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*2023 18 looks!* Deserts & mountain chic wedding guest attire

*2023 18 looks!* Deserts & mountain chic wedding guest attire

Wondering what to wear to a desert wedding or mountain wedding? You’ve come to the right place! 

First thing first, congrats on getting invited to a desert wedding as you’re bound to have a fun adventure.

As a perfect blend of breathtaking scenery, free-spirited, relaxed vibes, and boho-chic decorations, you just can’t help but tap into the wanderlust.

It’s no doubt that a desert wedding is just one-of-a-kind, but this begs the question: What to wear to a desert or mountain wedding as a wedding guest?


Ahead, I’ve gathered 18 deserts chic wedding guest attire along with some footwear tips. I’m sure that will be helpful!


1. Pick the right boho for a rustic boho desert wedding

First thing first, picking the right hue is KEY for you to blend in with the crowd.

After all, wearing a bright pink dress for a dessert wedding can make you feel so out of the place.

To match the whimsical desert theme, go for the shades that represent earthy, bohemian, and eclectic styles.

Think copper, goldenrod, dark brown, sand, and a dash of golden orange for an aesthetic getup.

2. Forest green is another popular wedding guest dress hue

what to wear to a mountain wedding boho
Source: 1,2

And of course, green is another popular hue for mountain weddings as well. From forest green to sage, you’re bound to find your favorite shade.

My favorite combo is pairing up a green midi dress with my dark chocolate brown sandals together.

It just looks feminine in the most distinctive way.


3. What to wear to a desert wedding as a bride?

If you are the bride, wear whatever you want for your wedding!

Want to be the coolest bride ever? Switch out the standard glittery heels to cowboy boots just scream “I’ve got a style and I KNOW it”.

4. Desert chic wedding guest attire for men

Desert chic wedding guest Attire for men
Source: 1,2

For gentlemen, dressing in a full suit as a wedding guest just can’t go wrong.

But does that mean you can’t be creative? Hell no!

To echo with the dessert theme and give out that fun adventure vibes, I’d say pay extra effort in picking ties and shirts with desert art prints or burnt floral neckties.

This detail alone totally instantly jazz the look up!

5. Bohemian wedding attire for female guests

Finally, it’s time to talk about the desert wedding guest attire for ladies.

First thing first, comfort is KEY when you pick your outfit.

Think of something lightweight and loose silhouette to feel the best and match the carefree nature vibes.

As a failproof, I’d say a chiffon floral dress is the best.

High chance you’ll walk a lot under the baking sun and you certainly want something light to wear.

Or else, tunics or classy sheath dresses work well as well.

The only reminder is to avoid wearing the maxi dress – unless you want the hem to pick up all the mud and dirt along the way.

6. Wear a jumpsuit to a desert or mountain wedding

For a windy desert day, a handy jumpsuit will be a perfect alternative if you are feeling annoyed to guard your skirt against the strong wind.

what to wear to desert wedding hippie
Source: 1,2

Featuring the billowy silhouette and loose pants, they just bring out the boss lady effortlessly.

Together with a clutch and platform shoes, you’re good to go!

7. Biker jacket meets floral dress

 As we all know the temperature in the desert can change drastically from day to night.

Desert chic wedding guest Attire
Source: 1,2

So yes, regardless of the season, you have to bring your outerwear to the wedding.

If you want to spice up your desert chic look with a dash of rustic boho flares, pair up your feminine floral dress with a brown biker jacket to create a contrasting look.

Together with felt air and pointy boots, this look is a 10/10.

8. When in doubt, add a poncho

My other favorite is a poncho, especially the one with fun hues and patterns so I can wear them as an extra pop of fun.

mountain casual attire guest
Source: 1,2

Plus, its baggy shape just gives out a sense of effortlessness and matches the artsy desert wedding.

Regardless of your outfit styles, trust me they can be a great addition to your look.

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9. What shoes to wear to a boho desert wedding?

Wondering what shoes to wear to a desert wedding? The safe bet will always be closed-toe shoes.

That way, you can protect your feet from the cacti and little rocks.

If you are looking for an aesthetic pair of closed-toe espadrilles. This’s my best pick from Amazon.

They are wide-feet friendly!

what shoes to wear to boho desert wedding

Can you wear heels to the desert wedding?

It’s doable but remember to go for the high platform and chunky heels so you can walk in comfort (and safety) for at least a good few hours!

what shoes to wear to boho desert wedding
Source: 1,2

But if you are going to a mountain wedding that requires you to walk a lot, flats are the safe bet.

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10. Pick the right hairstyle for a windy desert & mountain day

Not gonna lie, looking well-put-together for a desert wedding can be tricky. The weather is just too unpredictable.

what to wear to mountain wedding
Source: 1,2

I mean, we all know how strong wind can turn a romantic updo into a bird’s nest.

So ladies, set the right expectation and go for the easy hairstyles that will stay put on windy days. Think of an easy low ponytail, fishtail braid, or fishtail braid.

Of course, the options are more than that. Feel free to google it and find your favorite! 

The last tip, if everything goes wrong, save your hair with a nice hat.


So there you go – the 18 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to a desert wedding from head to toe!

What are your thoughts on that? Hopefully, that gives you some guidance and now it’s time for you to pin down the final look!

By the way, if you need more outfit ideas for weddings, bridal showers, and more. Check out the useful tips below!

See you there gorgeous!

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