👑7 outfit hacks to dress like a goddess ✨ In an approachable way

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If I can choose between dress like a goddess or dress like an angel, I will choose the goddess for sure every time. To me, the angel is a kind, cute, harmless sweetheart while the goddess is a unique, refined kind woman with a touch of mystery. Goddess to me is more than just outer beauty, despite the beautiful outlook, she is a lady with the mind, attitude, and class. While there are so many aspects to cover, today let’s focus on how to dress like a goddess first! Here are the 7 tips, enjoy my ladies!

1. Wear classic pieces instead of seasonal items

If you want to dress like a goddess, let’s start with wearing classic pieces instead of trying to keep up the seasonal trends. Goddess is always classic. A great example is Audrey Hepburn, she is definitely a timeless goddess with elegance. Even when we now look back at her pictures, her little black dress, checked shirt, trench coats, and still so in style even in 2020!

There’s something captivating when you wear classic pieces. Plus, that will be really tiring and costly if you want to follow all the fashion trends. Let alone that some fashion trends are not flattering on certain body types, for example, as a pear-shaped girl, I will never understand the trend of biker shorts.

As Karl Lagerfeld said, “Trendy is the last stage before tacky.” Ladies, always spend your money on items that you can wear for 10 years instead of a few seasons. Trust me, buy less but buy better.

2. Embrace asymmetrical designs

How to dress like an goddess
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If you want to dress like a goddess, embrace asymmetrical designs more. With the slanted hemline, it shows one side of the neckline and shoulder line, which is really an elegant way to express femininity. When it comes to asymmetrical dress, people may immediately think of the signature greek goddess pure white long dress and think this is too dress up for daily wear.

Relax, you can always have alternatives! After all, we only dress well when we feel comfortable and carry it with confidence. For me, my favourite one is the a simple asymmetrical light color top with simple cutting. With a pair of black flared pants, this is the outfit that make you feel refreshed and empowered. I know it sounds funny but showing one side of my shoulder really makes me feel more confident, plus this is lowkey sexy without showing too much skin!

If you want to look like goddess ( or you want to look high fashion on a budget), asymmetrical tops is a no brainer!

3. Wear warm and light colors instead of all black colors

Doubtless, to say, we always see goddess dressing in white color. In general, light and floral colors are easier to express femininity and also nurturing a warm and inviting tone. Colors like lavender, baby pink, beige, light blue, these colors are just naturally joyful and approaching. I used to wear all black all the time (as this is the most slimming colors), however, when I embrace these light colors, I just feel like I am more refreshed and gentle.

If you are not comfortable to have a big color transition of your wardbrobe all of a sudden, you can always wear a pair of white jeans with a dark color top first. Looking like goddess doesn’t mean you have to dress like a pure kid all the time, you can absolutely adding dark color if you want, it’s just about taking a balance.

As Wassily Kandinsky said “Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” I could’t agree more!

If you are wondering how to style light color outfit, you will find these articles useful!

4. Go for natural makeup look

As Kira Carl said “Makeup should never be used to hide yourself. It should be used to enhance your natural beauty.” So ladies, if you want to achieve a goddess look, never go too far when you do the makeup.

Less is always more. Getting a dark smoky eyes or very heavy matte foundation can really makes you look trying too hard and unapproachable. Do your skincare properly, keep your face moisturize and prefect for the makeup products and you are already good to go! For me, I can skip my foundation but I have to do my eye makeup. A thin eyeliner and curly eyelashes can always bright up my face, after all eyes contact is a big thing when we first met people.

If you want to go deeper, read the article below. This is definitely not the usual make up tips.

5. Wear subtle yet elegant accessories

Of course, let’s not forget women’s best friends – accessories.

When it comes to accessories, I prefer small delicate accessories with simple designs. The vibes of a goddess are always elegant and classy. As the saying goes, “Classy is when a woman has everything to flaunt but chooses not to show it.”. Instead of wearing chunky accessories and countless rings on both hands, subtle yet elegant accessories are always the best to show its real beauty. My favourite is the long line straight earrings and the long Y necklaces, they are not too overwhelming yet help to draw attention to my face and neckline for a touch of sparkle!

When it comes to goddess essence, gold or rose gold color is always a perfect choice!

6. Style your hair with braids and accessories 

How to dress like a goddess

This is a crucial one if you want to look like a goddess! Goddess always styles their hair with some accessories and keep their hair thick, healthy, and glowy. Without a nice hairstyle, your goddess look will be missing a big part.

Instead of just blow dry your hair and letting them down all the time, time to get a little bit creative! For a weekday look, you can always spend 10 minutes to curl some soft and romantic waves and style it with a small pearl hair clip to finish the look. For weekends and holidays, you can try all sorts of braids for different vibes! There’s no rule saying you can only do the goddess braids during the wedding, you can for sure do that whenever you want!

For me, a simple low bun is already classy and polished. It also add a touch of femininity as it shows my neckline out as well!

7. Keep your skin healthy and glowy

Last but not least, keep your skin moisturize and glowy.

I always come across the ladies that have perfect skin and makeup for the face, but dry skin for the hands and legs. That’s a big No-no. As we represent ourselves as a whole package, if we take care of our faces, we should always take care of our other parts of the body too. It’s not hard at all, here are some easy tips!

  • Take a warm/ cold shower instead of a hot shower to avoid dry and rough skins
  • Apply sunscreen not only to the face but also to arms and legs
  • Apply body lotion every night before sleep
  • Apply body oil for the freezing days

These are just some basic tips but I am sure that can already make your body skin glows up! After all, looking like a goddess is more than the typical dress code. It’s about looking polished and refined all the time.


So ladies, here are the 7 tips on how to dress like a goddess! Let’s have a quick checklist first.

  • Wear classic pieces instead of seasonal items
  • Embrace asymmetrical designs
  • Wear warm and light colors instead of all black colors
  • Go for a natural makeup look
  • Wear subtle yet elegant accessories
  • Style your hair with braids and accessories 
  • Keep your skin healthy and glowy

I know many ladies searching for dressing like a goddess and wondering how to have goddess energy. In fact, looking like a goddess is easier than you think, you don’t have to dress like a Greek goddess and wear gold olive leaves accessories on your head to show that. Instead, it’s always about incorporating these subtle tips into your daily styling and outfit. Trust me, people can tell you are different, they may not able to describe you specifically as a goddess, but they can for sure attracted by your elegance and serene energy! After all, it’s relatively easier to look pretty but when it comes to goddesses, you have to nurture yourself with wisdom and self-love!

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  1. Caitlin

    I love the idea of how simple it is to create a goddess look in a modern setting. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hannah

      You’re so welcome!

  2. Mihaela | https://theworldisanoyster.com/

    You make it seem so easy and natural! I’m more and more drawn towards asymmetry lately, and I enjoy it a lot! Just as much as I like coral, my favourite colour:))

    • Hannah

      Glad that you like it! Hope you will love the goddess vibes your outfit brings you!


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