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*2023*19 Hot outfits with jeans + slimmer taller tips!

*2023*19 Hot outfits with jeans + slimmer taller tips!

Looking for some hot outfits with jeans? Well, you’ve come to the right place ladies.

As the saying goes “Jeans are always a good idea”.

If you want something as universally flattering as it’s carefree to wear, you just can’t go wrong with denim.

And while it can be tricky to look hot in these casual pairs, you definitely can if you find the right tops and designs!

Ahead, I’ve gathered 19 Hot jeans outfits combo from casual to clubbing-ready together with some unknown styling tips, enjoy!

1. Casual hot outfits: Off-shoulder top x jeans

If you want to spice up your casual denim look without trying too hard, an off-shoulder top always works wonders.

casual hot outfit jeans black woman
Source: Pinterest

Can we talk about how gorgeous this lady is in her red off-shoulder top and skinny jeans? The color contrast is just *so on point*.

As a girl with a chubby face, I ADORE off shoulder neckline. Showcasing the feminine shoulder line just makes my face looks smaller by comparison.


As for necklaces, I will always choose the dainty V-line necklace instead of the short chunky one (like a choker). Again, it elongates the neck and face visually.

This is how you blend femininity and casualness in one outfit.

And for the ladies who want a boost on the chest area, well, this off-shoulder below is the gem!

Hot outfits with jeans
Get this off-shoulder top on Amazon

I can confidently say that I’ve tried all possible designs of the top and so far the ruched drawstring top has the best effect.

With the fit cut and front ruching, it just accentuates the curves and draws eyes to the chest area in the most flattering way.

Whether you want to keep it lowkey spicy with a pair of mom jeans or go all in with the low-waist skinny, a ruched drawstring top like this is gonna boost the spiciness tenfolds.

2. Corset top and jeans

Another hot outfit with a jeans combo: Corset.

I mean, you can never go wrong with it!

So wearing a corset certainly changes your state of mind.

Radha Mitchell

If you don’t want to appear trying too hard, just casually team it with straight-leg jeans and Dr. Martens and you’re good to go!

To switch this get-up to a clubbing-approved look, just take off the shacket at night and bring on the heels to the extra wild.

corset tube top amazon
Get this corset (in all different colors) on Amazon!

This is my favorite one: A corset that gives my sisters a nice boost and flattens the stomach in one go.

A big plus about this top is how structured it is – with 14 fish bones, it just fakes an hourglass shape for you in the most effortless way.


3. Cropped shirt x jeans

Shirt and jeans combo is too ordinary?

Cropped shirt and jeans
Source: Pinterest

Well, let’s not forgot a good front knot can completely transform the look!

To add an extra pop of fun, consider brightening up the blue monotone get-up with a yellow bag.

4. Cropped hoodie x cut out jeans

Do hoodies and jeans seem an ordinary combo?

Well, go for the cropped top for an entirely different vibe!

outfits with jeans and sneakers
Source: Style Bisto

We don’t necessarily have to wear heavily distressed jeans like Zendaya. Trust me, almost every pair of jeans will look nice with this top.


Go for the oversized crop top instead of the fitted one so your waist appears to be smaller comparatively.

5. Outfits with jeans and sneakers

Sometimes, less is more.

Outfits with jeans and sneakers
Source: Pinterest

If you run out of ideas for a hot summer denim look, consider throwing on a sports bra that looks as sporty and cute as you look confident!

Need I say more? This simple baddie look is a 10/10.

6. Plus size hot jeans look with a sports bra

If wearing a sports bra alone is not your style, pairing this up with a billowy shirt will do the trick.

Plus size hot jeans look with sports bra
Source: Who What Wear

This white and blue look is so refreshing during the hot summer days.

And guess what, matching the sports bra and shoes in the same color just elongates your figure from head to toe. Yes people, color matters!


To avoid looking too matchy-matchy, go for different shades of blue for shirts, jeans, and bags.

7. When in doubt, wear a nude shade

Needless to say, nude color reveals a subtle sexy charm inadvertently.

nude top and jeans outfits
Source: Fashionnova

All you have to do is pick the right shade of nude (that fits your skin tone) and let the color do the magic!

8. Find a pair of jeans that SERVES you

Want to look hot in jeans?

Well, what about back to square 1 and picking the jeans that can flatter the curves in the most perfect way?

butt-lifting jeans hot
Get these Colombia butt-lifting jeans on Amazon!

Handmade in Colombia, these jeans are designed to lift and shape the buttocks with the heart shape seam on top of the rear.

How much do you want a rounder, bigger booty?


And let’s not mention the forgiving thick waistband that is structured enough to hold the belly and slim the entire midsection.

Check out these butt-lifting jeans on Amazon here.

7. Fitted turtleneck x jeans

When the days are cold out, keep the hotness with a fitted turtleneck top.

fitted turtleneck and black jeans

Source: Pinterest

For the effect, I’d say go for the fitted T-neck to highlight your curves.

Believe it or not, both genders find high-neck tops extremely hot. According to the New York Post, it’s stated that high-neck tops do give out sex appeal.

French chic white top and jeans hot

Source: Wheretogetit

A plain white turtleneck and jeans just scream the French women’s effortlessly chic vibes.

It’s so feminine in a refreshing way.

turtleneck white top with jeans

Source: Pinterest

Depends on what goals you wanna achieve, I’d say the vertical stripes will work better than the horizontal stripes for creating a larger chest illusion!

Related Read: 7 rules to wearing horizontal stripes as plus size

Want extra hotness? This cutout turtleneck below is sure to turn heads.

cut out black top amazon
Get this cutout turtleneck on Amazon

8. Hot jeans outfits with fishnet

Another chic way to spice up the hotness – layer your distressed jeans with fishnet tights!

Yes ladies, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.

hot outfits jeans fishnet
Source: Pinterest

Trust me, it feels so good when you surprise yourself with a new style!

While some may think it can easily look tacky with fishnet tights, well, that’s definitely NOT the case. At the end of the day, it’s really about how you style fishnet tights for an overall look.

Want to update the fishnet tights look? Go for white is just full of attitude.

hot denim outfit white fishnet tights
Source: Pinterest

A quick tip: If you want to keep your tights low-key and classy, opt for the tights with smaller holes rather than the big ones definitely helps.

For more tips, find them in the article below!

9. Hot outfit with jeans in autumn

Who said you can only look sassy on summer days?

When the days are chilly out, get experimental with a cropped puffer jacket to stand out from the crowd.

Together with the super high pony and coordinated white ankle boots, this look is effortlessly sleek.

10. Pair up jeans with thigh-high boots

Fashion comes and goes but thigh-high boots are here to stay!

hot outfit jeans thigh high boots
Source: Tumblr

Despite the fact that they are leg-flattering and chic, they just dress up the denim look and help draw eyes to the thigh area – which is irresistibly sassy.

11. Night out look with denim & boots

night out outfits jeans thigh high boots
Source: Pinterest

For a failproof look, team your top and boots in similar hues just to make you look so much more put together.

You’re welcome!


So there you go ladies, the 10 hot outfits with jeans combo for both casual and nights out.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope that gets you inspired!

As much as it’s cliche to say – No matter what a woman looks like, if she’s confident, she’s sexy. That’s just the truth!

So regardless of what you wear – jeans or hot bodycon – carry it with confidence and rock the day!

For the ladies who are looking for more outfit inspo, check out the article down below! See you there loves!

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