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*2023* How to wear ugg boots 2023? 18 combos +slimming tip!

*2023* How to wear ugg boots 2023? 18 combos +slimming tip!

Admit it or not, UGG boots are still VERY in style.

With its simple yet timeless design, it’s such a must-have item during the cold winter days.

Despite the version of the classic boot, UGG these days has made a major comeback with all different irresistible new hues and designs to make sure their boots are ubiquitous on street.

From weekend coffee-run look to polished office style, UGG boots can surely seal the deal.

So ladies, below are the 8 outfit ideas (+ 1 tip) if you wonder how to wear UGG boots, enjoy!


how to wear UGG boots, wear UGG boots with jeans
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For a comfy winter day, cozy up your cute UGG boots with skinny jeans is always a foolproof way to go.

As UGG boots are voluminous with a round-toe design, wearing tight pants can instantly balance out the extra bulk.

If denim jeans look too casual for you, no worries, go for white or cream jeans to stay classy in winter.

Some girls may wonder how to wear jeans with boots – should I cuff the jeans or tuck them in?

Well, it actually depends on the length of the boots. If that’s the calf-length one, tucking your pants in is always flattering.

But if you are wearing ankle-length UGG boots, cuff your pants and show a peek of skin that can keep you stay sleek and fresh.


how to wear UGG boots, wear UGG boots with leggings
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Of course, another perfect alternative is styling UGG boots with leggings.

As a petite girl, monochrome pairing is always my favorite.

With a similar shade of hue, it just makes me look united and elongates my figure visually.

But if you think the monotone style looks so dressed up, at least you can match your pants for the boots to get a similar effect!

For an edgy look, team the faux leather leggings with fur trim UGG boots is just so on point.

Throw yourself a structured pea coat, this is how you stay stylish on the coldest days.


how to wear UGG boots, wear UGG boots with coat
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While UGG boots may look way too cute and innocent, no worries as you can always glam up the look with the right outerwear.

For a dressy ensemble, wear the UGG boots with a long double-breasted coat in similar hues that can always work in your favor.

If you want to look extra boss lady today, shrug off your coat just take this killer look to another level.

Some ladies wonder how to dress down the faux fur coat, I would say UGG boots are definitely the perfect option.

While heels look too dressy and sneakers look too laid-back, fluffy boots are such a perfect blend between style and utility.


how to wear UGG boots, wear UGG boots to work
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Can you wear UGG boots to work? Absolutely!

To integrate the boots into your workwear seamlessly, opt for a simple design and classy hues like beige, black or brown.

For the length, I will always opt for the ankle-length one for an easier mix and match.

Pair a smart blazer with cream dress pants and beige boots, it just can’t look more appropriate for the office day.

If you want to add a dash of retro British vibes, throw yourself a black messenger bag for a pop of fun.


how to wear UGG boots, wear UGG boots with socks
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If you wanna spice up your look with UGG boots, perhaps it’s time to get creative with sock pairings. If you just get started, pairing the boots with monotone socks will never go wrong.

For a subtle style, pair a white turtleneck sweater dress with beige thigh-high socks and brown ankle boots just pull off the warm cinnamon hues in a sweet delicate way.

But if you want a cool, effortless sense of style, opt for knee-high socks with bold prints.

To achieve an artsy street look, throw yourself a pinafore dress and wear the beige UGG boots in black polka dot socks for a contrasting look.

Complete your look with a cool beret, this look is just full of character.


how to wear UGG boots, wear UGG boots with dresses
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As a cute pair of boots, it’s such a waste to not style dresses with them.

But of course, not every type of dress looks great with chunky footwear like UGG.

Instead of wearing the body-hugging skirt like the Bodycon dress, reach for the loose-cutting A-line dress for a gorgeous effect.

With the tight dress, people will naturally draw attention to your boots and that will make you appear to be shorter visually.

Vice versa, for the A-line dress, the umbrella shape will subdue the bulk of your boots and make you look put together.

I don’t think many people talk about cape dresses these days but they are such an impeccable match with the UGG boots.

For a tasteful look, get creative with all kinds of knit leggings and pattern tights!

UGG boots

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how to wear UGG boots, wear UGG boots street style
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To look edgy in UGG boots, all you need is to add a statement piece for your get-ups.

If you just get your feet wet in street style, the timeless all-black outfit is a foolproof way to get started.

Wear a cami top with leggings and boots in black and throw a faux leather biker jacket on top, it just looks cool and chills in the most spontaneous way.

For me, I prefer wearing a black chiffon floral dress to balance out the boyishness.

If all black is not your thing, what about giving your outfit a WOW factor with a bright red long shirt?

Team it with a retro graphic tee and bucket hat, it’s just equally chic.


how to wear UGG boots, wear UGG boots in fall
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With the right pick of boots, it’s always the UGG season. These days, despite the classic design, UGG has designed the boots with plant-based and breathable fabric like Canvas for warmer days.

For a cozy autumny look, go easy with a cute beanie, a plain white ruffle dress, and a pair of darling UGG boots to complete your look.


how to wear UGG boots
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Last note, let’s talk about how to wear UGG boots in a flattering way. From my experience, ankle boots are more flattering than mid-calf boots.

As a heads-up, if you have slim and long legs like a supermodel, you may not tell the difference.

But as a pear-shaped girl, the difference can be huge. The mid-calf boots, visually cut off our legs in a bad proportion.

Vice versa, ankle boots tend to elongate the legs instead of widening the mid-calf area.

Don’t get me wrong, I own a few pairs of mid-calf-length boots as well!

But when it comes to the UGG fluffy design, this is just not the right combo.


So ladies, here are the 9 styling tips if you wonder how to wear UGG Boots! I hope these tips help and let’s have a quick recap first.

  • Wear UGG boots with jeans for a casual look
  • Wear UGG boots with leggings
  • Team long coat with UGG boots
  • Wear UGG boots to work
  • Wear UGG boots with socks
  • Wear UGG boots with dresses
  • Embrace street look in UGG boots
  • Style UGG boots in fall
  • Find the leg-flattering length for your boots

Looking for more styling tips? Check out the other popular articles! See you there loves!

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