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How to look feminine without makeup?10 tips to LEVEL UP YR 2023!

How to look feminine without makeup?10 tips to LEVEL UP YR 2023!

Can we look feminine without makeup? My straight answer is a big fat YES!

When it comes to femininity, it’s a set of attributes and behaviors that are way more than just focusing on makeup.

Looking feminine is the soft combination of outer beauty and inner beauty.

It’s the combined traits of a gentle, kind, classy lady that is timeless regardless of age.

So yes, you can look feminine without makeup for sure, and here are the 10 tips to express your femininity!



No matter you are short hair or long hair, taking good care of your hair can greatly enhance your femininity.

Despite the fact that shiny thick healthy hair enhances your appearance and outlook, it’s also a great sign to show people you are taking good care of yourself.

Let’s be honest ladies, we all know that hair care isn’t easy at all, it does require a great amount of time and effort.

Trust me, your hair can absolutely reflect you are an elegant lady who knows how to treat yourself well and pays a little bit extra effort to look more put together with healthy hair.

After all, femininity is all about details!

Here are some simple ways to take care of your hair:

  • Trim your hair every 3-4 months ( Cut your split ends )
  • Don’t wash your every day as it will wash away all the healthy oil in the hair ( Except the workout days)
  • Always brush your hair
  • Massage your scalp to promote hair growth
  • Use chemical-free shampoos
  • Deep conditioning your hair every 2 weeks

Of course, these are just brief guidelines.

Feel free to personalize your hair care routine and treat this as one of your self-care activities!


Try a different hairstyle to look more feminine without makeup

The second tip, yup it’s about hair again and this time, ladies, get creative and play with your hair!

While it is extremely comfy to not style our hair at all ( We’ve all been there – messy hair with cartoon pajamas at home), the hairstyle is actually a great place to express your femininity and it’s pity that many people overlook that!

It’s actually so much fun to style our hair and there are countless hairstyles on Pinterest: Youthful Easy Ponytail, a classy flip bun, the classic french braid, hair bow, twisted ponytail…the combinations are countless.

A huge part to express femininity is about being creative and staying youthful and curious.

This is one of the most valuable yet attractive traits of a woman. Changing your hairstyle from time to time makes you feel more refreshed and it’s so fun to explore your possibilities with hair.

Who knew? Maybe one day you end up obsessed to wear a classy low bun with delicate earrings to express your femininity. Never say never!

Despite the hairstyles I’ve mentioned above, here are some hairstyle hacks for the lazy days:

  • Just change your part in your hair rather than change the whole hairstyle
  • Put your long hair to one side and show the other side your shoulder line (This simple act can instantly boost your femininity)
  • Wear pearl hair clips to sparkle up your hair

Yes, they are the ultimate simple rules but they work wonders.

Always remember, we don’t need a date night to curl our hair for guys, we can do it for ourselves with or without a special occasion.

Looking feminine is about being in love with ourselves and willing to pamper ourselves, this is why a feminine woman always looks so calm and relaxed in every situation.

As the saying goes, Invest in your hair ladies, it is the crown you never take off!


Take care your skin to look feminine without makeup

With or without makeup, the bottom line is always to have clear skin.

Skincare is more than outer beauty, it’s the image you present to the world and this reflects how you want to be addressed by others.

There’s no doubt that with clear skin, you are likely to be more confident and comfortable with your acts and leave others a good impression.

There’s no doubt that part of femininity is about nurturing our outer beauty, while it’s not easy at all, it’s always worth it.

Tips to have clear skin and face:

  • Wear sunscreen (This is a MUST if you don’t want wrinkles in your early 30s)
  • Wash your face with warm water instead of hot water
  • Always hydrate your skin with natural skincare products
  • Exfoliate your face from time to time
  • Use DIY face masks every week
  • Always trim your eyebrows
  • Don’t always touch your face (You have no ideas how dirty your hands can be)
  • Sleep on a silk pillow to reduce the fraction of your hair and face

Of course, there are countless beauty tips and hacks to explore!

These 8 tips are nothing fancy but it works wonderfully for my skin, hope you girls will find them useful!


Wear fragrance to look feminine without makeup

If you want to look feminine without makeup instantly, wear some perfume!

Perfume is something that is invisible and yet an unforgettable accessory for a woman.

With no makeup, your fragrance can help draw people’s attention to you and they will subconsciously link you with the fragrance, which can boost your femininity in others’ eyes.

Despite that, wearing perfume can also show that you are a lady who always makes time to beautify yourself and take care of yourself.

This seems trivial but this trait is really captivating in others’ eyes.

Again, no, you don’t need any dates or celebrations to wear fragrances.

Always remember, do it for ourselves but not others. If you feel like you want to wear a fragrance and that makes you happier, why not?

But as a friendly reminder, pick your perfume carefully, you don’t want to wear fragrance with an overwhelming scent.

My all-time favorite is Miss Dior Blooming Spray, all I can say is it’s a simple elegance essence! Highly recommend.

If you want to look poised and put together instantly, wearing some fragrance will be the easiest way!


Wear simple accessories to look feminine without makeup

Despite the fragrance, accessories can always level up and accomplish your whole style.

With statement accessories, it helps to portray your identity or personality to others on a deeper level.

