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2023 *10 VISUAL Tips!* How to look thick, feminine & curvy in jeans?

2023 *10 VISUAL Tips!* How to look thick, feminine & curvy in jeans?

Wondering how to look thick, feminine, and curvy in jeans? I GOT YOU, SIS.

As a girl with no curves for 26 years, looking all feminine with a nice juicy butt has always been such a dream.

While I love my body, sometimes I just can’t help but wonder how to look thicker and sexier in jeans.

Well, guess what, after years of experimenting, I’ve come up with 10 actionable tips and keypoint that REALLY WORK.

Start implementing and welcome to the whole new world!

1. How to look thick in jeans? Color light wash

First thing first, let’s talk about the most obvious factor to look curvy in jeans – the color.

The lighter the color, the more light it reflects and highlights your curves.

Instead of going for the black and navy jeans, swapping up the light-washed and white jeans will make such a big difference.

As for my recent favorite, I love wearing neutral beige skinny jeans.

This classy color just updates the casual denim look with a dash of femininity.

Can’t go wrong.

2. Pay attention to the yolk of the jeans

Alright, let’s get more strategic and talk about the yolk of the jeans.

Before feeling all confused, here are exactly the pictures for your understanding.

Simply put, it’s the V-shaped section at the back of the Jean called the “riser”. The deeper the V, the greater the curve.

I just now you will examine the jeans in a new way!

3. How to look curvy in jeans? Smaller pocket

Body proportion is all about illusion and the same rule applies to the pocket sizes of jeans.

The smaller the pockets, the bigger your butt appears to be due to comparison.

And of course, the position of pocket matters as well.

To give your bum a little boost it deserves, gravitates the jeans with higher, smaller pockets.

4. Wear a thin belt for the hourglass illusion

To achieve a full figure in your jeans, accessories like a chain belt are such a godsend.

Not only does it look effortlessly stylish with a light touch of spiciness, chain belt just helps draw eyes to the waist area and makes your butt look fuller by comparison.

So yes, a chain belt literally helps you accentuate the hourglass frame (even if your curves aren’t obvious).

If you want to look thick in black jeans (which is hard to do), adding a chain belt is a nice way to go!


Basically, any kind of thin belt should achieve the same effect!

5. Look feminine with the right type of jeans

Needless to say, the type of jeans matters as well.

Instead of going for the wide-leg baggy jeans that cover everything, skinny jeans are your best bet.

To maximize the effect, below are my three top picks.

A. High-waist jeans

Of course, how can we skip the universally flattering high-waist jeans?

Not only does it camouflage the belly area perfectly, it just helps cinch in the waist.

As a result, sculpt an hourglass and fake a nice booty for you.

As a girl with a food baby 24/7, I will take a step further and pick the one with a button closure instead of the regular zipper. It just holds the shape even stronger!

This one below is such an affordable and high-quality piece to give you the sexy Colombian girl vibes.

From the stylish cut to the super stretchy fabric, this price range is insane.

how to look feminine in jeans
Get these high-waist jeans on Amazon

B. Cutout jeans

Signifying a dash of sensuality and style, cutout jeans just naturally make your legs look thicker as you show out more skin.

Together with a fitted white button-down, it’s sexy as hell.

C. Bootcut jeans

bootcut jeans to make bum look bigger
Source: 1,2

Want to look taller and thicker in legs at the same time? Well, bootcut jeans are for you, my dear petite girls.

Not only does it creates curves for your bottom out of nowhere, the flare just draws your eyes down and creates an elongating effect.

So yes, regardless of your goal, bootcut jeans are sure to impress ♥

6. Best jeans to make bum look bigger

Yes, ladies, it’s official.

Butt-lifting jeans are on the market right now and they WORK WONDERS.

While you are still trying to look curvy in your skinny jeans, some of the girls already rock in these strategically designed jeans and highlight their booty in the most perfect way.

To make sure you are on the same level playing field, here’s my best pick on Amazon.

best jeans to make bum look bigger
Get this butt lifting jeans on Amazon

These pants come in all kinds of colors, enjoy!

7. Thicken your legs with the right top

As for the top, make sure you wear something body-hugging so your legs and butt cab appear to be thicker. Below are some of my favorite (But definitely not all!)

  • Halter neck crop top
  • Bustier top
  • Corset top

These days, I am loving bodysuit tops for a sleek sexy silhouette!

8. Make your bum good in high heels

Are high heels painful to wear? YES. But are they flatter the body and make you feel like a queen? HELL YES.

With the extra inches, it changes the lumbar curvature, exaggerating the chest and hips and lifting up the pelvic tilt.

As a result, you just visually look curvier and more womanly.

To maximize the effect, nude pointy heels just flatter the legs in the best way. But no worries, as long as you are not wearing flats, the effect is still here!


To make the legs look thicker in jeans, thin heels will be better than chunky heels for the contrasting effect.

9. How to look thicker in jeans in winter

When the days are chilly out there, wearing leggings underneath the jeans is just as practical as it looks flattering.

That said, these footless stretchy tights just can’t be any more perfect.

Featuring an antimicrobial finish, it fights the odor like wonders.

How to look thicker in jeans in winter
Get these microfibers footless tights on Amazon

The best part? The fabric is well made and makes sure you won’t sweat in them even in layering.

Check them out! Sizes A-B sold out quickly on Amazon.

10. Wear butt-enhancer panties with jeans

Last but not least, wearing shape-enhancing garments is the ultimate way.

Believe it or not, people wearing these butt lifters way more than you expected these days! (The Google search volume is insane).

Among all types of clothes, shapewear work best with denim fabric.

Given the perfect thickness, there’s no way people can tell you are wearing a butt lifter in jeans … at all.

I’ve tried a ton of butt shapewear and these two below perform the most naturally so far.

butt enhancer panties
Get this Hip Enhancer on Amazon

Want to get an instant BBL effect without the surgery? This super comfy booty lifter is here to give you a perfect snatched look.

seamless butt lifting panties amazon
Get this seamless butt underwear on Amazon

Whenever I want to look like a 10/10, these sneakers and padded underwear just come in super handy.

I try wearing this with a bodycon dress and no one ever notices!

Seriously, sis, this is your best bet to make the guys weak at their knees.


So there you go gorgeous – the 10 styling tricks if you are wondering how to look thick, feminine, and curvy in jeans.

What are your thoughts on that? It’s time to give these tricks a go and I swear you’re bound to feel impressed.

That said, at the end of the day, a real woman is whatever they want to be.

Regardless of your shape and size, own it and flaunt it unapologetically!

Looking for more tips and tricks to look flattering in jeans? I GOT YOU. Check out my other unheard tips below.

See you there loves!

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