl pieces

A sorority girl is always proud of telling others she is enjoying Greek life and there’s nothing better than a symbolic baseball cap.

These youthful pink matching sets below just scream the strongest sense of belonging.

greek letter hat outfit idea
Source: Pinterest

If you are wondering where can you find these hats, go to Etsy for some custom pieces here! The quality is 10/10.

Greek letter hat sorority
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So here’s the thing: you can’t dress like a sorority girl without going matchy matchy with your friends.

For the stereotypical look, I’d say wear the same clothes from head to toe.

3. All kinds of graphic & slogan tees

A sorority girl on average will have 30 graphic tees.

Trust me I am not even exaggerating.

4. Little Big: The most obvious sorority girl outfits

And of course, wearing a Big and Little shirt is a fail-proof way to dress like a sorority girl.

When a girl joins Greek life, it’s like having a second family. Think of a child and mother as the perfect example.

Little and big sorority girl outfit
Source: Pinterest

If you are the new member, you are the little.

In the first three months, someone will assign an old member to be your mentor and she will be your “big”! She is here to give you all the guidance, support, and love.

5. Little Big sorority outfits

So if you want to have a Big Little theme for your sorority girl outfit, these “Lucky me! I am a little” and “Lucky me! I am a big” from Etsy are such a perfect combo.

Check them out!

little big sorority outfits
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6. How to dress like a sorority girl for Halloween?

Want to dress like sorority girls on Halloween?

The Angel look is always in style.

Whether you gravitate towards the Victoria’s Secret type of angel or the aesthetic white angel, they are all doable!

7. The cute angel look

This “A match made in heaven” card is just super lovely.

8. Be extra fun as a sorority girl

Sorority girls are in general passionate and bold. They are also not afraid to have fun and step out of their comfort zone.

So bring on your pink wig and feather tops, you are bound to feel fabulous.

9. Crop top + mini skirt = failproof formula

The crop top and the mini skirt have been the summer essentials of sorority girls for years.

Simple yet youthful.

10. Sorority girl favors bright hues

Sorority girls also gravitate towards delightful hues, think pink, orange, sage green, and all sorts of fun patterns.

black and white skirt sorority girl outfit
Source: Pinterest

Of course, tie-dye and all kinds of fun prints just can’t go wrong.

11. Colorful sorority beaded bracelets

To make sure you recreate the classic sorority girl look perfectly, well, these colorful custom bracelets from Etsy below are here to complete your style!

Colorful sorority beaded bracelets
Get this custom beaded sorority bracelet on Etsy

12. Footwear: comfort is KEY

Well, surprise surprise, sorority girls wear comfy espadrilles wedge way more than the sexy stiletto heels!

Sorority girls footwear
Source: 1, Sandal wedges from lulus HERE

These girls are always active and involved in all kinds of sports and games so wedges are actually are a better choice!

13. Sorority girls’ Halloween spooky outfits

Looking for some stupid easy yet spooky Halloween ideas? Throw on this “Walk of Shame” cardboard with your bestie for the “I don’t give a damn” vibes.

14. Retro disco party looks

What about retro disco party looks? Bring on those glitter ladies!

15. Look refreshing & put together 24/7

A sorority girl always looks put together. That said, some cute hairstyles always help.

Instead of lying your hair down, go for an easy ponytail or french pigtail braids to boost your mood!

16. Master some sorority pose

If you want to act like a stereotypical sorority girl, well, it’s time to practice some poses for the photoshoot!

etsy shop banner

Click the shop link ONLY if you’re the goal-setter! Enjoy!!

17. How to dress like a sorority girl for Halloween?

This “Cute but psycho” Halloween look is sure to turn heads.

Sexy as hell.

18. Match the color code

If you don’t want to go too matchy, set a color code and have your variations yourself!


So ladies there you go – the 20 stereotypical sorority girl outfit ideas for your coming Halloween and parties.

What do you think about these looks? I hope that get you inspired and now it’s time to create your one-of-a-kind style!

If you are looking for more party tips and styles, check out the articles below. See you there gorgeous!

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