2022 full visual guide! How to dress like a cheerleader without a uniform?

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Wondering how to dress like a cheerleader without a uniform? Girl you’ve come to the right place! Admit it, we all want to be a cheerleader in some sort of way. Not only do they look irresistibly attractive and put together, more, it’s about also the qualities behind – Spirited pumped, strength, confidence. A cheerleader package is a 10/10.

The good news is, embodying a pom pom girl look doesn’t always require a uniform! Below, I’ve gathered 18 cheerleader outfits and hairstyle tips so you can copy the look easily! Enjoy!

1. Dress like a cheerleader with a pleated skirt

 cheerleader outfits
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As a cheerleader’s statement piece, how can we not talk about the pleated skirts? To fully embrace the youthfulness, opt for the one that’s above the knee just do the trick.

Speaking of some failproof pairings, I’d say it’s best to team it with body-hugging tops (say a summery halter neck top) for a classic cheerleader sleek silhouette.

How to dress like a cheerleader without the uniform

If you are on a budget, this white striped pleated skirt (picture above) is such a gem from Amazon. It comes with all kinds of patterns and colors – you won’t be disappointed with the quality! Check them out below!

2. Body hugging skater dress for the cheerleading vibes

If you want to wear a one-piece, go for the one that offers an A-line silhouette like a skater dress. To really embrace the vibes, go for the polyester or spandex fabric instead of the flowy chiffon or cotton. Only the right fabric and texture can give out the high school girl vibes.

If you are heading for a date night, this criss-cross back skater dress below is sure to make men weak in the knees. It comes in all colors but I’d say go for hot pink to brighten up the look!

 cheerleader outfits

If you want something less sexy for daily wear, these two pieces just instantly put you on the right track! The bottom line here is no loose-cutting dress as cheerleaders are always confident in showing the curves and muscles!

How to dress like a cheerleader without the uniform

3. Glitter top as a pop of fun

Cheerleader girls are born to shine. They embrace glam and all kinds of cute patterns like stripes and stars. As a mood booster, a glitter top can never go wrong. Pair it up with a mini skirt or red pants and you are ready to rock your Friday night!

If you look for something more subtle, here I’ve handpicked two trendy mesh glitter tops for you. Seriously, I don’t know how to choose because both of them are gorgeous!

How to dress like a cheerleader without the uniform

This one is trendy as hell. This design just proves glitter top doesn’t have to be over the top!

How to dress like a cheerleader without the uniform

Show a stripe of skin is always lovely.

4. Cheerleaders go for high saturation colors

Cheerleaders don’t wear dark hues like black and grey. Instead, go for the high saturation hues like red, blue, yellow, forest green, sleek white that scream “I’ve got a style and I KNOW it”!

I mean, life is too boring to not dress like a rainbow (whether you are sweet 16 or 36)!

5. Go for functional sporty shoes as a cheerleader

How to dress like a cheerleader without the uniform
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When it comes to shoes, it’s actually simpler than you thought. As cheerleaders have to perform all kinds of jumps, tumbling, and dances, they need practical shoes to help them get the job done. So yes, all you need is a pair of plain white sneakers and you are good to go!

If you think functional white sneakers are too boring for you, I’m sure you already have come across these two pairs from Charles and Keith. Such a hot product these days! The best part? They are insanely affordable, check them out!

How to dress like a cheerleader without the uniform

US 11 is now out of size.

How to dress like a cheerleader without the uniform

6. Cheerleaders girl must have: Sporty striped socks

A pair of on-point sporty striped socks go a long way. If you want to look like (& feel like) a cheerleader without your uniform, those socks can really embody the look. While vibrant socks are super cute, I’d say go with the white socks for a classic look. As a petite girl, pairing the socks and shoes with similar shade can always elongate the legs to the fullest. Love this trick!

How to dress like a cheerleader without the uniform

7. How to dress like a cheerleader? High ponytail

How to dress like a cheerleader without the uniform
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Ladies, it’s time to dig out your bobby pins and wear your hair up because it’s time for a signature cheerleader high ponytail! I don’t know about you but a ponytail always makes me feel so youthful and playful. To make sure you look the best, please watch this 1-minute ponytail hack to fake hair volume (which I desperately need)!

8. Complete cheerleader girl with the right makeup

How to dress like a cheerleader without the uniform
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So you’ve pinned down your outfit, it’s time for the last step – makeup. While you don’t need sweat-proof makeup products like the real cheerleaders, but you’ll always want to add some shimmer, a shade of eye shadow to make your facial features look more pop up.

Added to this, you want to swap your nude lipstick to a bold red one and perhaps add the body bronzer as well. Nothing too dramatic but you will look sharper as a whole!


So ladies, there you go the 18 outfit ideas if you wonder how to dress like a cheerleader without a uniform. I hope these looks will get you inspired! If you want more outfit styling tips, make sure you check out the reads below! See you there gorgeous!

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