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What to wear with a corset as outerwear? 7 No-fail tips in 2023!

What to wear with a corset as outerwear? 7 No-fail tips in 2023!

Finally, this corset trend is back! As a timeless symbol of femininity and elegance, this is really exciting to see people start to wear a corset as outerwear. 

While there are different kinds of corsets these days, most of our biggest question is – What to wear with a corset?

Indeed, if you’ve never worn a closet before, it can be overwhelming and make you procrastinate on your corset styling plan.

But no worries ladies, I got you covered!

Here are the 7 tips for what to wear with a corset as outerwear, enjoy!

1. Pair your corset top with tight jeans and a blazer

what to wear with a corset as outerwear

There are different types of corsets and let’s start with a corset top.

When it comes to a corset top, don’t have to overthink it as it must look gorgeous with tight jeans and a blazer.

If you are looking for some girl boss polished look, this is the one!

With the corset top, your upper body has the perfect defined curves.

That being said, tight jeans that show your legs’ curves are a perfect match to keep the whole outfit more united.

On top of a blazer, you will be surprised how feminine yet refined you look in this outfit as it allows you to show out your body silhouette.

And for sure, you do look slimmer with the help of a corset.

If you’re not a fan of tight jeans, flare pants can be really flattering as their design will make your leg appear longer visually.

I always thought if I want to look high fashion on a budget one day, that will be my ultimate combination!

But when it comes to the boyfriend jeans, I just don’t think it goes well with the corset top so I will try to avoid that.

2. Wear your corset bodycon dress with heels

Do you know there’s a corset bodycon dress? Well, now you know!

While the bodycon dress is such a big trend these days, as a pear-shaped girl, I never feel good in a bodycon dress with my tummy.

But luckily, I discovered there’s the corset bodycon dress. I feel like this should be something new as many of my friends don’t know this type of corset dress exists!

With the help of a corset, it contours my body shape and smoothen my tummy so well!

With the corset bodycon dress, all you need is a pair of heels and you are good to go!

Added to this, you don’t have to throw away all your old bodycon dresses.

You can add a corset or corset belt on top of your bodycon dress to create a different vibe.

I’ve tried that and it looks amazing!

3. Pair your corset with an oversized T-shirt dress with over-knee boots

If you are looking for a casual style to pair with your corset, wearing it with an oversized T-shirt dress is a smart idea.

I seldom wear an oversized T-shirt dress because it just hides our waist completely.

However, with the corset as outerwear, it highlights our waist and makes the whole outfit more feminine instantly.

With a pair of over-knee boots, this is really chic and makes you look so put together.

Among all the combinations, I do think a white T-shirt dress looks best with a black corset. The intense color contrast makes our silhouette looks more defined.

4. Style the corset top with an animal prints skirt

Animal prints skirt is not the easiest thing to style but it looks great with the corset top!

With the complicated prints, the animal prints skirt makes your lower body looks “heavier”.

If you style this look with a plain white T-shirt, it will be a little bit awkward and the cotton fabric is too “light” to balance the prints of the skirt.

However, since the corset is so thick and structured, it can seamlessly attain a high level of harmony with the animal prints and makes your outfit looks complete!

A little reminder, if you want to style complicated prints with a corset top, always look for plain ones like black or white.

Otherwise, your outfit will look a bit distracting with both complicated prints on your upper and lower body.

Always remember, less is more!

5. Wear a corset belt with a sweater dress in winter

If the corset top is too overwhelming for you, let’s start with a corset belt.

Despite the fact that it can define our waist, it can also be a great accessory to dress up our dress.

I am really surprised by how flattering it is to wear a V-neck bulky sweater dress with an elegant corset belt.

It just levels up my look effortlessly and makes me look way slimmer.

So now, I can wear as much HEATTECH underneath my sweater but still, look great on cold days!

6. Style your corset skirt with a turtleneck

Are any turtleneck lovers here? If you are, you should definitely try to style the corset with a turtleneck!

While people may think that the corset skirt is hard to style, I do agree with that but recently, I realized it looks amazing with a turtleneck.

Compared to the corset top, a corset skirt is dressier (especially with all the laces up).

As the turtleneck always looks so classy and refined, it pairs well with the corset skirt and makes you look polished.

But always remember don’t pick a turtleneck that is too thick as it may want to tuck it into your corset skirt!

7. Go Monochrome with your corset for a high-fashion look

Last but not least, going monochrome with your corset is always the ultimate no-fail plan. Plus, this is great for corset beginners too!

When I first tried out the corset, as much as I love it, I just want to keep it lowkey as it won’t draw too much attention on the street.

So during those times, I always wear beige and black monochromic style and the corsets blend it so well with the whole outfit.

With different shades of black and different fabrics showcased on the same outfit, it looks so classy and chic.

One of my favorite looks is to wear a long sleeve white shirt under my white corset and pair it with ivory beige silk pants, that looks amazing!


So ladies, here are the 7 tips for what to wear with a corset as outerwear!

What do you girls think about these tips? Hope you find it useful!

Despite these 7 tips, I am sure there are countless ways to style your corset.

Rather than sharing these styling ways, the intention of this article is to let more of you realize it’s totally possible and not overwhelming to wear a corset as outerwear.

If you are still hesitating, you can always start with a corset belt first!

When you see how flattering the belt contour your waist, I am sure you will be obsessed with that!

If you love elegant and classy styling, you may love the following reads, see you there!

Enjoy my loves!

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