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Divorce party outfits and photoshoot ideas:18 REAL looks!

Divorce party outfits and photoshoot ideas:18 REAL looks!

Looking for divorce party outfits and divorce photoshoot ideas? You’ve come to the right place! 

Yes, people, a divorce party is definitely a thing these days. And guess what, for some ladies, that can be the best decision in life!

Seriously, there’s nothing anymore liberating than ending an unfulfilling marriage, starting a new chapter of your life, and clearing your way to meet the right partner.

You will be feeling like a 10/10.

To celebrate this big moment, a perfect outfit for your divorce party is essential. Ahead, I’ve gathered 18 divorce party outfit ideas.

Enjoy my loves!

1. Divorce party outfit ideas

This lady knows a good divorce is better than a bad marriage.

Life is too short to be wasted.

2. Divorce photoshoot ideas

Good friends hold the bachelorette parties for you while real friends hold the divorce party.

If you are gravitating towards a simple get-up, just throw on a “just divorced ” T-shirt yourself and “divorce support” for your girl pals and you guys are good to go!

3. Divorce party dress code and photoshoot ideas

Running out of theme? A disco divorce party can be a great idea!

4. “I untied the knot” shirt

"I untied the knot" divorce shirt
Get this “I united the knot” shirt on Amazon

This “Take a shot. I untied the knot” T-shirt is a must-have.

Get this statement shirt on Amazon.

5. Divorce party fancy dress

Do you know what should a divorced woman dress?


Wear a glitter bodycon dress and you’re bound to feel the best.

6. Divorced crown and sash set

Divorced crown and sash set
Get this DIVORCED crowd set on Amazon

I do, I did, I’m DONE.

And now I deserve this crown and sash set like a beauty pageant.

Get this on Amazon.

7. Classic burning dress time

The classic burning dress time is definitely the highlight of your divorce party.

Don’t miss this out!

8. Divorce party fancy floral dress

Divorce party fancy floral dress

When in doubt, get a deep V floral dress that looks universally flattering for the divorce photoshoot.

9. Divorced AF Banner

Divorced AF Banner
Get this Divorced AF banner on Amazon

I saw this DIVORCED AF banner all over Pinterest and I admit they are popular for a reason.

Get this on Amazon for the lowest price.

10. Funny divorce photo shoot ideas

These captions are so on-point and fun.

The bestie must-have.

11. Savage divorce photo shoot ideas

When it comes to divorce parties, dress out of your comfort zone.

That said, what about being extra fun and rebellious in a white tulle skirt and fishnet tights for the cool girl vibes?

That’s gonna be memorable.

12. When in doubt, go colorful

It’s time to dig out your colorful dress for this long-awaited big day!

13. LBD as your revenge dress

You just can’t go wrong with a black low-neck dress.

Classic yet feminine.

14. Banner that really means something

divorce party decorations
Get this banner on Amazon

No explanation is needed.

15. What shoes to wear at the divorce party

What shoes to wear at the divorce party
Source: 1,2

As the saying goes “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”.

High heels may not be the comfiest shoe you can wear but they are definitely the most empowering.

It just gives you a sense of ritual and makes you feel good about hosting the divorce party.

If you gravitate towards flats, at least opt for pointy shoes for a sleek feel instead of wearing casual sneakers and sandals.

16. Finally divorced crown and sash

Finally divorced crown and sash amazon
Get this glamourous divorce set on Amazon

Another “Finally divorced” crown set but a fancier version.


17. Rebellious divorce photo shoot ideas

Besides one-piece, let’s not forget the crop top and mini skirt set is equally cute as well.

Your divorce party, your very own style.

18. Look put-together for your divorce photoshoot

Last but not least, you will need a “We always HATED him” and a glass of champagne to finish your wonderful divorce party night.

Cheers girls.


So ladies, there you go the 18 outfit ideas if you wonder what to wear to a divorce party together with some divorce photoshoot ideas.

What are your thoughts on that? I hope you get inspired and come up with your favorite look!

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