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*2023 20 looks!* Kawaii outfit ideas for school & MORE!

*2023 20 looks!* Kawaii outfit ideas for school & MORE!

Fashion comes and goes but aesthetic kawaii style is here to stay. And guess what, if you are looking for kawaii outfits for school and daily life, you’ve come to the right place!

Meaning “Cute” in Japanese, kawaii style is all about expressing yourself with unique clothes, delightful hues, and eye-catching patterns.

Such a vibe ♥

When it comes to Kawaii style, here’s one of the most asked questions: How to dress kawaii on a budget? Aren’t they expensive?

Well, guess what, there’s always some hidden gem in the high street brand & Amazon with an affordable price tag! The best part? The quality is 10/10.

Ahead, I’ve pulled out 20 aesthetic kawaii outfits together with some links from my favorite site so you don’t have to do all the work.

Enjoy my loves!

1. Dark Kawaii aesthetic outfit ideas

Needless to say, an oversized look and kawaii style just go hand in hand.

Layer up a slouchy white shirt with a V-neck sweater vest just as cute as it is cool with a dash of dark aesthetic vibes.

2. Kawaii goth aesthetic outfits

Another in-style combo these days: a white shirt dress with a gothic style-inspired corset. This statement top just adds a dash of cool vibes to the white pure look.

Is that just me but seems to dress in A-line cut just to look extra kawaii? LOVE.

3. Schoolgirl kawaii outfits

School girl kawaii outfits
Get this pleated skirt on Amazon

When it comes to kawaii, a pleated mini skirt is a must-have. Whether you team it with a graphic tee or collared shirt, it just screams the cute schoolgirl vibes.

I am loving this high-quality pleated skirt on Amazon – it has shorts inside! Check them out here! ♥

4. Soft kawaii outfits for school

High neck white top + plaid skirt = ultimate aesthetic.

A must-try combo to school in the fall!

5. Tone-on-tone kawaii schoolgirl look

For the IT girls out there, the sage green monochromatic look will work wonders for you.

To finish the look on a dressier end, throw on a headband to look, extra darling!


6. Kawaii ruched top

Looking for something kawaii yet forgiving? A ruched top is such a magic piece to add some volume to your chest area.

Kawaii ruched top
Get this ruched sage green top on YESSTYLE

The modern ruched design together with aesthetic pastel-like sage green just redefines Kawaii in a refreshing way.

7. Spicy kawaii look with a sheer top

Yes, girls, the Kawaii school style is way more than a mini pleated skirt.

If you also agree it’s time to jazz up the look with something new, a sheer tie lace top just screams the vibes. Whether you team it with a hot tube or a cami top, it’s just cute and aesthetic.

Spicy kawaii look with sheer top
Get this sheer lace top on YESSTYLE

8. Fake two-piece top

This fake two-piece lace top is all the rage these days. Unlike many other trends, it’s so one-of-a-kind with vintage and lace elements. LOVE.

Fake two-piece top
Get this square neck lace top on YESSTYLE

This piece sold out quickly!

9. When in doubt, knee tights socks

Kawaii schoolgirl fashion comes and goes, but knee-high socks are here to stay.

10. White knee-high socks for a dash of innocence

Of course, if you want to look more girly, the white knee socks do add a sparkle of innocence to your get-up.

For footwear, the kitten heels and Mary Janes always work wonders.

White knee-high socks outfits
Get these pointelle scrunch knee socks on Amazon

And for the girls who want to balance things out, team it with the cool combat boots are such a combo these days.

11. Kawaii school girl look with oxford shoes

Let’s not forget oxford shoes just work really well with the schoolgirl look. They just do.

12. Kawaii style must have: A statement cardigan

If you still don’t have a colorful fun cardigan, what are you doing in your kawaii outfit collection?

Pull yourself together!

13. White fishnet to spice things UP

While black fishnet tights look alluring, the white one just gives out totally different vibes.

Want to unlock a new kawaii get-up to school? Here’s the sweet mash-up: Pink bucket hat, tie-dye tote, and fishnet tights to WOW your girl pals.


If you think white fishnet tights will make your legs appear to be thicker, go try the nude hue or the one with smaller “holes” to minimize the effect.

And actually, you will have a lengthening look if you team it with white sneakers – try it out and you’ll be surprised!

14. Kawaii school outfits in fall & winter

How to dress kawaii to school in the winter? I’d say layer it up!

Trust me, a solid high-neck top and fun patterned knit goes a long way during those chilly days.

Regardless of the season, have fun!

15. Kawaii style to school: Overalls

Of course, kawaii style and overall go hand in hand. To rock this classic piece in a playful way, what about coupling it with a fancy heart top and necklace chain?

16. Kawaii cute pink outfits

Feeling extra fancy today? Step out of your comfort zone and pull off the heart shape trousers to get the “Love is in the air” vibes.

Trust me, that’s such a mood booster!

17. Kawaii pastel aestehtic outfits

Regardless of your age, you will never be too late to wear pastels. I’m now 27 but I’m still rocking my pastel color block sweater in winter!

It feels so good to cheer yourself up with these darling pastels.

18. Heart cutout tops as the new trend

A thick Headband + heart cutout shirt and mini side slit skirt = Kawaii school girl look in the most updated way.

70% Kawaii, 30% Spicy.

19. How to dress kawaii on a budget? Shop Amazon

If you’re looking for similar pieces, check these cuties out on Amazon ♥ Those lace trim and spaghetti straps are to die for.

How to dress kawaii on a budget
Get this heart crop out tee on Amazon

Team this cute statement piece with casual sweatpants or jeans and you’re good to go!

20. Kawaii cropped polo Amazon

A Polo shirt is not kawaii at all.

Well, think again! These days, many brands give the polo a stylish twist, and viola- the cropped polo with the dreamiest hue is here to WOW everyone.

How to dress kawaii amazon
Get this heart polo on Amazon

Besides the heart pocket polo, the rainbow color block shirt is another popular one.

Check out here for all 20+ cute designs here, you’re bound to find your favorite style!


So there you go ladies – the 20 kawaii outfits for school that are as aesthetic as they are practical to wear in daily life!

With these inspo, I hope you are now convinced kawaii style is way more than the pleated skirt and knee-high socks. 

It’s time to play with your closet and settled on some new combos – let your personality shine!

By the way, if you are interested in more school outfit ideas, definitely check out the reads below! See you there loves!

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