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*2023*How to dress like a Japanese girl? Ultimate 10 tips!

*2023*How to dress like a Japanese girl? Ultimate 10 tips!

When it comes to Japanese fashion, what has come up to your mind?

Kimono jacket, school girl pleated skirt, or all kinds of accessories that are truly cuteness overload?

As a perfect blend of quality, style, and utility, Japanese style is just all the rage these days.

From neutral tones to slouchy silhouettes to sock pairings, Japanese outfits just infuse an extra dose of style into your getup.

So ladies, if you are wondering how to dress like Japanese and look one-of-a-kind in a subtle way, below are the 7 main rules to follow.



how to dress like Japanese , Japanese fashion
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When it comes to Japanese outfits, earthy tones play a major role of all time.

Instead of wearing high saturation hues like neon, bright pink, or edgy metallic colors, neutral colors like beige or dusty blue are the signature tones.

Not only these tones are way more versatile to mix and match, they just allude to a sense of elegance and softness.

For a semi-formal workwear look, instead of wearing a white shirt with a blazer, the Japanese will always prefer wearing a beige cardigan and ivory dress pants for a put-together yet approachable look.

Besides earthy tones, pastel colors are equally popular in Japanese style.

By mixing neutral and floral hues together as a set, this is how the Japanese girls stay feminine and refreshed in the simplest outfits.


how to dress like Japanese , Japanese fashion
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While we all know how to wear a high-neck top underneath the cami dress, trust me Japanese truly obsess layering to another level.

Basically, they layer EVERYTHING.

If that’s wintertime, a good 4 layers outfit is such a basic standard. Instead of wearing a warm puffer jacket, they will choose to layer up the look with a Heattech, a long ruffle dress on top of another mini lace dress, a waistcoat, a sherpa jacket, and lastly, a trench coat.

Oops and let’s not forget to throw yourself a bulky headscarf to complete the look.

So yes, winter is actually their favorite season as they can practice – or shall I say – showcase their incredible layering skill.

So actually Japanese aren’t that into sexy style.

When a Japanese girl comes across a deep V lace cami dress, well, guess what, 90% of the time she just can’t resist but pairing a sheer blouse underneath!


how to dress like Japanese , Japanese fashion
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While the bodycon dress is all the rage these days, they are not that popular in Japanese outfits because body-skimming clothes just aren’t their thing.

For a chill look, they love cozy up in a chunky turtleneck sweater with a long knit dress and a pair of converse.

But maybe you will wonder: Is that possible to look feminine in a loose-cutting dress?

Well, the challenge is real but they truly know the tricks.

When it comes to fabrics, they embrace the darling texture like ruffles, satin, and chiffon and always sculpt their silhouette with a nice faux leather belt.

Another thing is that Japanese girls always make sure they have a silk scarf 24/7 – whether wear it on the neck or on a bag as an accessory.

That said, they are really good at looking effortless in slouchy outfits but still maintaining the feminine flare.


how to dress like Japanese , Japanese fashion
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In the Japanese wardrobe, they may not necessarily have a little black dress but for sure you will find all kinds of Breton stripe tops.

Prints and patterns are such a big part of the Japanese style. From playful polka dots to classic stripes, they just love to integrate all these patterns here and there to spice up a simple look.

For a breezy picnic look, pair a mesh floral blouse with skinny jeans and loafers, it just adds a dash of low-key romance to the most ordinary look.


how to dress like Japanese , Japanese fashion
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If you have visited Japan, I’m sure you will know the sock pairing game there is a real deal.

Whether boys or girls, kids or old ladies, most of them truly give a thought to their socks for a tasteful look.

From darling over-knee socks to edgy mesh socks, the pairing combination is simply endless.

Feeling outdoorsy but want a dash of retro vibes? Easy. Wear a graphic tee, denim shorts, and wedge sandals in knit mustard yellow socks for a creative yet stylish blend.

Besides the funky and artsy style, you can definitely wear socks in a classy way.

For a formal conference look, match the hues of socks with the headscarf and dress pants for a put-together look.

To look extra poised, switch the cotton socks to the cashmere ones for a peek of luxe.


how to dress like Japanese , Japanese fashion
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As looking poised and neat is a form of courtesy in Japanese culture, they certainly have some standards when it comes to hairstyles.

Instead of just casually laying all the hair down, they will make sure they have a stylish hairdo all the time.

Besides the bangs, romantic high and low buns are their favorite as well.

As a girl with chubby cheeks, I love keeping the long side fringe to contour the face shape and that’s one of the classic hairstyles of Japanese girls as well.

Of course, hair accessories are equally important to look presentable.

To glam up the look, get yourself a big Pearl clip as a darling statement piece.


how to dress like Japanese , Japanese fashion
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Admit it, no matter whether you are 16 or 46, we all the time want to look cute once in a while and that’s alright!

When it comes to Japanese fashion, there’s no such thing as “I am too old for the overalls” or “It’s too girly to wear baby pink”.

Regardless of your age, it’s completely okay to wear pigtails or a mini pleated skirt if you want.

At the end of the day, the Japanese style is all about bringing out our inner true self without any judgment.

So ladies, embrace the ruffle dress, thigh-high socks, and vintage shoes that you once have the urge to wear out. Don’t let your age defines you!


So ladies, here are the 7 street style outfits if you wonder how to dress like a Japanese girl!

Let’s have a quick recap first.

  • Wear neutral tones for a feminine gentle style
  • Take advantage of layering
  • Embrace billowy silhouette
  • Integrate prints & patterns in daily wear
  • Get creative with sock pairings
  • Get creative with your hairstyles
  • Don’t be shy to look kawaii

Of course, Japanese outfit styles are way more than above 7 points. If you want to get in-depth with a specific street style like Harajuku fashion, that can be another article.

But if you are just getting your feet wet in the Japanese style, hopefully, this article will give you enough inspirations when you next time get dressed!

Looking for more styling tips? Check out the other popular articles! See you there loves!

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