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*2023* 11 Cuban party & Havana nights outfit ideas! (Visual guide)

*2023* 11 Cuban party & Havana nights outfit ideas! (Visual guide)

My love for theme parties is everlasting, especially if it’s a Havana night party. 

I mean, why not? 

Who doesn’t love to dress up in gorgeous Cuban attire for a party with sassy colors and patterns to rock the dance floor?

First things first, Havana is the capital city of Cuba.

Apart from the rich and colorful culture of Cuba, Havana’s nightlife makes Cuba a popular tourist attraction.  

cuban party havana nights outfit ideas
Source: Pinterest

A typical Havana night party revolves around tropical fruit cocktails served with Caribbean food and having the time of your life dancing to the beats of salsa music all night long.

Sound fun, right?

So, if you’ve never experienced Havana nightlife or gone to a Havana night party, girl, you are missing out on a lot!

Wondering how to dress up in Cuban attire for a Havana night party.

havana party outfit idea
Source: Pinterest

Don’t worry; I have got you covered with 10 fantastic Cuban attire outfit inspirations.

With all the styling tips you need from head to toe, you’re bound to feel and look the best!

So, keep reading to get inspired!

1. What to wear to a Cuban party casually

If you are a beach bum, basking in the exotic beaches of Cuba would be your dream holiday destination (I can tell for sure!).

So, why not instill these carefree vibes into your coming Cuban party?

cuban attire for party

This lady just embraces all the right elements in one outfit.

From the straw hat, neck scarf, and off-shoulder patterned tunic dress to retro round sunglasses, this look is the perfect blend of drama and elegance.

Cuba-inspired in a casual and distinctive way!


Wear sunscreen and shades all the time to avoid any sun damage for outdoor parties!

2. What to wear to Havana Nights Party (Normal Clothes)

Wondering what to wear to Havana night’s Party with regular clothes? Don’t worry; I have the answer to all your dress-up problems.

What to wear to Havana Nights Party

Put on your basic floral printed dress and add some metallic jewelry pieces to it for a contrasting effect.

And do not forget to add a floral headdress to bring in some tropical fun.


If you think “pattern x pattern” is too OTT, team the statement top with jean shorts is the failproof combo.

3. What to wear to a Havana party in a modern way?

Wondering how you can pull off a modern Cuban look at your next Havana night party?

Here is the ultimate look for you to get inspired.

What to wear to a havana party casually

Put on a pair of white wide-leg pants with a front-tied tropical blouse with a swipe of red lippy, and be the rockstar at your next Havana party.

To finish this look on a dressier note, add some bohemian accessories with a touch of stylish sunglasses to level up your style game in no time.

Pair this outfit with floral accessories and beaded jewelry pieces to add some Havana vibes.

Stand out at the party ladies!

4. Havana Nights gala theme male outfit

A Cuban theme party is all fun and games when you have a weirdo on your side.

If you guys are planning on attending a Cuban party as a couple and don’t have time for shopping, here’s how you can make the most out of the situation with your everyday clothes.

Havana nights gala theme male outfit

All you need is to color coordinate your outfits and add some fun accessories for an inherently glam look.


To add a retro feel, for guys, I’d say consider wearing the suspender belt to show others you’ve given a thought to your style.

5. Vintage rose dress and white sleek set

If you run out of outfit ideas for a Havana night’s party, the iconic color black and red rose print dress is here to relish the tropical Cuban spirit.

Vintage rose dress and white sleek suit cuban party

For guys, a sleek white look and straw hat just look effortlessly stylish and preppy.

Well, if the all-over print is too much for you, balance things out with a white top – it’s equally flattering!

6. Vintage Cuban-inspired dress

When in doubt, go vintage.

Dressing up in 50’s vintage dresses is the most effortless diva dress-up.

If you’re a girl who loves putting on a dress, this outfit is the one for you.

Vintage cuban-inspired dress on Amazon
Buy on Amazon!

This glamorous floral vintage dress from Amazon is the epitome of grace and glam.

Adorn this dress with a pair of statement earrings and be an absolute diva at your next Havana night party.

HAVANA nights dress
Source: Pinterest

So, what are you waiting for? Grab this gorgeous dress before it stocks out! It comes in 14 colors and patterns!

7. Havana nights dress plus size

This outfit inspiration is for all the beautiful plus-size ladies out there.

Havana nights dress plus size

Wear this strappy, off-shoulder midi dress with a vintage flare to conceal your tummy fat and make you look even more graceful.

So, embrace your inner beauty and sweep them all off their feet with your beautiful curves.

8. When in doubt, bright shades

If you don’t have any patterned dresses, well, solid bright hues also work wonders!

cuban party havana nights red dress
Source: Pinterest

You just can’t go wrong with a statement red off-shoulder dress and boho bag.

The vibes are a 10/10.

Of course, the jumpsuit works well as well!

White hat red dress outfit
Source: Pinterest

A white straw hat with a red split dress is PERFECTION.

9. Preppy Havana night party outfit idea

Never thought a Havana night party outfit could look preppy?

Well, look below!

preppy Havana night party outfit ideas
Source: Stylemepretty

Compared to the bright hues, this pastel shade can be another choice for a refreshing, softer version of a Cuban party.

Try that out!

8. Sassy Havana night theme party outfit

Fashion comes and goes, but split-leg maxi skirts are here to stay.

Sassy havana nights theme party outfit
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This sassy two-piece maxi dress from Amazon is the ideal Havana night outfit for you.

pineapple shirt and yellow floral dress
Source: Pinterest

Pineapple shirt and yellow floral dress – Definitely pass the couple vibes check.

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9. Havana nights & Cuba party shoes

Whether it’s a theme party or a cocktail, heels are the ultimate formal footwear for every event. 

Havana nights & Cuba party shoes

For the Havana night’s party, wear heels that fit right and are easy to dance in.

You can opt for wedges, dance shoes, block heels, or ankle-support strappy heels for added comfort with style.


Prioritize your comfort and style will follow the way. Low chunky heels and wedges are excellent options.

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Alright, now keep on reading!

10. Havana Nights hairstyles and headpieces

Walking down the streets of Havana, you will rarely find a woman without hair accessories or traditional hair scarves.

Havana nights hairstyles and headpieces

So, why not do it as the Cubans do?

Whether you are doing a messy hair updo or carrying it untied to your Havana night party, a floral accessory (fresh flowers, wreaths) or a turban scarf is a must. 

Havana Nights hairstyles
Source: Pinterest

However, if you are not so fond of head accessories, you can opt for a semi-bun hairstyle to blend with the vibe.


If you can’t get your hands on fresh flowers, use artificial flower hair accessories instead.

And, you can reuse them for various other events also, unlike fresh flowers!

11. Rose hair clip & embroidered handheld fan

Searching for cool accessories to add some drama to your Havana night party attire? Look no further.

Here is the deal for you.

Rose hair clip & embroidered handheld fan
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This Havana accessories set includes two pieces of floral hair accessories with a sequin handheld fan to match the vibe of your Cuban party attire.

So, buy this deal and dress up your next Havana party in style!


So, ladies, here are all the 11 Cuban party and Havana night outfit ideas.

Do you enjoy this post? Hope this is helpful!

Now, lock down on your favorite look and get there to wow them with your dress-up game.

You got this girl!

If you are looking for other themed party outfits, check out my popular posts below. See you there loves!

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