* 2022 * 10 looks to wear to Bridgerton experience & Regencycore parties! (Modern & costumes)

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Wondering what to wear to the Bridgerton experience and regencycore-themed parties? You’ve come to the right place. Ahead, I’ve gathered 10 real-life outfits with all kinds of styles to get you inspired!

Unquestionably, regency core is all rage these days. From Instagram to Tik-Tok, you can see Bridgerton-inspired looks popping up as fierce as ever.

A survey conducted by international fashion marketplace Lyst shows there has been a whopping 123% rise in searches for corsets, and 93% for empire cut waistlines thanks to the huge success of Netflix’s Bridgerton.

So, people, it’s time for glam!

If you think the whole regencycore trend is overwhelming, I got you. In the article below, I will highlight all the different Bridgerton-inspired ensembles from casual to dressy so you can recreate the look with your own style.


1. What to wear to Bridgerton party in your regular clothes

What to wear to Bridgerton

When it comes to the Bridgerton experience, wearing the 18th and 19th-century costume is certainly not the only choice.

These ladies just prove to us that wearing your modern outfits is totally doable!

That said, make sure you are dressing up in some ultra-stylish pieces like a wild leopard print co-ords or statement neon green dress that vibes with the bold and fun regency aesthetic.

Showing up in the graphic tee and jeans will make you feel like an awkward outsider.

Don’t do that sis.

2. Simple sweet Bridgerton experience outfits

Dress casual to Bridgerton experience

To get ready for the queen’s ball with minimal effort, a white and red striped sweater and maxi dress just look sweet and darling.

To add the retro ambiance, this lady completed her look with the T-bar heels. Perfection.

3. What to wear to Bridgerton ball as couple

what to wear to Bridgerton ball


To embrace the regencycore fashion to the fullest, the statement puffy sleeve dress with a low-cut neckline is one of the most iconic and flattering looks. Regency core is all about being hyper-feminine with glided glamour.

So please embrace all whimsy colors and prints and be as extra as you want – you will never look OTT in the glided age scene.

Of course, feel free to add a hint of personality with a conversation-starting clutch or bag. This sparkly pearl clutch is to die for.

4. What to wear to the queen's ball?

what to wear to the queen's ball

Of course, how can we skip the hyper-romantic empire-waist dress when it comes to Regency era-themed clothes?


For the ladies who want to dress up in gloves (Which I strongly suggest you should!) but are insecure about the arms area at the same time, consider wearing short-length gloves rather than the long opera glove.

The reason being is long gloves can easily squeeze your upper arm fat and draw eyes to the unwanted area.

Trust me, there’s a certain feeling of perfection when you wear the right length.

5. Amazon Regencycore puffy sleeve dress

puffy empire waist dress

Get this Regency dress on Amazon

If you are looking for a Regency dress on a budget, this one from Amazon is the best bet. Featuring all different color combos in the most flattering fit, you’re bound to feel a sense of retro whimsicalness in this dress.

If you want to look more polished, go for the shimmering satin Bridgerton dress

This texture just elevates the whole look in an instant.

6. Dress modern to Bridgerton ball

Regencycore dress outfits


Seriously, you will see people wearing all kinds of outfits in the Bridgerton experience. When the days are chilling out, why not go for an Oh-so-fancy sequin dress with a cropped corduroy jacket that makes the most unexpected combo?

Together with the forgiving spaghetti strap heels, this is how you embrace the Bridgerton magic in a modern look.

7. Regency era aesthetic with a dash of exotic

Regency era outfit ideas

For The Queen’s ball, this emerald Moroccan caftan dress looks inherently glam. Yes people, you don't need a designer brand dress to stand out of the crowd. Sometimes you will need is an exotic dress.

8. What to wear to Bridgeton experience guys? 

What to wear to Bridgerton experience guys


For gentlemen, it’s time to explore some fun hues and patterns! Life is too short to not wear that funky polka dot blazer and pink pants!

If you want to stay lowkey, pay attention to the fabric and swap your regular button-down for a satin shirt.

Added to this, the suspender belt is another failproof item. It just strikes an effortless and elegant note in any look.

9. Cute Bridgerton inspired dresses

Regencycore outfit ideas

 Get this puffy sleeve doll dress on Amazon

Want to embrace regencycore trend without looking too polished? I'd say doll up in this super fluffy empire waist dress to freshen things up!

Feel free to mix different elements to create your one-of-a-kind look. For footwear, you just can't go wrong with the lace-up espadrilles - romantic yet comfy to walk all day long.

10. Regencycore Tiaras & accessories set

Regencycore accessories

 Get this Regencycore accessories set on Amazon

Last but not least, the cherry on top - a show-stealing tiaras and earrings set to elevate your royalty aesthetic into another level.

If the crown is too bling bling for you, the ribbon and pearl headband are equally aesthetic.


So there you go – the 10 Regency era outfit ideas if you are wondering what to wear to the Bridgerton experience and regencycore-themed parties!

What are your thoughts on that? I hope that gives you some ideas and now it’s time to get completely swept up in the magic! Tonight, you can be anyone in the glided age!

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