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*20 looks in 2023!*How to wear a double-breasted blazer as ladies?

*20 looks in 2023!*How to wear a double-breasted blazer as ladies?

Do you know what says about your double-breasted blazer? Incredible taste and unapologetically confidence set you apart from everyone else.

That’s right girls, this true stunner is all the rage these days for a good reason – it just levels up your outfit with a dash of distinctive Polishness and makes you feel like a million bucks.

But here’s the question: How to wear a double-breasted blazer in all kinds of styles and occasions without feeling overwhelmed?

With that said, I’ve got your back girls.

Below, I’ve gathered 20 ladies’ double-breasted blazer outfit ideas to prove to you they are as versatile as they look stylish.


1. Wear a double-breasted blazer in a casual way

how to wear a double-breasted blazer casually
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While a double-breasted blazer can look so put-together, you can easily dial it down a notch with the simple top and jeans combo.

Of course, leaving the blazer open helps to add that effortlessness you crave as well.

Seriously, pull off a cool all-black look with a crisp white gold button blazer. You’re bound to feel empowered in this get-up.

2. Double-breasted blazer monochrome

how to wear a double breasted blazer ladies
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If you are worrying a double-breasted jacket will make you appear boxy (which won’t be the case if you pick the right fit ), a monochrome look will guarantee you are on the right track.

Putting your body in the same color scheme can make your figure looks united and makes you appear to be slimmer and taller.

If you want to add more dimension to the look, adding in different shades of brown is gonna be so. damn. chic.

3. Get playful with a pastel double-breasted blazer jacket

Can cool-girl and feminine vibes go well together?


double breasted blazer outfit
Source: Stylefavourite. com,2

If you want to give the traditional blazer a fresh update, get creative with the pastel hues that just boost the aesthetic of the look tenfolds.

A pastel blue double-breasted jacket, distressed skinny jeans, and sexy spaghetti strap heels?

This springy look is a breath of fresh air indeed.

4. How to wear a double-breasted jacket in summer?

How to wear double breasted blazer in summer
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Believe it or not, you can rock the double-breasted blazer all year round – and yes – that includes the hot summer days.

To rock this bad girl in a casual way, opt for thin fabric like linen and rayon greatly helps.

Throw your playful gingham blazer on top of a crisp white tee and A-line denim skirt, this is how you introduce a little bit of zing into your summer look!

5. Bakerboy cap and double-breasted blazer as the best combo

how to wear a double breasted blazer ladies
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If you want to take your double-breasted blazer to another level, add in a sleek newsboy cap that just works wonders for a posh – almost regal look.

Whenever I tried this combo, people always think my Zara blazer is the designer’s brand.

Well, now THAT’s how you style strategically on a budget!

6. How to wear a double-breasted blazer? Go edgy

Want to break out of the mold? What about teaming your classy beige blazer with faux leather black leggings that scream “I’ve got a taste and I OWN it”?

If you want to team a double-breasted blazer with jeans without going too casual, the black flared-leg jeans can be a sophisticated choice.

7. Dress oversized double-breasted blazer casually

Dress oversized double breasted blazer casually
Source: 1,2

How to wear a double-breasted blazer casually? What about wearing it as a dress for a holy-chic high street look?

One tip though, if you don’t want to look too exposed, team it with knee-high boots that can always balance out your frame in an instant.

8. Double-breasted blazer co-ord set as a handy choice

Double breasted blazer co-ord set
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Since the double breast blazer is trending everywhere, many brands have updated this classic look with some modern takes and that includes some handy co-ord sets.

Seriously, can we all agree that the lavender double-breasted jacket set just deserves an Instagram post to show all people how effortlessly cool and aesthetic the look is?

9. Cropped double-breasted blazer

Whether you want to contour your torso or stay one-of-a-kind in your double-breasted blazer game, the cropped version is here to elevate your style with its modern silhouette.

Cropped double breasted blazer
Source: 1,2

Not only does it look more casual as there’re fewer buttons, that just offers more pairing possibilities.

You can have no problem wearing it as a solo top or team it with high-waist jeans – both are equally flattering!

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10. Double-breasted blazer dress for a feminine look

double breasted blazer dress outfit
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If you love how sleek the double-breasted blazer looks, high chance you will love the blazer dress version as well!

As a girl who has food baby 24/7, the cotton bodycon dress is an off-limit for me.

But a structured sleeveless bodycon blazer that is supportive and sturdy enough to hold your curves in the right place and create that hot hourglass illusion for you?


As for the casual fall look, pair up the olive green blazer dress and black thigh-high boots just to give out the camo vibes in the best way!


So there you go ladies, the 20 double-breasted jacket outfits inspo if you wonder how to wear a double-breasted blazer both casually and elegantly.

What do you think about these looks? Which one is your favorite? Now have fun discovering your unique look!

By the way, if you are interested in more classy outfit ideas, I’m sure you’ll love the tips and looks below!

See you there gorgeous!

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