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10 tips in 2023! 👩‍🦳How to look feminine and attractive after menopause?

10 tips in 2023! 👩‍🦳How to look feminine and attractive after menopause?

When my mum was going through menopause a few years ago, she once told me “I feel like I was defeated.”

She couldn’t sleep well, she was constantly stressing about the loose skin and body shape, and let’s not forget about the breast soreness…

That’s a real pain to see her suffer.

But luckily, a few years down the road, my mum strived again after menopause.

To my surprise, she still managed to look polished, feminine, and attractive in her 60s!

Looking feminine and attractive is the combination of outer appearance, body health, and mindset.

So here are my mum’s TOP10 Tips on how to look feminine and attractive after menopause, enjoy!

1. Keep your face moisturized

If I can only give you one skin care tip, this is the one! Skin moisturizing has always been crucial to women regardless of age, but it’s even more important for ladies after menopause.

During and after menopause, many women find their skin drier and itchy due to the fluctuation of the hormone. Here are some simple basic tips to keep your face moisturized:

  • Use a moisturizer with hydrating ingredients
  • Avoid products with too many chemicals
  • Apply eye cream and serum
  • Incorporate oil in your skincare routines (Trust me, they will become your new best friends!)
  • Don’t wash your face with hot water, this will make your face even drier (Warm water is preferred)

Proper moisturizing can greatly reduce the risk of deeper wrinkles and smoothen your makeup process.

So ladies, don’t be lazy with this foundational step!

2. Wear your sunscreen every day

Considering the fact that menopause can increase the risk of skin cancer, wearing sunscreen is another must-do step.

Protecting your skin from UV lights can truly slower the skin aging process.

While many makeup products contain sunscreen in the ingredients, they aren’t strong enough to combat the long hours of UV light.

Always spray your sunscreen before makeup no matter rainy or sunny days, that’s a great practice that you won’t regret!


For the ladies who are experiencing menopause, you may want to consider sweat-resistant sunscreen to maximize the skin-protecting effect!

3. Focus on the eyebrows, cheeks, and lips when you do the makeup

For the ladies after menopause, you may get tired to do full makeup every day.

Whether full makeup or light makeup without foundation, always remember to do your eyebrows, cheeks, and lips.

When we aged, it’s natural that our eyebrows get lighter and thinner with time and that’s why we should pay attention to our eyebrows.

If eyebrow pencil is not your thing, eyebrow powder works well for a softer look as well!

But ladies, do your eyebrow as this can really make you look more put together and younger!

Besides eyebrows, we should always pay attention to our cheeks and lips too!

As our face will get slightly looser with age, getting some natural brush will make our face look plumper visually.

Added to this, let’s not forget about the lipstick!

As our lips look naturally pale with age, lipstick can help us look more refreshing and younger. Last, always apply lip balm as a foundation to keep the moisture.

So if you are not a big fan of makeup, at least you can put a bit of color on your eyebrows, cheeks, and lips!

That makes you look more put-together and feminine!

4. Nurture your skin with healthy food that high in Antioxidants

After menopause, our face stops producing as much collagen and that makes our face lose elasticity and sometimes we just can’t avoid the sagging neck and cheeks.

While we can’t avoid the natural aging process, at least we can facilitate the collagen process with anti-aging food that are rich in antioxidants!

As the saying goes “You are what you eat”, adding food that nourishes our skin is the real way when it comes to skincare.

So here are the Top 10 food that supports your body.

  • Watercress
  • Red bell pepper
  • Papaya
  • Blueberries
  • Broccoli
  • Spinach
  • Nuts
  • Avocado
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Pomegranate seeds

Source: Healthfood

Besides picking the right food, minimizing the sugar intake is equally important.

My mum used to consume so much sugar and junk food during menopause, not only does that make her skin condition worse, artificial sugar can fluctuate our mood and create anxiety.

Also, some women may experience emotional hardship after menopause and that may lead to stress eating and turn out to become a vicious cycle.

So ladies, always pay attention to your diet!

5. Do face yoga every day for 5 minutes

I hope you get excited because face yoga really works!

How to look feminine and attractive after menopause

Regardless of your age, if you are committed to spending 5 minutes every day doing face yoga, I’m sure you will be surprised at how magical it is!

Skin aging contributes to many reasons and one of them is muscle loss.

Just like doing hardcore training for our body, face yoga trains our facial muscles and that makes our face looks toned and it is effective to uplift our face.

Well, don’t underestimate these exercises, some of them can be really challenging!

This youtube video is the one my mum tried and this greatly address her double chin problem in just a month!

Face yoga is not that common yet so this can truly be a beauty secret!

6. Do regular physical activities for health

This tip can’t be obvious, doing the workout is one of the best ways to maintain your body figure, and skin condition and improve your mental state.

