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*2023* 18 outfits for a chubby girl (Color, hemline hacks)

*2023* 18 outfits for a chubby girl (Color, hemline hacks)

Wondering what to wear if you are chubby? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Below, I’ve gathered 18 outfits for chubby girls that are *actually* tailored to this specific body shape.

First thing first, can we talk about how sassy chubby girls are? Yes, she can have a tummy and still look irresistible yummy!

It’s just a fact.

That said, if you want to look extra effortlessly and pick the right type of clothes that can bring out the best in you, stay tuned!

1. Aesthetic outfits for chubby girl

Oversized outfits are as effortlessly chic as it’s comfy to rock on a daily basis.

But as the chubby queens, I got you – oversized shirts can easily look baggy and lose that cool factor.

To look on point, I’d say half-tuck your shirt.


Aesthetic outfits chubby girl
Source: Pinterest

Not only it brings a dose of distinctive fashion sense to the look instantly, it just disrupts the horizontal hem of the shirt and helps draw eyes vertically.

As a result, your figure will be elongated and appear to be taller and slimmer.

purple oversized shirt black girl
Source: Pinterest

Sometimes it’s not really what clothes you wear, but HOW you wear them.

This girl just looks like a 10/10 with the modern square sunnies and the oversized purple shirt.


2. Pick the right cardigan

The second tip for chubby girls, pick the outerwear that truly flatters your body shape.

For me, I will avoid wearing a cardigan that lands the same length as a skirt or shorts. Why? Because visually it just creates one big block and makes you look bigger in the tummy area.

cute outfits for chubby girls
Source: Pinterest

Instead, go for the cardigan that’s shorter than your dress so it just adds some natural layers to your body.

cropped cardigan chubby girls outfits cute

As a 5’2 girl, a cropped cardigan always works wonders.

3. When in doubt, peplum dress

Third, peplum dress.

Let’s be real, it’s totally normal to food baby. If you want to look in the best shape, a peplum dress is your godsend.

I bought this one from Amazon down below (and also for my mum) and we truly wear this piece like a uniform!

peplum dress Amazon chubby girl
Get this peplum dress on Amazon

Featuring the extra stripe gathered around the waist, it just camouflages the lower belly part seamlessly and fakes a perfect hourglass shape.

And let’s not mention how feminine and classy the draping one-shoulder design looks.

summer chubby girl outfits
Get this lace peplum dress on BOOHOO

This is my other favorite from Boohoo – hope it’s still in stock!

4. Birthday outfits for chubby girl

When in doubt, go monochrome.

By wearing a similar shade from head to toe just naturally unite and elongate your frame.

Of course, if you don’t want to do it too matchy-matchy, consider wearing different shades of the same hues to create some dimensions.

This girl just nails the look perfectly.

Birthday outfits for chubby girl
Source: Pinterest

This black monotone look is not boring at all.

Need I say more? The houndstooth dress, black tights, and ankle boots are just perfect.

5. Concert outfits for chubby girl: Oversized vest

If you think curvy girls can’t rock the sleeveless top, well, you can’t be more wrong.

After trying all different types of tops, I find out that the oversized vest is surprisingly forgiving.

Concert outfits for chubby girl
Source: Pinterest

See how the vest hides the arms and makes them appear to be smaller by comparison?

The oversized shirt can always give you extra coverage even go sleeveless. To boost the effect, go for the big V-neck top to boost the effect even more.

Concert outfits for curvy
Source: Pinterest

This lady is rocking the padded sleeveless vest for a sassy girl boss look.

Love it!

6. Cute Pink lady look

Pink is not the new black.

It’s even better.

Regardless of your age, you can rock pink for sure. Again, playing with different shades of pink is key.

cute pink lady chubby girl outfit
Source: Pinterest

This girl just rocks the Barbie pink with light pink and a tad of classy white. Lovely.


To look put together in any outfit, remember it’s best to not wear more than 3 colors.

7. Winter casual cardigan look

If you think the half-tuck rule can only apply to summer outfits, think again.

Winter casual cardigan look
Source: Pinterest

Tucking your sweater with denim is always doable.

The best party about the fabrics like denim, velvet, or poplin are thick and structured enough.

Unlike the thick cotton, there’s no obvious belly bulge showing out even when you tuck it with a top.

oversized sweater and black bodycon dress outfits
Source: Pinterest

If half tuck isn’t your thing, I’d say give inverted V tuck a try.

The inverted V line just draws attention vertically and distracts eyes from the belly area easily.

Together with a universally flattering black bodycon, it is how you look the most forgiving.

8. Oversized blazer x tube dress

If you feel stale at times with Blazers, I can guarantee you that going for the oversized one will totally freshen up the look entirely.

oversized blazer and tube dress
Source: Pinterest

A fancy pink oversized blazer jacket with a tube dress – this combo is so underrated these days!

While this jacket and dress land almost the same length, the structured blazer isn’t as baggy and soft as the cardigan so you can certainly still look sleek in it!

9. Winter layering combo: high neck x slip dress

Want to wear your oh-so-feminine slip dress but don’t feel like showing your arms?

Well, layer it up with a sleek high-neck top looks equally flattering!

winter outfits chubby girls
Source: Pinterest

I don’t know about you but I’ll definitely copy this look.

I LOVE how she dress up the dress with a pearl chain and bag.

Does a leopard dress seem too much for you? Tame it down with a black tee and instantly it’s so much more wearable!

cute outfits plus size girls
Source: Pinterest

Again, if possible, choose the dress with an asymmetrical hemline to boost the leg elongating effect.

10. Horizontal stripe > Vertical stripe

I know this one is controversial but I personally think vertical stripes will make someone look bigger than the horizontal stripes.

If you want to know the research and support behind this, check out my dedicated article:

If you really want to, doing it on a monotone can balance out the effect for sure.

horizontal stripes chubby girls outfits
Source: Pinterest

When you wear similar colors for both tops and bottoms, your body visually becomes one long rectangle instead of two squares, which makes you look more put together.

Once you know the science behind it, you can rock any shade of hues!

11. Asymmetrical dress for short curvy queens

The asymmetrical dress and nude sandals are your summer essentials.

Truly, these days, we don’t wear belts often enough.

If you are petite, add a nice belt that can dress up any outfit and highlight your waist in the best possible way.


So there you go – the 11 outfits and fashion tips for chubby girls.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope that gets you inspired and make you realize there are no off-limits in fashion as long as you know how to do it in the right way!

Oh, and a random reminder – don’t change yourself to win someone’s heart.

Stay true and you’ll find someone who likes you for being you!

For more plus-size and mid-size outfit tips and ideas, check out the articles down below! See you there loves.

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