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*2023 13 looks* Blazer with jeans and heels (Video hack at last!)

*2023 13 looks* Blazer with jeans and heels (Video hack at last!)

Looking at how to look great with a blazer, jeans, and heels? You’ve come to the right place!

Seriously, whenever you want to look put together, this combo just never fails to disappoint you.

From the oh-so-in-style oversized blazer to the fitted boss babe look, I’ve got you all covered.

Below, I’ve gathered 9 outfit combos when it comes to the classic blazer, jeans and heels look, I’m sure you will get inspired and freshen things up!

If you are wondering what types of blazers suit your body type the best, keep on reading!

1. French chic blazer + jeans + heels look

We all know that a blazer is the epitome of style and class when it comes to putting together an outfit.

And obviously, French ladies take this point to their best advantage!

As the saying goes “less is more“, wearing a white button-down shirt, a blouse, mom jeans, and heels is a great way to portray the effortless chic of the French fashion scene.

Make sure you leave a button or two undone to maintain your effortless chic air.


Keeping your accessories to a minimum is a great way to stay on trend, because, as I’ve already mentioned, less is more.

Similarly, your blazer and heels should be the same shade as they will elongate your figure as a whole.

2. White Bralette and Blazer

The desire to look hot and stunning is achievable even while wearing a blazer.

white blazer with jeans and heels
Source: 1,2

The key to looking stylish? Pair up the modern sleek blazer with an ultra-feminine bralette for a WOW factor.

This combo just screams “I’ve got a style AND I know it” to the fullest confidence.

Wear a bralette that is comfortable and supportive. But if you’re still having trouble picking out a bralette, let me help you!

Dress up a tank top worn as a bralette with a military-inspired blazer, washed high-rise jeans, and white heels that complement the top’s color if you want to achieve a chic and conservative look.

This lace-paneled bralette is perfect if you’re going for a seductive, alluring but without too revealing kind of look.

If you wear it with a blazer, some high-rise jeans, and some white heels, you will undoubtedly catch the eye.


Bralettes are often worn with high-rise or high-waisted jeans because they are also known as crop tops.

As a bonus, it might make you appear taller.

3. Simple White Shirts and Blazers

Everyone knows that the saying “the simpler, the better” is true.

casual blazer with jeans and heels
Source: 1,2

When choosing undergarments for your blazer, the same rule applies.

You can’t get any better than a plain white tee to show off that motto!

The most challenging aspect of wearing a blazer and heels with a white shirt is, of course, deciding on a color scheme.

Bright colors, such as red, are ideal for when you just want to hang out with friends or go shopping casually.

And if you are going to a meeting or to work, you could wear black or other dark colors to emphasize your professionalism.

4. Statement Shirt for Blazers and Ripped Jeans

If you’re tired of wearing the same old white t-shirt, try wearing statement or graphic tees!

blazer with ripped jeans and heels
Source: 1,2

It’s a surefire way to look hip and modern if you pair your blazer with a statement or graphic shirt.

Now that you know blazers can be worn casually, a statement shirt is best worn with a pastel pink blazer.

Tuck the shirt into ripped-knee jeans and closed-toe heels; this will give you a polished, laid-back look.

To look both femme and fierce, I’d say couple this Barbie graphic tee with a dark blazer a pair of ripped jeans, and open-toe strappy heels that scream fashion statement.


Denim with too many holes will make your legs look bigger and thicker, so try to avoid them.

5. Blazer with jeans and heels for plus-size ladies

Naturally, our curvy queens look fabulous in blazers.

blazer with jeans and heels plus size
Source 1,2

My guess is that our plus-sized ladies will become best buddies with blazers because of the potential for these garments to conceal their excess fat.

Let me help you, ladies!

The best way to cover up some extra weight is by wearing a V-neck shirt under a blazer.

It will make you look bulky if you tuck in that shirt. To appear taller, pair that top with skinny ripped jeans and closed pointed-toe heels.

Also, a button-down shirt and a small checkered blazer (this pattern is perfect to make your body look slim) can make even the most voluptuous female boss look polished.

The combination of a pair of pointed-toe heels and a pair of jeans tucked into the button-down shirt instantly elevates your look to the next level.

You can instantly up your fashion game by adding a skinny belt.


If you want to wear ripped jeans without drawing attention to the chunkiness of your legs, go for a pair with minimal rips.

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(Most popular of all time! Cheers to all ladies with muffin top! #bodypositivity)

6. Blazer Outfit Idea for Winter

The blazer is a great wintertime choice.

What then, would be the best top to wear underneath a blazer for the winter? Obviously, a turtleneck sweater for a sense of high fashion.

But an oversized sweater isn’t the best choice for this case.

Try pairing your white blazer with a mock turtleneck bodysuit instead.

Wear it with super-skinny jeans and studded pointed-toe stilettos. In other words, you’d look absolutely stunning.

7. Tie neck blouse and double-breasted blazer

Here’s the best way to wear your bow tie-neck blouse if you’re a chic woman who adores bows.

First things first, let’s settle on a color scheme!

Wear a complementary color scheme, such as green with a blue blazer.

That’s why it’s important to highlight your curves by wearing a lighter shade of blouse. Then, choose a darker color for your blazer so that the rest of your outfit blends in more subtly.

Your best bet is a pair of washed jeans, and your heel color should complement the color of your blouse.


If you’re looking to up your style game yet on a budget, this silk-like bow-tie blouse is the way to go.

8. Scarf and Blazer for fall & winter

If you don’t like turtlenecks, another winter and fall look is to wear a scarf with your blazer! 

To further elevate your blazer look with jeans, picking the right scarf is key.

Well, you shouldn’t wear a scarf that’s too thick or bulky, or else you’ll look like you’re drowning in it.

Instead, you could wear a scarf made of a wool and silk blend, which may appear too flimsy but actually keeps you quite toasty.

What we need to know is how to match these with our blazers. simple! In order to look your best, your blazer and scarf should be the same color or a close shade.

The recommended inner shirt could be a color that matches or complements your blazer, or it could be as simple as a white v-neck shirt.

Put on some ripped or washed jeans and some pointed-toe strap heels to look ultra-chic and sophisticated.

9. Oversized blazer x Belt

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your own unique take on the blazer.

Many different combinations are possible when wearing a blazer with jeans and heels, but I’ll show you the quickest and easiest way to look fabulous every time.

If you want to look your best, you should put on a high-neck shirt and a blazer, but we’ll spice things up by adding a belt to your blazer so it looks like a belted blazer.

Remember that each blazer has a button for easy fastening.

Incorporating a skinny leather belt into your ensemble is a surefire way to look fresh and chic.

You can make yourself look taller by wearing skinny jeans or mom jeans, and your heels should go with the color of your belt.


Wear dark innerwear and a belt with a light-colored blazer.

If you do opt for a dark blazer, keep the rest of your outfit, including the undergarments and belt, light.

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hey ladies, why not quickly do an affirmation and feel instantly better?

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Ready? Here we go.

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Sassy isn’t a shape, it’s an attitude.

Work out because I love my body – not because I hate it.

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Alright, now keep on reading!

10. Best blazer for your body type

Last but not least, I’ve come across this pin and thought it was extremely useful!

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So that’s it ladies, 9 ways how to wear a blazer with jeans and heels! I would love to hear your thoughts about these!

I hope these outfit ideas prove you teaming blazers with jeans is incredibly chic and possible!

However, it is important to wear them with the appropriate colors and undergarments to really bring the best style!

Never force yourself to like something that doesn’t feel natural to you; make sure it fits with your personal style.

Looking for more outfit ideas? Check out my other popular posts down below. See you there loves!

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