Here are some reasons you may want to know:

  • Strengthening your bones: Doing workouts can slow down bone loss and thus reduce the chance of osteoporosis
  • Prevent weight gain: With the hormone changes, women tend to gain weight, especially around the hips and thighs area so a workout can definitely help to control the weight, it also reduces the risk of diabetes and heart-related: diseases
  • Boost your mood: With the release of endorphins (A chemical in the brain) during exercise, triggers the positive feeling within us and helps us combat depression and anxiety

It’s not surprising to know that the people who exercise regularly always look younger and happier than others!

If you want to strive and maintain a feminine figure after menopause, do exercise!

7. Wear perfume

As the saying goes “You’re never fully dressed without perfume”.

When it comes to looking feminine and attractive, it’s about paying attention to details and looking polished.

Obviously, perfume is one of the easy and elegant ways to express our femininity.

For some ladies, you may experience a change in your body odor, which is completely normal with the hormone and body chemical changes.

But still, this is not a pleasant experience and that can make us feel insecure and not feel the best towards ourselves.

If you want to address this problem, natural deodorants and perfume can definitely help.

When it comes to perfume, mature ladies should avoid heavy, sweet, or fruity scents as they may smell weird after mixing with your body odor.

Of course, if you want to boost attractiveness. Go for this pheromone perfume on Amazon that truly works wonders! Read the reviews and I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

Always remember, we are never too old for perfume. Just no such rules.

8. Wear a light, low saturation color outfit instead of a BLACK

How to look feminine and attractive after menopause

These tips can change your overall vibes and make you attain a softer, more ladylike look.

This is such a pity that when a lady enters their 50s and 60s, they limit their outfit choice to only black, brown, or dark blue.

While these colors are classic, if you keep wearing these EVERY DAY, you are obviously telling everyone “I am giving up on myself”.

This is a myth that mature women can’t wear light-colored outfits. Well, they CAN!

Now you may wonder why black or dark colors aren’t feminine, the answer is simple – these are the colors men always wear.

On the opposite, we should always wear floral and pastel colors like light purple, baby blue, and light pink.

If you want to progress that slowly, feel free to wear your purple top with black trousers instead of wearing all light colors.

Another way is wearing natural earth-tone colors to achieve a classy timeless look, colors like beige, ivory, or dusty yellow, they are all great choices to make you look more womanly!

I know that ladies want to look slimmer by wearing dark colors, but actually, there are countless more effective to shape our curves.

If this is your concern, this article provides 7 ways to look stunning if you are overweight, I’m sure you will love it!

9. Nurture your interest and stay curious

How to look feminine and attractive after menopause

Despite our outer appearance, femininity is also about the mindset.

If you have a growth mindset and are always curious about the world, that trait is really attractive to others and people can truly tell.

It’s important for us to have our own interests and things to develop.

From the biological viewpoint, women are great at nurturing things and this is the element that makes us feel and look feminine naturally.

So ladies, if you have a hobby that spikes your interest, pursuit it! Be it cooking, baking, gardening, or other things, this is the secret recipe to keep you stay youthful and attractive.

10. Practise Self-love everyday

Last but not least, you need a big dose of self-love every day.

Self-care routines aren’t something luxury but instead, necessary especially for the ladies after menopause.

Menopause isn’t an easy thing to go through and during these processes, we may doubt our values and be insecure about the mental and body changes, this can be overwhelming.

As the saying goes, how you love yourself is teaching others how to love you.

If you think you aren’t attractive and feminine, how can you expect others to see these traits in you?

So here are some easy ways to nurture our self-love.

  • Journaling and write down 3 things you feel grateful for every day
  • Do affirmation in front of the mirror and tell yourselves you are beautiful in your own way
  • Realize that it’s normal to have some dark thoughts, all we need to do is let them go
  • Surround yourself with the loving people
  • Don’t addict to news watching (This is truly important…)
  • Eat mindfully, only eat the food that nourishes your body

These tips are nothing fancy yet crucial to set a good foundation when it comes to self-love. There is countless way to self-love and self-care, feel free to explore yourselves!


Wow, this article is such a long read! I am really passionate about femininity after menopause as I witness how my mum strived and stay attractive in her 60s.

The transforming process is not easy, but it’s so worth it.

So let’s have a quick recap when it comes to How to look feminine and attractive after menopause!

  • Keep your face moisturized
  • Wear your sunscreen every day
  • Focus on the eyebrows, cheeks, and lips when you do the makeup
  • Nurture your skin with healthy food that high in Antioxidants
  • Do face yoga every day for 5 minutes
  • Do regular physical activities for health
  • Wear perfume
  • Wear a light, low saturation color outfit instead of a BLACK
  • Nurture your interest and stay curious
  • Practise Self-love everyday

I hope these tips are practical and motivate you to be a beautiful timeless woman!

Don’t let age defines you because beauty exists at every age!

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