Let’s imagine, a lady with a pair of pearl earrings you probably think of the assumptions of elegance, and sophistication while a lady with black skull earrings may have the assumptions of an artistic and strong personality.

So yes, accessories speak a lot and this is the golden opportunity to pick the right accessories to express your femininity.

I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.Michael Kors

When it comes to accessories, here’s the rule: Less is always more for an elegant look! Below is what I mean:


Wear soft light pastel colors to look feminine without makeup

Black, white, grey, dark blue… these are for sure the classy color that makes us looks elegant.

However, if you want to feel and look more feminine and ladylike, wearing some soft light pastel colors can never go wrong!

I know some girls may think wearing purple, pink, or baby blue is too overwhelming and considered “too girly”.

No worries! You don’t have to wear a pink ruffle dress.

Instead, you can try wearing a pastel pink sweater as a starting point.

Once you’ve tried these colors, you will realize how refreshing your look and you will start trying more soft colors outfits!

Life is too boring to just wear black, white and grey! Try some light colors on and embrace your femininity!


Pick the clothes that flatter your body figures to look more feminine

Being feminine in clothes is never about wearing something revealing, but rather, it’s about emphasizing our feminine figure.

Some of our feminine parts include shoulders, waists, and legs and we can always emphasize these body parts without wearing something revealing.

For example, you can always add a belt to emphasize your waist and this is really truly feminine – simple yet classy!

Of course, there’s nothing wrong to wear in a more revealing way but just that with revealing outfits, it will be way harder to look classy and elegant in most cases.

One of the simple rules is, to pick only one body part to emphasize. For example, if you want to show your legs, then you may want to wear a less revealing top to balance it out.

Trust me, this rule can be really useful in many cases. After all, less is always more.


Try different textures of clothes to look more feminine without makeup

I hope this is a new tip for you because I truly find this useful!

For a very long time, most of my clothes are made of cotton and I don’t really aware of the textures of clothing.

In recent years, I started to dive into femininity and I realized that the texture of a dress can really increase femininity!

Despite the causal fabric like cotton and denim, we can try velvet, silk, and satin!

Surprisingly, these fabrics are affordable and many clothes are now made from these fabrics too.

All you need to do is start aware of the fabrics and try to include some new fabrics in your wardrobe.

You will be surprised how affordable yet feminine a satin dress is!


Wear comfy undergarments to look feminine without makeup

You may wonder, well, no one will see my undergarments. Why wearing them will make me more feminine?

It’s true that part of femininity is about nurturing the outer beauty, however, femininity always has to start from within to make your vibes complete.

If you don’t feel feminine, even if you are wearing full makeup with red lips, your vibes will just go to be awkward and people can tell you are trying hard.

With the right fabric and fitted bras, you are feeling comfortable in your own skin and it serves as a good foundation to radiate your femininity.

Whenever I wear lace undergarments, I feel more feminine and I always behave in a more gentle and soft way!

I know this sounds silly but trust me, wearing the right undergarments that boost your mood is really the secret of femininity.

Feeling elegant and ladylike isn’t something we are born with but rather, we learn and nurture it.

Wearing nice underwear is definitely one of the easiest ways to do so!


Be aware of your posture and movement to look feminine without makeup

When it comes to movement, this is the place most of us overlook and yes, this affects how feminine we look.

Imagine when you wear an elegant little black dress with rose gold earrings but you close the door with a big “BANG”.

Such a contrast right? Well, this can really ruin your femininity.

Always remember, looking at femininity is not just about the outer look but how you present in front of others as a whole.

How you walk, how you grab things, and the way your move does affect your image.

For example, hunching your back is a big no-no! Keep your heads up and I guarantee you will feel more confident and put together!


Be welcoming and kind to look feminine without makeup

Last but not least, you guessed it, be welcoming and kind. Nothing is more attractive and ladylike than a woman who treats people equally with a kind heart.

The core of feminine energy is not just about paying attention to ourselves but also being a true listener to others and always being the positive vibes around people.

You always prepare food when your friends visit, you bake a cake to say thank you to your neighbor, you help a stranger to guide her way, all these trivial things add up to create the ultimate feminine energy that makes you special.


So yes, if you ask me how to look feminine without makeup, here are the 11 tips to nurture your femininity! Let’s have a quick recap first.

  • Take care of your hair
  • Try a different hairstyle
  • Have clear skin and face
  • Wear fragrance for womanly vibes
  • Accessorize yourself to look put together
  • Wear soft light pastel colors
  • Pick the clothes that flatter your body curves
  • Level up your feminity with different textures of clothes
  • Wear comfy undergarments that make you feel good
  • Be aware of your movement and posture
  • Be welcoming and kind…always

While some people still think that looking feminine is about wearing a ruffle dress in pink, talking in a high-pitched voice, and wearing red lipstick.

True femininity is versatile and personal for every woman.

Femininity is the ultimate sophistication to be a girl in mind, a woman with attitude, and a lady with class.

So ladies, yes, you CAN look feminine without any makeup!

Looking for more styling tips? Check out the other popular articles! See you there loves!

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    Tip 7 is so true! I’ve tried silk dress this year and I can truly feel by feminine with just little change. Like seriously why no one tell me about the fabric before